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  1. In addition to the detail, I think the colors for just don't work with the "Empire" name. What you have here reminds me of a fast food restaurant. When I think "Empire", I see shades of blue, grey and copper. (but that's just me)
  2. Normally, I like the designs you come up with, but this one is just too busy for my taste. There's just way too much going on between the stripes and side panel lightning. Personally, I'd go with one or the other. The logo also should have more dominance on the fronts of the jersey rather than the lightning on the sides. With a little bit of tweaking, this could be another really good design.
  3. For all the rims and other usless designs on the cans, people need to remember that Pepsi is more associated with the MTV crowd. Hell, Britney was the spokesperson at one time! (Before she hit rock-bottom at least) For what it's worth I'll go with Jolt! or Dr. Pepper.
  4. I think these are done very well. A good update that maintains the overall classic look. The only thing that bugs me is the aforementioned 'R'. It just sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the other letters. If you are intended on using it, I would angle slightly. It looks a little off compared to the way the other letters are angled.
  5. While I do get the historical connection of the snake and the "Don't Tread on Me" Tag line, I think that WideRight hit the nail on the head. The logos themselves are more common with outlaws, bikers or something to that nature. With the uniforms, I think that the shoulder yoke element should be used in the away jersey in order to keep it "uniform". I also say that the wording inside the pant stripes is not really working with the overall look of the design.