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  1. Per the Archive/Topic Bumping Policy: Bump away.
  2. No politics means No Politics. If you can tell me how politics in the District of Colombia adds/enhances or is relevant to a discussion about Seattle's potential NHL team, I'd like to hear it. Otherwise, that portion of the discussion was not necessary. In fact, I thought I was pretty chill about the whole situation with the friendly reminder and subsequent post deletions.
  3. Suspension set at 9 months with all moderator votes cast.
  4. Seems like this is back on track, but for all intents and purposes, I've removed the political discussion from the past few pages of the thread. With that said, please remember there is no political discussion on the boards. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
  5. Ok - Let's settle down with the DanParker nonsense and get back to the topic at hand. Thanks.
  6. Yes, because the endless pages of Texans/Seahawks off-topic nonsense had nothing to do with that.
  7. You can’t. You need to upload the image to a 3rd party site like Imgur and paste the link to it here.
  8. Can't answer #1 for you (maybe @LMU can assist?), however in regards to question 2, personally, I move them to "Requests" and lock them just for the sole fact that 1st-timers will make multiple threads in the same or multiple locations. My thought is that by moving it once (and subsequently showing that it's been moved) will prevent these "one and done" members from spamming the boards and going through the subsequent retaliation from some of the resistant members. However, you do bring up a good point about defeating the purpose of Requests. Maybe it's something to revamp/revisit...
  9. Reminds me of this (even though the fonts are different):
  10. But to try and answer the question, my take is that because the runner's progression to the base was impeded by the player making the attempt to get the out and subsequently dropping the ball. Because the runner didn't have a clear path to the base, obstruction was called.
  11. This isn’t going to end well, so let’s stop this before it gets too far out of hand.
  12. Please do not spam in multiple areas of the forum for the same thing. Your thread was moved to "Requests" twice now. If someone wishes to assist, they will PM you.
  13. A similar thread was moved to requests earlier today. If someone wishes to assist you in obtaining this template, they will PM you.
  14. User GraysAntibiotics has been banned for being another Daniel919 alias.
  15. Feel this needs to be stated here as well:
  16. Please don’t bump old threads. This thread was dormant for almost 2 years on something that could have been handled via PM.
  17. Please do not bump old threads. This thread was dormant for over 2 years when a simple PM to the original poster would have sufficed.
  18. Atomic


    Then we’re done here.
  19. Atomic


    Ok - so are these all your designs or are they someone else’s that you compiled?
  20. That’s enough. Get the discussion back on track.
  21. Not on this forum. In fact, I'm locking this. We've been over this ad nauseam .
  22. Atomic

    MLS Expansion

    And we’ve been through this before... You supply the concepts. You do the work and attempt to get better.