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  1. This is the logo of an evil company in an action movie
  2. Remove the roof piece and it's basically New Comiskey. Of course, when you go back, the early versions of Camden Yards were more like New Comiskey, too. (seen on page 1 of this thread)
  3. In 1990 the White Sox ended their time at Old Comiskey in new black and white uniforms, replacing the script at the end of the season.
  4. If there's a word for something beyond schadenfreude, the feeling of watching an NFL team going through what the Raiders are is that.
  5. They did 125 way better with the gold MLB patches and "medalions" on the backs of the caps
  6. His originals are the best version UNC argyle uniforms for my money
  7. The NFL isn't about to get into the player development business unless it actually has to. Their interest, through NFL Network, seems pretty straightforward to me: they have a football channel, this league will give them some fresh football content in the off season
  8. Just wasn't into the big D last year
  9. Just really big fans of Marc Maron
  10. UNC brought back Mack Brown because the college football needs to give checks to more ancient men I guess.
  11. Now imagine if the name wasn't galactically stupid. Prairie Dogs? Nah, gotta put a twist on it for no actual reason.
  12. That's what feels off. I couldn't put my finger on it. And I'm with Sodboy's point- that Sears Tower on its own lacks something in the primary. The old logo at least worked in a couple other recognizable buildings
  13. Judging by the GIS results for "hot shot firefighter" if Arizona is going to do their uniforms right they'll go yellow jerseys over green pants at home. Red, white, or yellow helmets.