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  1. Bridgeview proper, sure. But it's pretty convenient to Cicero and Berwyn. That whole area is one of the most Latino in Cook County.
  2. That said, the move out of Bridgeview, while generally good, is seen as a move to get a whiter fan base.
  3. Seems to me that anything involved with player development should be on MLB's dime. If they want to control player facilities, they should pay for it. Now, if they want a cut of ticket revenue for the trouble or whatever- that's a quibble between billionaires and millionaires. Honestly MLB teams really should just be owning their affiliates at this point.
  4. And keep in mind within this concept that MLB a lot of these "leftover" teams will end up in the "Dream League" pool where undrafted players would play. Which is also, itself would be a pretty firm attack on Indy ball as it exists now.
  5. With the advances in player development, you could see this coming. Most MLB organizations don't really need to be supporting this many teams. At the same time, baseball is such a local sport, and the minor leagues are so ingrained, killing off these local baseball outposts seems very self-defeating. I know there's value in shorter seasons and players getting more time in team complexes doing work in the hitting and pitching labs refining their games that way. There just needs to be some way to internalize the value to the overall sport that having organized ball spread across the country has and make investing in it make sense.
  6. By what magical process does an athlete getting paid by someone else make that athlete an employee of the school?
  7. There's a wave coming and it's up to the NCAA to ride it instead of fighting it
  8. Ah but are they officially licensed NBA ninja headbands? Haven't they been sticklers about un-licensed headbands in the past?
  9. Yeah, the way they were dripping this out here and there during the year, you could see it coming. It's a clever way to add something a little retro without trying to do a throwback to the late 80s look that no one reallly would be into, while not messing with the core of the primary uniforms. And hopefully it's a way to migrate away from the early 80s stuff for at least a couple years.
  10. With Dombrowski specializing in throwing money and prospects around to win as much as possible in the present, the Red Sox in tough luxury tax territory, and the seams showing this year, it's a good time to move from him anyway.
  11. I'm pleasantly surprised that there are so many coaches who are reasonable on this. And that last quote is just *chef's kiss*
  12. I'm all for third base coaches being aggressive- they all should be. But what was he thinking there? That throw didn't even have to be perfect to get the out- it just needed to be close enough.
  13. This is why they're so protective of the "student athlete" cover- it was made to keep athletes from being considered employees and duck workers' compensation and health claims way way way back. So now you get "full cost of attendance" as the means to give players stipends because it's a figure rooted somewhere in financial aid. The minute players are finally recognized as employees, all hell breaks loose for the NCAA. If it even gets close to that you know the lobbying efforts on Congress will go into overdrive
  14. And there's always a good sized gray area the covers the ends of major league rosters and the top end of minor league rosters- or in the NFL's case those guys who are in the practice squad/last cut range and the guys who are rostered.
  15. This Stallions is really good- love the subtle/not subtle arch. The horse profile goes for majestic rather than aggro.
  16. This is a promising start. Really hits all the elements. The forward hat, the exaggerated chin sticking out, the brow. Really gets the feel of those old style mascot logos.
  17. But remember, lurking in the background of legal pot is Big Ag.
  18. I can definitely picture a couple alts with this script coming- maybe white w/ headspoon, and a white-script version of the Players' Weekend jersey (though I'd really prefer a Chicago-script black).
  19. I think it's more that they don't recognize that people who are deadenders about the old name are going to be that, no matter what. But they want to appease them and please as many other people as possible so they keep choosing something bland in hopes that it works. In UND's case a much more explicitly North Dakota option would have have done a better job.
  20. I don't know that Deadspin readers are all that loyal to any particular writers but I would expect they're loyal to the tone/voice/ethos/whatever you want to call it of Deadspin.
  21. I really enjoyed the degree to which the players seemed to genuinely hate these uniforms
  22. Going off those Cincy throw/faux backs, UA might be the new kings of UCLA stripe production. They've done a decent job on so many but got to Northwestern and Wisconsin and didn't even try.
  23. Been wondering that too- they've been using this re-worked version of the 80s/1942 script here and there all year on bits of signage and merch and I do really like it.
  24. Can't speak for Ternup, but I always describe UA as being the official brand of that dude at the gym who's just the worst. Really messes with my perception of the brand.
  25. This is why recruits get shown the full range of gear- here's the workout stuff you'll wear doing weights, the shoes, the gloves, etc. It's a marker of the investment in the program, the way for sports that split scholarships among athletes, what portion the athlete is offered is a marker of their investment in that athlete. When those player react videos to new uniforms were a thing- the aesthetic never mattered. What mattered was "new stuff"
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