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  1. Dig that alternate logo.
  2. I was seeing him dunk and all during the clips and they jerseys seemed so baggy.
  3. ^ just something that helped my team lose 10 games every season.
  4. I see I don't pay attention well.. lol Especially Melo and Dame.
  5. Jeff Teague will wear #00. — Chris Vivlamore (@CVivlamoreAJC) January 16, 2020 Anyone recall a 0 and a 00 playing on the same team? 0 is currently used by Brandon Goodwin for the Hawks.
  6. Modernize both in the pic... lol
  7. Stupid would be Blank and McCay... lol but I agree
  8. Falcon fan here, best news of the week! Majority of the concepts here I could go with Shows how bad the uniform is...if they just removed the sleeve design they'd be kinda ok. Maybe this makes up for retaining dq and dimitroff... .. ..
  9. I agree with the Falcons on red helmets especially with KC the only one with a red helmet. It would be nice, but I'm good with red or black.
  10. Well, either way I am glad they say "all-star" at least instead of the team logo on the front.
  11. Looks better than what I saw in a facebook ad a while ago.