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  1. I forgot about the cream alts, but the Friday reds may as well not be called as such anymore.
  2. Well at least with these white jerseys, the numbers show up better when the former unis first appeared with Horford and Teague.
  3. Well it's better than the triangles that had to go 1st.
  4. Going a little further with paige. Some may have already known. Just another pic, without extra clicking..
  5. I agree on the helmet. Of course it would stand out in the league with that color. My falcons missed having red again, as KC is the only red lid team around.
  6. I like A, better than putting a rocket on the R.
  7. Today is his birthday, and the NBA Facebook posts a Jazz pic,( not this one though.)
  8. Dnice

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    I like 9 and 12 as possible alt logos...
  9. Looking better, McCay doesn't like grey since he's been apart of this for a while. The only or main thing that pleases me and others no more of the weird sleeves. Pissed we couldn't get at least modern version of anything before Blank came in.