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  1. We all know who's behind this.... Biff Tannen.
  2. What recollection I have of this was that the Blackhawks ownership blocked this due to infringing on their market in Wisconsin and the north burbs. Was that the reason for the cancelled application?
  3. These two phrases mean the same thing. It's the equivalent of saying "All over again all over again." Sorry, pet peeve. Hooray Washington!
  4. Take the current pepsi color scheme and apply to this can. Use the navy blue for the bottom of the globe. Replace the red bar with the lighter blue and call it a day. You get blue dominance vs Coke's red and still keep a traditional pepsi design.
  5. It's still pretty amazing to me that between 2002/03 and 2011/12 there were 9 different champions in 9 seasons. The longest stretches before that was 6, happening twice between 2000/01-2006/07 and 1991/92-1996/97. The playoff format between 1998/99 to 2012/13 (14 cups) only had 3 teams win it more than once in that span: Devils ('00, '03), Red Wings ('02, '08), and Blackhawks ('10, '13). The other 8 cups were won by 8 different teams. Since the playoff format switch (and conference realignments) in 2013/14, there have been 3 different cup winners in 4 seasons but also features the first repeating winner since the 1996/97 & 1997/98 seasons. With a guaranteed new winner this year, it will be 4 different winners out of 5 years. Even though the last 9 years has seen only 4 different winners, 3 of them multi-winners, the playoff format change occurred right in the middle of that stretch. It's interesting to think what might have happened had it not changed. Would there truly been a reign of tyranny by those 3 teams (ft Boston) or would different matchups have changed what names were later etched on the cup?
  6. Funny they seemed to have left out the "what's the cheapest? black? ok make it the primary then" conversation from the video. Strange.
  7. After game 1 if you said this series would end in 5 it could have only meant a B's win - what a turnaround.
  8. I had to go and make a stupid comment about winning the period and Vegas scores with 3 seconds left. I'll never learn.
  9. Dude, you're thinking about the WCF? I'm thinking about the last 5:00 of the first period. Just win this period Sharks. One quarter period at a time.
  10. These are terrific. Sharks marketing team does a hell of a job. Pic from here.
  11. I was really extra nice to everyone today and as a result: - we lost our vball match 0-3 - the penguins game back from 0-2 to win 3-2 - the Sharks are being mercilessly filleted Everything is awful and I hate it.
  12. Liz : You could've burned the place down. Dennis : I wish I had burned the place down. There's no reason to live anymore. Liz : What happened? Dennis : The Islanders lost tonight. Liz : Doesn't that happen a lot? Dennis : I knew you wouldn't understand.
  13. Those hats should say "Black and White (featuring Teal)" Obviously cleaner than their previous set but still pretty dang boring. Meh.
  14. Those were some thrilling minutes before the empty netter. Hopefully the tempo of game 7 matches it (and the refs of games 1-6 stay at home).
  15. Fingers crossed: Please be penguins. Please be penguins. Please be penguins.
  16. If it means keeping him away from NBC broadcasts I'm all for it - Go Whalers
  17. Based on the information and mockups @j'villejags has posted (beautifully rendered btw) - I am whelmed. They aren't ugly, but they are boring. Side note on black primaries: It kills me when teams have totally unique color schemes within their league and don't use them to their full potential. The Jags own teal in the NFL, why wouldn't they make that the dominant color in all aspects of their brand?
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