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  1. Also this version of Sterling Marlin's Coors Light: Navy, Deep Red, Silver, Bright Yellow, and Cream? And those gradient numbers make me look at Jacksonville's helmets and think: "huh, I guess it could be worse."
  2. Never was a fan of the post-Richard Petty 43 car. Clinging to the past with the Baby Blue and Red STP era while dealing with a different sponsor in yellow:
  3. What's that Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park quote? Something like: they were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop to think if they should. That being said, I like a good dumpster-fire every now and then. I say get crazy Detroit.
  4. I was gonna say, this sounds awfully familiar. Loved your original concept mcrosby. Agreed about the fashionably late students, it would be empty until the second quarter but it would fill. Only to empty again after jump around.... kids these days I tell ya. Being an alum, I would love to see the updates you've suggested as well as look forward to the very real updates to Camp Randall and the Field House UW has planned. On Wisconsin!
  5. What the.. how did this happen?
  6. ^^ I'm with you there. I don't hate the Titans flying thumbtack. There I said it.
  7. My first attempt, saw someone else try the knvb helmet, figured I'd give it ago as well.
  8. Penn State's share from Big Ten bowl revenue (estimated $13 million over 4 years) will be donated to various children's charities around the Big Ten community.
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