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  1. I can't really see how it would hurt the league financially if they were to go back to the older model. I mean, sure, you'd have to make adjustments to avoid mishaps. There would still be ample opportunities to showcase all of the different uniforms, along with color-on-color. We're basically wishing the league would be a little more tasteful about it.
  2. It's frustrating to see the Bulls wear white on the road. I think it's even more frustrating than seeing the Lakers wear gold on the road. Really wish something could be done to restore some semblance of order to the league's uniform schedule. I'm actually okay with occasional color-on-color so long as there's enough contrast and it actually looks tasteful, but I wish we could go back to teams wearing white (or gold in the case of the Lakers) for the majority of their home games. At least straighten it our for the playoffs.
  3. Yup, that's another reason as to why I like it the most.
  4. Cleveland's Goodyear patch is right up there too.
  5. Utah' s ad patch is still the best in terms of uniform integration. And believe me, I'd rather not see jersey ads, but if we have to "accept" them as the norm, the Jazz are among the least offensive aesthetically. In fact, 5 for the Fight almost doubles as a team slogan for them.
  6. Make the sponsorship logo a few clicks smaller and adjust the yellow to match the uniform trim and I guess it's okay.
  7. I'm trying to find evidence of this (not implying that you're wrong). The only example I can recall is Lebron intentionally ripping a sleeved jersey. Most of the stuff I've come across is from last season when the Nike jerseys made their debut.
  8. Have there been documented cases of Adidas jerseys ripping in-game, though?
  9. SA has had some mediocre to downright bad alternate jerseys, which is a shame since their black and white primaries have always been among my favorites uniforms (right up there with the Celtics, Heat, Bulls, and Lakers). I really hate what the Nike template has done to their side panels, though.
  10. One of the better ones for sure. I think it would've looked better on Charlotte's court, though.
  11. It makes me sad that both the Rising Stars and Celebrity uniforms are vastly superior to the phoned-in look of the marquee event. They really could've done something special with the theme they had at their disposal.
  12. Those navy fauxbacks the Thunder wore for a few seasons during the Durant years would work pretty well against that Hawks set.
  13. I honestly didn't think about that potentially creating a conflict. It makes me wonder if there's been a televised color-on-color/red vs. green matchup in recent memory and what the public reception was.
  14. This may or may not be an unpopular opinion, but I would've preferred NOLA's red alternate in this matchup. Would've looked better against the green.