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  1. I don't follow hockey, but I remember catching part of a game that featured the glowing puck graphic years ago. I actually kind of liked it because hockey pucks are considerably smaller and move at a much faster rate than, say, a basketball. But again, I was a casual observer. Had I actually been an avid watcher of hockey, I think I would've found myself preferring to go without the graphic altogether.
  2. I honestly had no idea that Panera dates back to the 80s.
  3. This has to make things a little awkward between Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes, not to mention the Kings’ expressing remorse over the Barnes signing.
  4. I get that players and coaches have used the press to fuel their agendas, but there's always the potential for blowback with the fans, team, press, and future suitors. For Hield's sake, I hope Sacramento rectifies the situation.
  5. My issue is him airing it out publicly. He has a right to be dissatisfied with that contract offer, but he should keep that between himself, his agent, and the Kings' front office.
  6. Not a good look for Hield. This offer complaint might hurt his stock a little bit.
  7. It's not out of the realm of possibility. The Lakers did make some good moves this offseason, but we don't know how durable LeBron and AD will be throughout the year. They're also in a historically cutthroat conference where sometimes winning 45-48 games still isn't enough to net you the 8th seed.
  8. It's a shame since I actually want it to be real.
  9. I feel as if we're being teased. A red Pistons jersey that makes good use of the Motor City nickname? Check. The NBA logo back on the front where it belongs? Check. Pistons fans will probably just get a brown and gray jersey with Nike speak thrown in: "The brown represents the grease that bleeds through the silver skin of Detroit's auto mechanics."
  10. This cover actually looks like it would've been better suited for SLAM. And I say that not as a knock on the magazine. I just tend to like their NBA covers more than SI.
  11. Those horizontal stripes on the sash of the yellow Pacers jersey are supposed to represent a field, correct? That would look pretty good in gold if they ever did a blue version.
  12. What about throwing batteries at Santa?
  13. Man, that white and red key area on the Blazers' throwback court looks great. It's such a unique color scheme for the NBA. Really hope it eventually becomes a full-time look for them.
  14. I'd love it if they went back to their Bullets moniker, but I'd be surprised if that even happened considering the current political climate. Even after 22 years, the Wizards nickname still hasn't caught on with me.