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  1. Yep...Fix the collars; get rid of the waffle-board yokes; do away with the double seams on the drop shoulders...
  2. Good start on this, Bruins. I really like a double-blue/black 'n white colour scheme for the Bolts. The striping's a little busy for today's "simplicity" trend, but these would make great alts...
  3. chestnutz...I LOVE these!!!... Great style...Great simple graphics!
  4. Thanks guys! Hi k...I tried that a while back with my Ontario Beavers concept....It didn't look too bad...I'll see if I can find the images Okay, amigos...I just realized that I've been poking away at this "Battle of Seattle" thing off and on, for over a year! ...I really need to wrap this up soon. But anyway, just to show the progression...a year ago #NHLSeattle_ (the official site of the Seattle NHL group) ran this set of original 18 logos, repping 9 different concepts... Well...a year later, "The Battle" has expanded to 14 concepts with over 30 logos...
  5. Thanks M...No, the book didn't get published. I'll try another one someday..."If at first you don't succeed..." eh? Still working on it, H...
  6. Also...I tweaked a couple of concepts for "Kraken" alternates... First-off...a striped uniform to acknowledge the 1917 Metropolitans (added some brick red to the palette)... And... an All-white uni, with an over-sized primary logo on the pants, for a potential Outdoor Game...
  7. Thanks MSO94. Okay, Hobogrish...@TuckerOnSports, over on twitter, saw a letter "F" for Fathoms in a logo from the "SeaLions" concept I did. So, I expanded on that idea...Might be another "nautical-name" option for sure...
  8. Hello, B-mer...yes, I saw that!...In fact, i placed a short 5-second clip from THAT video in my Seattle Kraken video (It pops in there near the end)...
  9. Bit of nostalgia for me... In my first years of playing house-league hockey, I swear I remember, that every 2nd team uniform had a sweater with a die-cut felt, script logo stitched on the front. Well... here's a very traditional "'Greens", die-cut felt, script logo stitched on a "plaid-cut" sweater with real laces. I narrowed the adidas collar a tad, to accommodate the lace. (Narrowing the collar width also reduces the size of the over-bearing "pentagon")...
  10. Thanks Bella...The 'Greens are growing on me too...right now, it's Kraken #1, then Evergreens #2... Hi B-mer...yes, by making the collar a little more narrow, it also accommodates laces better...(see the new lace-version template) Hi're be accurate it needs to be shiny, but I think that I prefer a nice embroidered NHL patch there, rather than a hunka plastic...I'm kinda old school I'm sketching out some ideas for the F logo?...anyway, it could use the same nautical jersey of the Kraken, Pilots, and Sea lions. Hello thaipod...thank you for the extended response and critique. Great to hear from someone in Seattle. Do you have your ear to the ground? What's the buzz in Emerald City? My fave is "Kraken" also. I prefer the "long-E" pronunciation, to kinda negate the "Crack-head" and "Butt-crack" jokes. I think it rolls better with "Seattle", and it rhymes with awaken, shakin' and bacon. (anything that rhymes with bacon can't be all bad). If "Kraken" is done with a vintage, nautical vibe, (rather than the cheesy B-movie slant), it could be very cool. I like the "Rise Up!" slogan that could go with the theme...
  11. I applaud Adidas for exploring new looks in special events. It's a great way to see what works; and what doesn't... 2-colour unis really need the contrast between the 2 colours. The Philly uniforms looked like mud. I like the idea (in theory) of putting a pattern or logo on the helmet, but with all the angles and planes on a brain bucket, it's gotta be simple. On the telly, I really couldn't make out what was on the helmets...kinda looked like a paint splash.
  12. ...Not sure if I'll get the time H... The new sweaters are gonna be an Adidas product, so I did up a new template to simulate how the concepts would look in that format... Here's a couple for the "Evergreens"... ...A couple for the "Kraken"... ...and, I tried a variation of the sea lion logo on a "Pilots" concept...kind of an ocean-dwelling-guardian-of-the-ships idea...
  13. I like the sound of Trappers, (but it might not fly in this day and age). Fathoms is pretty cool...could be a unique nautical name...good idea. Thank you ditw...I saw the Tacoma logo...interesting that another sports team would think to do a tentacled logo, because, as critics of Kraken keep telling everyone...a tentacled Kraken, Octopus, Squid name has nothing to do with Seattle Could suggestion h...I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks.