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  1. So, with the cup & title graphics done, I put them together with a couple of vintage crossed lacrosse sticks and a "Brampton" banner. I gave the lettering a white drop shadow to suggest that the words are engraved into the cup... This is a national championship, so I placed a classic, red maple leaf in behind... Voila!!!
  2. Next step was to create a simplified cup graphic, and develop some text. We decided on a vintage look, so I hand-lettered a "Founders Cup" title...
  3. Hey Folks! Many moons ago... I had the privilege of playing lacrosse for the historic "Brampton Excelsiors", on their Jr.A & Jr.B teams. Fantastic game...had a great time...many great stories ( saturday night in Huntsville ). Took quite a few stitches to the mug, but it only added to my rugged, good looks ... Anyway, the city of Brampton, and the Excelsiors Lacrosse Club is hosting the 2020 Founders Cup Canadian Jr.B Championship !!! Last year's tournament took place in Winnipeg, with the Calgary Shamrocks defeating the Six Nations Rebels for the golden cup. As an alumni, I was honoured to be asked to design the event logo. The cup itself is a beauty... ...which made my job a little easier...make the cup the centre-piece of the logo. First step...rough sketches...the club decided to do something like this...
  4. Good idea...Use Johnny and purchase a carbon-offset.
  5. I like the navy option...It's amazing how light marks on dark "pop" much more than dark on light. The striping and whiskers on the navy background look full, rich...while the dark markings look almost skimpy. The cut-felt look is great and that look can be further enhanced by some creative embroidery.
  6. Wow, hettinger!...I'm gonna echo everyone's comments in saying... great idea for a series, fantastic work, and keep it coming please. You've captured Evans' style perfectly...the gleam in the eye, the expressions, the hats/caps, and the line weight... (Not an easy thing to do because I imagine Evans worked in brush and ink, and I'm guessing you're creating these lines with a vector tool?...) Anyway, great work and looking forward to seeing the rest!
  7. I've also been playing around with my "Evergreens" concept. IMO, "Evergreens" and "Emeralds" are 2 names that are real dark-horses in the process. They just might slide in under the radar because the other front-runners (Kraken, Sockeyes, Totems) are all so-o-o contentious!!! Of the two "E-names", I prefer "Evergreens" because... - I'd much rather hear "Go Greens Go" than "Go Ems GO" ... - "Evergreens" would connect better with a plaid element (which, I think, Seattle should strongly consider) For logo inspiration, I've reached way-y-y back to the days when cut felt crests were stitched onto the sweaters... That process dictated that logos would need to be super-simple, and so I've gone ultra-traditional with a simple "S" logo and a script-letter secondary... A little too simple? Maybe...but super simple logos look great in smaller applications, and larger versions could be enhanced with embroidery (see the newest Sabres gold-stitched logo) or with plaid, or with both... The basic "S" and script works well with merchandise and other stuff... So, as with the "Kraken", here's my latest flight of Evergreens sweaters... Thanks for dropping by ...
  8. Hello Gang... Hope everyone had a great summer...I keep trying to wrap this up, but Seattle keeps postponing their name/logo decision so...I'll keep pokin' away at it 'til the name is finalized. ...Anyway, back to the "Kraken". I've made a couple of recent changes to the concept. On the away uniforms, I referred to a nautical flag letter "S", to design the front of the sweater. The addition of the blue-ish patch turns the entire sweater front into the above-mentioned "S" (for Seattle) flag... It also allows me to not-have-to put a dark key-line around the 2 arms of the gold trident (they'd get a little lost on a white background. So here are the new logos, homes and aways... I now have a "flight" of 4 sweater options for the Kraken, in the dark Pacific Green/Gold/White...
  9. I get what Morgo's saying here. Yes, it was a 90's era sweater (worn in the 90's), but hardly a shining example of what we would consider a "90's style". I'd say that this '95 sublimated offering (woof) from the Kings would be more 90's style-ish...
  10. Wow!...8 Likes so far!...a lot of people don't like "Totems"!...
  11. I agree with you on both comments, SF... First of all, the black does muddy-it-up a bit...Better to drop the black completely... I prefer the "SeaLions" name too, but I haven't been aware of it getting much support. Actually, I placed "Pilots" in at #3, but the more I think about, the more I believe that NHLSeattle will not use a re-cycled name, but go with something new. If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on "Sockeyes", with a Coast-Salish-style...with a logo designed by local artist Louis Gong.
  12. Okay, and now for my top choice in "The Battle..." #1...The Seattle Kraken No surprise here. I've been beating the Kraken drum since 2014 when I featured that concept in my "4 New NHL Teams..." thread... I'm not sure where the name came from (it was already kicking around when I did the above topic...maybe from a previous Seattle brush with the NHL?), but Kraken has a relevance with the Seattle area. First of all... that big, blue thing on Seattle's horizon makes a nautical name very relevant...And "Kraken" is a great nautical name. It suggests the power, mystery, danger, and legendary qualities of the ocean. As shown in the next graphic...NASA identifies a large population of giant squid just off the north Pacific coast; lots of squid & octopi in Puget Sound; a famous lounge bar and a local craft beer carry the monicker; a Seattle bike rack; and, aren't there stories of a mysterious, tentacled monster (octopus?) living under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge?... to be continued...
  13. Thank you, Eastport !!!...I completely skipped it by mistake....I'll add it now. I'll see Black Dragon, but I don't think I'll get the time. #3...Seattle Pilots The "Pilots" monicker usually refers to an aviation theme, but for Seattle, I've gone with the nautical slant. Puget Sound pilots guide the big boats in & out of the tricky Sound waters. It seemed that the "Sea Lions" name wasn't getting a lot of traction, but I liked the logos, so I added them to an updated "Pilots" logo from the old baseball team. Logos and uniforms are in a Pacific Blue-Green/Gold/Black palette... Home & Aways... Home & Away Alts... The 3 logos offer up a lot of possibilities...
  14. Hello v... Nice work on these...some good outside-of-the-box thinking... Really like your Pilots secondary propellor logo...It's got a great vintage logo feel to it. Pilots can have both nautical and aviation references, and your combo of a propellor and captain's wheel is a great fusion. I like your direction on the Evergreens. I agree with you that with "Evergreens", you could pull in the plaid element. If there's a city that could rock the plaid, it'd be Seattle. The "Tree-Sweater" would make a fun alt, in the same vein as the Canucks' "V", and the Dallas "Star" sweaters of the Modano era. I like your Sockeyes primary. Would like to see that on the traditionally-striped sweaters. The Mets double-line "Needle" logo is very nice! I think on the dark home sweaters, you could just reverse that logo (white on green), rather than put the white background on it. Again, nice work! ...