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  1. Oh, and there's your greasy little sidekick giving you a big wet ass kiss. Go :censored: yourself you smarmy weasel.
  2. Save me your lecture. I know what the different threads are for. I have absolutely no problem with the varied opinions in the Seattle debate. I enjoy it. It's when comments from you and your Get-A-Long-Gang ( sorry, "mafia" was the wrong word) cross that line with me and other members that pisses me off. I'll DM you, rather than clutter things up here.
  3. Overall, things need to be toned down on the boards, Ice Cap. I'm all for good debate on concepts, names, ideas, etc....I'm okay with constructive criticism on my concepts, but it often crosses the line into personal attacks. Just because people disagree with other's opinions, doesn't mean they're "annoying" or creating a false narrative.
  4. Thanks for that henburg...VERY MUCH appreciated. I think more people are Krāken fans than we realize, though. However, if you state your preference for the Krāken monicker over at the "Seattle NHL Brand Discussion" thread, you kinda get shouted down and ridiculed by the mafia over there. It's too bad the CCSLC has become so caustic, because you used to get the Frazer Davidson's, the Buc's, and the Brandon Moore's (people actually working and well respected in the sports design world) dropping by more frequently....which was great, to hear opinions from those in the industry...Oh well.... I think with the Krāken name, a lot of the critics don't have the imagination to get past the (admittedly cheesy) "Release the Kraken" schtick. Yeah, that'll get used, but not to the extent that many would have you believe. Hell, I've posted many pages of Krāken concept, and I think I've only referenced that line a couple of times. I agree 100% with you, that the name has a ton of potential. For a name that is so (apparently) horrible...It sure is hangin' around isn't it? I'll keep kickin' the hornets nest over's kinda fun. Thanks again.
  5. I'm a fan of the navy/metallic gold/white. It's a classy look. I always think of the "Golden Fleece" legend with the Rams, so met. gold's an appropriate element IMO. They could add some light met. gold to the helmet horns, and not compromise that iconlc silhouette. The helmets would then look like they belong to the navy/gold/white unis...
  6. Thank you J! You're right...a person can dream. Last week Greg Wyshynski from ESPN, wrote an interesting article on the Seattle name game. In that piece, he stated... "We had heard recently that while Seattle's brass had initially bristled at the moniker, a marketing presentation late last year, centred around Kraken, blew them away." I've always felt, that while Krāken wasn't the best-sounding or the most-relevant-to-the-region of the contenders (Sockeyes, Evergreens, Emeralds, Totems, etc.), it still had enough relevance, it was the most renowned (if the owners truly wanted a "global brand"), and it provided the most interesting marketing and promotional opportunities. I believe Mr. Wyshynski... that a persuasive and imaginative pitch could sell the name. Now, I don't know who, or what group, made the above-mentioned pitch, but it seems, if rumours are accurate, that they made an impression. Krāken's a risky option; the other names are much safer...but if done properly, it could be unique, classic, bold. I put together a compilation of KrākenStuff from the past little bit.
  7. Right, king...(wouldn't that be cool?)...I mentioned before, that it'd be fantastic to be a fly-on-the-wall through this whole process because it's been quite a ride. Several months ago, (and as much as I'm a pro-Krāken guy) I would've agreed with most, that the Krāken was dead-in-the-water. Dave Tippett, with the team at the time, was pretty vocal about it NOT being the Krāken and, an associate with the team (in some capacity) actually started a "Kraken Is Off the Table" thread over on the HFBoards... "Sockeyes", at that time, seemed to be the betting favourite. I actually think it still is. I can't believe that the romance novelist could or would roadblock this thing. In fact, she's mentioned that she would like to see her "creation" become an actual team. I'm sure terms could easily be negotiated. Perhaps this whole dance is about managing expectations... Dangle the disappointment of the name NOT being Sockeyes, and then at the last minute...SURPRISE!!
  8. From ESPN's Greg Wyshynski... "We had heard recently that while Seattle's brass had initially bristled at the (Kraken) moniker, a marketing presentation late last year, centred around Kraken, blew them away." ...Must have been some pitch.
  9. My 3 favourite colour-combo possibilities... 1- Green/Gold/White or Blue-Green/Gold/White 2- Green/White or Double-Green/White 3- Salmon/Teal (Seafoam)/Black for an indigenous style
  10. Some thoughts from ESPN's Greg Wyshynski... "What Seattle's NHL Team Should Be Called".
  11. Hello gordfish!...& welcome to the boards! Thanks for the excellent post. Good points all. I like your Sentinels suggestion with the brown and winged "S"....(Hmmm). Of the 2 "fish" names, I kinda lean towards Sockeyes, probably only because I live about 20 miles upstream () from the Mississauga Steelheads OHL team, so the name, to me, sounds a little common....But it's a solid name. I like the Pilots name also, but it didn't get a lot of traction, and in Seattle, it seems that "Pilots" has more of a nautical meaning. I do like the Krāken...I'm a little weird that way...But I always like to take a concept past the name, logo, colours...and explore the "what-can-be-done-with-it?" factor. That, to me, is where the Krāken identity kicks butt. It's a great nautical name IMO, that can bring in so many seafaring, oceanic elements for logos, merchandise, game experience, promotions, etc... I do get the opposition to it, although I think too many get caught in the "Release the Kraken-phobia"...Yes that clip would be used, but not to the extent that most fear. I've done up many pages of concept for the Krāken and have only referenced it a couple of times. It's been an interesting process many options & no clear-cut winner. I'm also looking forward to the Seattle-Vancouver rivalry! Thanks for dropping by.
  12. Seattle Six has a nice ring to it...What happens in overtime though?
  13. The only thing we know for sure, is that they're down to 5 finalists. Put those 5 in a hat, draw 1 name and run with it...It'll be fine.
  14. An "NHL Seattle Countdown" twitter account ran an interesting poll. They offered voters 4 options (Love It! Like It. Dislike It. Hate It!) on all the contending names. Looked like this... "Thunderbirds" scored very well with a 33.2% Love It! and a 28.6% Like It... Which prompted a respondant to wonder if the naming date, was delayed 'til the end of the WHL season? Hmmmm. Is T-Birds a viable option? It certainly would tick a lot of boxes. Mythical Creature (Top choice in recent NHL Seattle Fan Poll), Indigenous Theme (the Louis Gong connection), and, maybe best of all, it snacks on Orcas.
  15. I apologize for upsetting you so much, monkē...