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  1. Kudos to the NHL. The visuals from the game were spectacular. Loved the RRs on both teams. (If I were Vegas, I'd be making that red sweater my 3rd.) The decision to delay the rest of the game 'til the evening was the right one... turned out to be a decent game.
  2. ...I got a chuckle outta that...
  3. I stand corrected . Also...Holy Valhalla!...I just saw Brent Burns on the latest episode of "Vikings"!
  4. Over the weekend, Jumbo Joe became the oldest Leaf ever to score a goal.
  5. A couple of things... Toronto's virtual crowd sounds louder and more involved than their usual corporate gathering, and... Tomorrow I'm cancelling my Bell services.
  6. Great to see this series back, Morgan33... The creativity and craftsmanship on display here are fantastic. It's kinda comforting to see some good ol' pencil/pen/marker and paper work. Keep it going!
  7. Great to see this thread back, WLD42!!! It's not only very well done, but it's a lot of fun, and we certainly need a big dose of some fun these days. Your Chocolatiers' concept is pretty sweet!
  8. Paul Rabil...The guy's a marketing force. Saw him in Hamilton playing against Canada in the box game. He stuck around for a couple of hours afterwards signing stuff.
  9. "Spiders" does seem to be the most popular option on the web. "Guardians" has some potential...
  10. Wow!... Nicely done, Sidney!...Great concept and excellent presentation. That 3rd jersey is beauty!!!!...Maybe should be their Away?
  11. There's talk of Seattle acquiring a pro women's hockey team. I've heard "Sirens" being bandied about as a possible name for that.
  12. That's too bad... pk was a regular contributor over in the Concepts. An all-out ban seems a little harsh.
  13. That Basilica logo is too good to NOT use on the home & away unis. How would it look on the side of the pants?