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  1. That logo looks absolutely gorgeous as a patch!
  2. We're also seeing a lot more variety among the type of logo placed on the waist band. We have 19 secondary/partial logos, which have traditionally gone here (Hawks, Celtics, Nets, Hornets, Mavericks, Nuggets, Warriors, Rockets, Pacers, Clippers, Grizzlies, Bucks, Knicks, Sixers, Suns, Kings, Raptors, Jazz, & Wizards). But we've seen 2 primary logos (Pistons & Lakers) and 4 wordmarks (Cavs, Thunder, Magic, & Blazers), as well as a very non-traditional move by the Bulls (Chicago flag stars).
  3. Tops only. No shorts. That's why I listed them (and the Pelicans) as partial unveilings.
  4. Quick recap Official unveilings remaining: 6 (Hawks, Warriors, Lakers [partial] Heat, Pelicans [partial], Raptors) Waist band logos: 26 with, 2 without (Timberwolves & Spurs), and 2 unknown (Heat & Pelicans) Sponsor patches: 13 (Celtics, Nets, Hornets, Cavs, Nuggets, Pistons, Bucks, Timberwolves, Magic, Sixers, Kings, Raptors, & Jazz)
  5. True, but I wanted to call out the "official unveilings" when we get to see tops and shorts to both Association and Icon.
  6. Quick recap of official unveilings (* = with sponsor patch): Unveiled (14) Hornets* Bulls Cavs* Nuggets* Pistons* Pacers Bucks* Timberwolves* Thunder Sixers* Blazers Kings* Jazz* Wizards Unveil scheduled (3) Clippers (8/11) Suns (8/10) Spurs ("later this week") TBD (13) Hawks Celtics Nets Mavericks Warriors Rockets Lakers Grizzlies Heat Pelicans Knicks Magic Raptors
  7. Objectively, I like the originality of the uniform design. The color palette is great too. Subjectively, the Wolves left a disappointing amount of creativity on the table (more emphasis on green, incorporation of tree pattern, use of belt logo, etc.).
  8. I think this is a downgrade. Collar and armhole trim widened, which looks worse IMO. Also, the collar color change on the back is unnecessary and disruptive.
  9. I actually think the Jazz look as good now (2016-17) as they've ever looked.
  10. That side piping looks incomplete and just awful
  11. Odd that the wordmark is mentioned in the Icon description but not the Association.
  12. Hornets removed same-color ("tonal") wordmarks on bottom right side of Association shorts.
  13. They're still bad, but it reduces the sting to see some willingness to work with the teams' color palette so the ads are less visually assaulting.
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