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  1. Fair enough. And I'm just saying Babe Ruth hasn't been surpassed, even if his raw numbers have. (And no, I don't think less of Gretzky because he was never a goalie...I just think Ruth doing both is so damn impressive.)
  2. Ok, but why is he the only person in baseball history who had so much success at both? Because he was that dominant!
  3. And Bonds and Aaron and all played in the expansion era with more crappy pitchers, smaller ballparks, amphetamines, steroids, the DH, etc. And none of the guys who caught Ruth's home run numbers also dominated as a pitcher like he did. (I don't think Gretzky would have fared as well as a goalie.) WAR isn't the be-all, end-all. But it does attempt to normalize for different eras, different ballparks, different competition, different positions, and all that jazz. To dismiss Ruth's accomplishments because a couple of guys out-homered him in a more offensive era is silly. Both Ruth and Gretzky were dominant in their sport. Which one was more dominant? I don't know, you can make a case for either. But don't just dismiss Ruth because he's no longer the career leader in certain stats. The game has changed so much since he played, and a lot of it is because of him; he made the home run sexy.
  4. What?? The guy hit more home runs than every other team in the league in 1920 (four years after he led the league with 9 shutouts and a 1.75 ERA...he could've had a career as a Hall of Fame pitcher!). Then he did it again in 1927.
  5. More like a Shea Stadium tradition, started in 1984 for Dwight Gooden, stolen by the clowns across town. There was also the El SSSSSSSSSSSid signs for Sid Fernandez' strikeouts.
  6. Fart, just realized that isn't point percentage. They're dividing points by points awarded instead of points available (so a team that wins in OT would have a W-L% of .667--2/3--instead of 1.000--2/2). Still a decent proxy and easier than doing the math for 31 teams.
  7.[]=R&game_type[]=OT&game_type[]=SO&order_by=year_id&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=Share&utm_campaign=ShareTool#stats Road stats, click on W-L% to sort.
  8. Pretty wacky finish in Brooklyn tonight, thanks to a Tyler Bertuzzi match penalty that led to four power play goals, followed by a Detroit game-tying goal with 29 seconds left.
  9. They played Brass Bonanza at tonight's game in Carolina. Seems so wrong.
  10. The Islanders will be returning to the Coliseum. Twelve games there next season. Then if those go well, they will play at least half of their games in Uniondale until the new place is ready.
  11. Bunch of proposed Ottawa Senators logos and jerseys in this video: EDIT: Bonus--1990 NHL Draft logo at 15:49!
  12. Baltimore Colts/Stallions (CFL) (from
  13. I remember watching that game. They were having problems with the graphic during the first half; sometimes it wasn’t there at all, sometimes it was there but not legible. Eventually they got it working with the proper background.
  14. They flipped back for 1969; the Giants were in the Capitol for one year and the Century for two.
  15. Yet their fanbase will still think the league is out to screw them the next time a ref makes a bad call.
  16. They will opt out of the lease, which will see them play the 2018-19 season in Brooklyn. After that, it's up in the air until Belmont opens which they hope will be 2020-21. So they will need a home for one year (or more if there are any delays). The governor said he hopes they can play at least some of their home games at the Coliseum. Bettman replied with a joke about Billy Joel (though he has said in the past that the Coliseum isn't viable even as a temporary venue); Jon Ledecky didn't address it at all. The Barclays folks, who run the Coliseum, said, “We are currently awaiting a response from the Islanders to our proposal to bring NHL games back home to the Coliseum on an interim basis. We understand the required approvals from all parties involved to make that happen, and are prepared to facilitate any necessary enhancements.” So, who knows? Maybe they play an entire season (and even parts of 2018-19) at the Coliseum. Maybe they split the year between Uniondale and Brooklyn. Maybe they just stay in Brooklyn for another year. Maybe the talks with Barclays fall apart and they spend the interregnum at MSG or Hartford or the Meadowlands if that arena is still even operable.
  17. I was really hoping they'd end up near Citi Field. I plan on moving to the city in the next year or two (not to find myself, but to cut down on my commute), and if I'm car-less, Belmont will probably be a pain to get to. And I have a friend in Brooklyn who started going to games and is becoming a fan; he will have a hard time getting to the new place. But it's still a great day. There weren't enough converts like my friend to make up for the Long Island fans who couldn't make the trek to Brooklyn, and Barclays was foolishly not built for hockey. Brooklyn definitely wasn't a success. But it did buy the franchise time and kept them from moving to Quebec or Kansas City or wherever.
  18. I hope this means the Steinbrenner Football Club Soccer Team has to move to Quebec City.
  19. The Headley trade pisses me off more than the Stanton trade. The Marlins were going to dump payroll. NY(AL) lucked into Stanton because Gift Baskets has no idea what he's doing. But this trade makes no sense for the Padres. They are one of the cheapest teams in the league. Why are they helping NY(AL) dump payroll? Headley is garbage. Bryan Mitchell isn't good enough or even young enough that taking on Headley's $13 million contract makes sense.
  20. I would consider making the Devils and Flyers as the permanent rivals and sticking the Islanders with the Panthers. I don't think the Isles and Devils have much of a rivalry. Yes, you do get a good number of Devils fans when they play in Brooklyn/Uniondale, and likewise many Islanders fans make the trip to Newark. But the intensity isn't really there. I'm an Islander fan, and I hate the Penguins and maybe even the Flyers more than I hate the Devils. On the other hand, Devils fans hate the Flyers almost as much as they hate the Rangers, and I don't think Flyers fans are fond of the Devils either.