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  1. Thanks for making this thread. I realized after that my post about Minnesota jerseys wasn't really about updates or new developments; I just wanted to post some of my favorites. My wife and I plan on moving to Minnesota in a year to be closer to family. I don't usually get interested in high school sports, but Minnesota hockey is really neat. You seem to have big schools vs smaller ones, Northern schools against city schools, private vs public, etc. It means a lot to these towns. I will have to think about some of the favorites outside of Edina and Cloquet. You're right about the Blackhawks being a the go-to template.
  2. I was having the thought the other day that I don't recall pro teams or many major colleges that use royal blue and yellow. Those were the colors of my high school, and it seems like that just does not fit in pro sports. The only colleges I can think of off the top of my head that use royal blue and yellow are UC Riverside and smaller schools Limestone College and Lander University. I may just be completely having a brain fart. Edit: Now that I looked it up, I totally forgot about the Rams and Pitt throwbacks. But other than that, you don't see the colors much.
  3. I'm late to the party, but I've been interested in Minnesota High School hockey lately. There are some great jerseys in Minnesota. I love green and yellow. This may be unoriginal, but Edina has some great unis. Some of my favorites in any sport. Plus, Lakeville North's are great, too (in the same picture below). These are pretty cool, too - Cloquet-Esko-Carlton Lumberjacks.
  4. Movistar is so lame. I like Lotto-Soudal.
  5. A logo on both sides of the helmet - what a novel concept.
  6. Those Memphis jerseys are nice... I had no idea.
  7. Gamecocks going with Black Helmet, Garnet, Jerseys, Garnet Pants for first time ever. Uniform Reveal
  8. He just wanted a reason to talk about how well Clemson football is doing. Have not noticed.
  9. I was trying to search for their official football Twitter page, and I typed in "Missouri football" and nothing. They're all in with Mizzou.
  10. I've always worn low-profile hats. I guess a true "dad hat" has the adjustable buckle on the back. Lids even categorizes hats like this now. Who knew? I was shocked to see the Warriors championship hat be unstructured. Oh well.
  11. I love the Chargers' brand, but I wouldn't mind seeing a rebrand. The Chargers are from San Diego.
  12. I've always liked Illinois State. Montana has a great identity too. Wichita State is awesome. Now for the worst. What is with Evansville? No offense, but it seems faceless. They're old logo was unique.