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  1. The more I look at the Kraken stuff... the more I'm just not a fan. The colours are beautiful but that logo just doesn't do it for me. I've heard some fans say it looks cool while also "vintage" but I don't see it. Vintage logos never had monster eyeballs on them, unless I'm missing something. The alt logo is a nice idea, but just looks boring in execution. I look back at that teaser video (clearly filmed pre-covid), and the salmon/black/white colours on the early version of the website... it really tells me they were going with Sockeyes early on before the fans on twitter made them go a different direction. I wish we could see what a potential Sockeyes identity would have looked like. We'll never know for sure, but I'm fairly certain I would have liked that one more...
  2. Holy crap, that Winnipeg 10th anniversary logo is beautiful. How did that one slip by me? Seems like the NHL section of the site needs some updating, some stuff from recent years still missing...
  3. Jerseys are great - my only issue is I would have liked for them to keep the new "O" logo on the shoulder. Fans love that one (and the colours would still fit nicely) and they don't really have any attachment to that winged "S" so feels weird to bring that one back when their current shoulder/alt patch is fine.
  4. Pretty sure they would go with Edmonton Empire, they trademarked it years ago, almost like they knew this day would come eventually. Also, 99.9% sure they would go with another "E" name and not have to change logo, uniforms or branding. It would cost them money they simply do not have.
  5. Very happy the old design is coming back - as a lifelong Sens fan, it was always my favourite. Would have been nice to give it a more modern finish (keep the design, just redo it a bit), but I won't complain. The fact that my all-time favourite black home jerseys are back is icing on the cake, hope they stick with the "O" on a nice red third jersey and you got a perfect set there.
  6. Moncton Wildcats patch for next season marking the end of hockey at the Moncton Coliseum - new downtown arena opens for 2018-19 season.
  7. Don't know if this one got posted already... better look at the (reworked) Senators' 25th anniversary logo.
  8. More new anniversary logos from the QMJHL - Quebec City and Cape Breton, as well as the Drummondville one we've seen already.
  9. Does anybody know any forums online where one can submit a request for some photoshop work? I have a photo that needs a bit of work, but the only places I can find are all bait websites for photoshop trolls... Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  10. Can anyone help me figure out the fonts for the NBL of Canada? Halifax: Moncton: Summerside: Oshawa:
  11. I still hear a lot of negativity regarding the Lewiston Maineiacs logo. I love it though, it's always been one of my favs.
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