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  1. I don't get such a push for Red Tails. The Red Tails from World War II had nothing to do with the DC area. If it was an NFL team in Montgomery, Alabama or even Birmingham, I could see it do to their location to Tuskegee. Otherwise it just sounds like something forced.
  2. Very interesting. Next thing you know someone will create a website where people discuss all of the teams' laundry.
  3. Also, colleges have been discussing about possibly playing football in January or February if needed. If that's the case, then the XFL would be in a tough position in 2021 as well.
  4. I felt like the XFL had potential of heading in the right direction. Two changes I would make would've been to move the Los Angeles team to San Diego and somehow get San Antonio involved.
  5. I'm wondering if it is as simple as Vince McMahon needs the money he set aside for the XFL to keep WWE solvent during this pandemic.
  6. Here's my take on the helmet design.
  7. There's no such thing as sports branding evolution for European soccer. The way soccer teams in Europe have been named has not changed since the 19th century. On the other hand, professional sports teams in the United States have been using nicknames since its early days. Soccer/football in the United States has an identity crisis. These clubs want to use the name football but are playing in leagues with the name "soccer." You are either a soccer team or a football team and in the U.S. the sport is referred to as soccer and has been since the early 1900's.
  8. The night aerial shot is not St. Louis. If you look closely there are palm trees visible. That would represent Tampa most likely.
  9. The league will be referred to as "The Alliance" and not any acronyms.
  10. These days at the FBS level, there isn't much since so much money goes into branding schools and the suppliers (Nike, UA, Addidas) provide free uniforms. But before all this craziness, uniforms would typically occur with new coaches..
  11. LOL! The simplest theory is most often the correct one. I think that's a simpler way of saying what I said.. A triple stripe design is nothing new and nothing exclusive to Adidas.. The fact that they embrace it and have worked it into various designs is irrelevant.. I never considered the patriots socks to be Adidas-inspired.. I just saw a pair of socks with a monochrome striping pattern.. Adidas may have designed it, but the patriots like it and kept it when Nike took over.. Simple as thatI would says it's a bit different from using three stripes on a piece of clothing and Nike incorporating those three stripes into its logo. Then there could be a problem. It comes down to the context of use.
  12. It must be a vinyl wrap that they put on every helmet just like they do for commercial car graphics.
  13. I like where they began with the logo but a couple issues for me. First, the chin is way too pointed and needs to be rounded. Second, there are no chubby cheeks which is also a defining characteristic of a Billiken. If the face was not as smooshed, it would probably be fine. Here's my take tweaking the logo.
  14. I would disagree St. Louis doesn't support pro football. There was plenty of support until around 2007-2008. When you go a decade without a winning record, nobody should expect to have fans crazy about your team unless you are the only game in town. The Rams, however, will always be third behind the Cardinals and Blues. Support always drops off during long periods of mediocrity. even in St. Louis, the baseball Cardinals didn't have great attendance from 1990-1995. But the combination of the team's success and the McGwire era since 1996 that has dramatically boosted annual average attendance. The bottom line is, if the Rams get turned around, more fans will want to go. You just can't continuously support financially organizations that don't strive to create championship teams.