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  1. the lack of gold/yellow anywhere on the Kansas City Chiefs helmets (and the presence of black)
  2. Any of the Flames jerseys with black in them suck. Even pre-Edge. This is how they should look.
  3. ^ Now I've heard it all. Mods can we change the thread title to "ABSURD Opinions" lol
  4. Now there's a phrase I didnt think I'd hear today.
  5. If it walks like a duck..... And I've been a Browns fan since likely before you were born (at least hopefully you aren't older than I am and still using words like "derp" to seem cool online...) Allow me some self-deprecating humor, it's all we really have. Plus, ya know "BrianBrown" doesnt have a great ring to it either.
  6. Browns should just go with brown pants, and wear brown and brown, thus embracing the whole terd motif.
  7. Best Charger uniform of all time. Yes, I went there....
  8. I wouldn't mind them if not for the gradient.
  9. I absolutely, positively HATE this logo and all it stands for. the team needs to bring this one back (maybe with a little less over-caffeinated look in his eyes):
  10. Now that is one hell of a helmet. They need to switch back to that simplistic beauty. Why would they switch back to that? They don't play in Dallas anymore. Yea why would they do that? The Kansas City Texans....also I believe the chiefs have a pretty simplistic helmet design that is great only other thing you could be talking about is the vaunted grey face mask!! Nooooooooo I've often thought the Texans should use that same design (in their colors with the star on Houston instead, obviously) if they ever did a fauxback. Texans need a complete and total rebrand. They have the dumbest and laziest name in all of professional sports. It was lame the first time in Dallas and even more so now.
  11. lose the terrible shoulder logos and I'm there with you.
  12. The Seahawks need to go back to a silver helmet.
  13. was it a Ravens type situation where they used someone else's design without permission?
  14. "Battlin'" Billy Smith was an LA King before being taken by the Islanders in the 1972 expansion draft
  15. Both the Jets and the Giants wordmark helmets are better than the current ones.
  16. Seriously.... Damn current Bucks going all "Rulk" on us.....
  17. He looks like Craig Robinson in that photo lol
  18. wow good find., Think he only played like 5 or 6 games with ATL and then packed it in for good that year. In keeping with the theme, these still seems odd
  19. I'd say that common sense prevailed and there was no need for a Red Sox/Tigers gimmick game, which would be pretty beneath two of the most storied franchises in the game.
  20. That one might belong in the "Overdue Uniforms" thread lol
  21. BTW The names on the Blackhawks red jerseys drive me nuts because they aren't outlined in black like the numbers all are.
  22. wait, he had his FIRST name on the back of his jersey in SD??
  23. The Thrashers blue jersey set was beautiful.
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