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  1. now make the circle in the middle of the C's on the shoulders blue instead of black and you're really onto something.
  2. completely missed that. I agree that a navy version of the current homes would be hugely disappointing.
  3. I wouldn't necessarily assume the "80" navy jersey is the Islanders and not the white, orange, and blue "79" jersey
  4. or ya know, him just reading the room and realizing that most of the fanbase, who weren't 10 years old at the time, hates the stupid Fisherman and the timeframe of the franchise it represents.
  5. The Pats have another set of pants besides navy, right? Give the monochrome navy look at home a rest for a week.
  6. What's the significance of "Wolves" (or even "Red Wolves") to Washington DC? Other than alliteration of course.
  7. Wish the Giants were countering again with their all white "color rush" and "GIANTS" on the helmet like they've done in the recent past
  8. based on what happened last week in Dallas, they should never wear that combination again.
  9. The old set was terrible and will forever be associated with 28-3. This set is an improvement yes (a really low bar to clear) but I'd have preferred they went back to a red helmet and let the Glanville Falcons vibe finally die off. The "ATL" on the jerseys seems wholly unnecessary but then again I'm not from Atlanta, so it's not for me I guess?
  10. Bucco Bruce has gone the way of the Sean Connery Pirates logo I'm afraid. I think you could do a lot wiith the current helmets with a smaller logo, and a mostly red/white/orange uniform color scheme, that maybe has some limited pewter accents to tie in the helmet.
  11. a red helmet would be a nice change of pace Jerry Glanville will be rolling over in his grave though (apparently he's still alive) His bed I mean. rolling over in his bed.
  12. Sea Lions is good. It's regional, alliterative, and unlike a seahawk/seadog it actually exists as more than a nickname of another species. The marketing possibilities are endless. Sockeyes is similar just to a lesser extent IMO. Fish don't tend to be exciting as a mascot unless they're highly predatory. Totems/Metropolitans work as well. Not as exciting as the first two, but the history is important, though I can see how the MLB team makes the latter one somewhat problematic. Emeralds I like as well but I can see how it limits you in terms of branding and marketing. Everything else just ranges from sounding like bad minor league to just try hard names.
  13. Kraken sucks as a name for a team in the Pacific Northwest. It's a mythical sea beast from Scandinavian folklore that allegedly lived in the North Atlantic. This would be the equivalent of a new team in Miami calling themselves the Narwhals. (yes I realize those are real) If only the Pacific Northwest had their own mythical beast lurking in the area...hmmmmmmm
  14. when was the last time the Super Bowl had no black and no blue in it? Super Bowl XIX? (Niners vs Dolphins)
  15. that jacket reminds me of Billy Martin kicking dirt on an umpire
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