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  1. Would prefer these: But the stupid one helmet rule makes it basically impossible
  2. Meh wasnt a fan of the old gray socks the first time they tried blue pants. All White or white with blue northwestern stripes would be much better
  3. they looked like they were wearing long-sleeved t shirts, and had plain silver helmets with either mismatched facemasks or none at all. While I love the modernized throwbacks we've worn since 1994, the things players were wearing in the 50's looked silly. At least the Millen-induced black trimmed uniforms look like proper uniforms.
  4. Our last championship was so long ago, players were still wearing LONG SLEEVES and helmets WITHOUT facemasks that was never a good look.
  5. You may be on to something. Outside of maybe Quincy Carter, I cant think of another QB who wore #17 that one might consider "elusive" Rivers, Osweiler, and Tannehill are all rather "statuesque" currently.
  6. Is "Bill-ieve" an actual thing up in Buffalo? Or was this just made up because 'Choke Slam Through a Flaming Table" wouldnt fit on a hat?
  7. IIRC although the TNF "Color Rush Game" was bagged, teams still have the option to wear the Color Rush alts they have this season. I know the Lions intend on wearing their "all grays" at least once this season again. What I find more interesting about this pic is that Barkley seems to have a second throwback helmet which I thought was frowned upon. Then again this could've just been for purposes of the photo
  8. well I mean, it is a historical symbol from revolutionary times, so it makes sense it's mainly in the area of the city that's focused on it's revolutionary history. I'll keep an eye out on my walk home from work today (Center City to Queen Village) and see if I see it anywhere else..
  9. Olde City, Penn's Landing, the Constitution Center, Revolution Museum, etc.
  10. would it kill them to outline the numbers? this single color number trend looks so damn amateurish.
  11. Revolutionary war imagery, including the "Unite" and Gadsden flags, is all over the City here, so yes, probably.
  12. Yeah I'd maybe go green helmet and perhaps work the light blue into the sleeve/hem/pants/socks striping to avoid aping the Stars too much,
  13. Pens/Flyers, Bruins/Leafs, and Wild/Jets are probably the best of the bunch. Every other match-up has at least one stinker in there, with Ducks/Sharks and Caps/Jackets tied for the basement. .
  14. I meant a green primary (say helmets, jersey, socks), black secondary (logo, breezers), and then cream/light blue as an accent that is incorporated into the hem/sleeve striping and number/logo outline perhaps. .
  15. I figure that Seattle has to have some form of green in their color scheme. Also I'd like to see the Sea Lion in black (as they appear IRL). Was wondering if you could whip up a green primary/black secondary Sea Lions set with perhaps another offset secondary like cream or light blue?
  16. I have no problem with regional designations for teams like Golden State, New England, Tampa Bay, etc. It breaks up the monotony of all city or state designations. Although it is a bit odd when you have other franchises in the same sport playing in the region as well. The Warriors aren't even the only team in NorCal much less the whole of California. (then again I always preferred "California Angels" to either the Anaheim or LA designations)
  17. This set would be a lot more palatable with a Columbia blue helmet. At least that would've been unique. It's going to look like an inter-squad scrimmage every time they play the Texans
  18. If only they had done so before selling off Stanton, Ozuna, Gordon, and Yelich for a pittance.
  19. Frazier is on his fourth team in the last four seasons. I'm not sure what his RIGHT uniform is?? Reds?
  20. I agree with you, although 'When in the course of human events" wouldn't really fit on the underside of the bill.
  21. I think it makes sense for cities with large Irish-American populations like the Northeast corridor and Chicago. When teams like Arizona or Atlanta do it, it seems a little suspect.
  22. this is a bad take, and you should feel bad. LOOK at that thing! It's huge!
  23. this REALLY bothers me. There was no need to make the logo that big. Yes, I realize our logo was smaller than most others but the effect of the two points coming off the D really gave the appearance of the logo filling out the hat. Now it just looks almost comically large. It looks like some little league level knockoff cap. Ask yourself, would Magnum P.I. wear the hat on the right? You're goddamn right he wouldnt.
  24. this is like complaining they don't have glowing orange eyes.
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