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  1. Because teams often make bad design decisions and take forever to fix them. They thought they were showing off their provincial and national pride or something when in reality, it just looked contrived.
  2. They should switch away kits with Liverpool. Darker green has been used by Liverpool in the past and LFC’s turquoise shirt better suits Spurs.
  3. I have a natural pre-disposition to liking anything navy so I don’t have a huge problem with using it as the primary colour. I do think it’s fine for teams to play it safe when testing out a new identity rather than going all out on the more quirky colours right away. With Buffalo moving to royal blue soon, i think it’s okay to have another navy team as it’s only really overused as an accent colour. However, I also think there’s some stepping on toes going on between the Jackets, Jets, and now the Kraken using similar colours and eventually someone will have to blink first to move away from that. Jets should use aviator blue as their primary colour, just with a better design than their current third. The Kraken can eventually move towards that pale teal shade they’re using but I do wonder if it’s too light to use for a home jersey and that’s why they didn’t choose it. A deeper teal or marine green would have been better.
  4. They’re already there. The logo is but a slight reference to the name. The tentacle is the only thing that reminds one that the name references a mythical sea monster.
  5. Colours are 8/10 Jerseys 7/10 Logo 7.5/10 Name 5/10 Better than Vegas, who themselves have a decent identity but one that lacks originality. Kraken I can live with but it’s still gimmicky, though I suppose the uniqueness will carry it for a while. It’s less ambiguous than Wild at least.
  6. Wow that terrible Evonik sponsor is finally gone. That thing in all it’s pink glory ruined so many awesome shirts over the years.
  7. I quite like the new Bournemouth sponsor logo (even though we’re not supposed to like ads). Fun font and unobtrusive. Silver linings! The new jumbled up Emirates logo is crap though.
  8. This is absolutely the funniest uniform rollout I have ever seen. The bone jerseys are a tier one comedy bit. Everyone was so worried and then it ended up worse than anyone could have expected.
  9. I think they should just use the head of the Kachina coyote as the primary logo. Would be a good compromise between the current and original look, plus the head looks less busy on a jersey than the full body coyote.
  10. The bear head logo gets washed out against a green background. I assume that’s the point of the chest stripe.
  11. Wow, a team finally used the full collar treatment properly and it actually looks good. It’s almost like all of the polo shirt style and half collars were completely unecessary in the first place.
  12. I think it looks fine. I can almost give the diagonal letters a pass since their other logos are all so underwhelming. The design seems closer to their Cup-winning set than their other two jerseys. Their home jersey overdoes it on the black too much.
  13. Yeah I should point out that I’m not accusing Adidas of pushing these designs on teams. When Adidas seemed to have more creative control with the WCoH, they produced some interesting uniforms, such as the first maple leaf inspired Team Canada kit in decades. But within the timelines of Reebok and Adidas, I have noticed a trend by teams to go for minimalist designs during the late Reebok years and early Adidas era. My hypothesis, and I could be way off on this, is that teams believe they should sell jerseys that are more fashion-friendly and thus we’re in this trend of muted and simple alternate or sometimes primary jerseys. So maybe my frustration isn’t with a lack of creativity but more so towards the recent aversion to maintaining traditional stripes on an alternate uniform or even primary uniform. I like hem stripes and I think most NHL fans do as well, and it’s disappointing that it seems teams are happy to put a single line at the hem just to signify where the jersey ends. Basically, I just want to see jerseys have good stripes. I don’t think it’s too much to expect from teams.
  14. I would say anything that deviates from the Stadium Series style minimalism of recent years. The new trend seems to be random striping with no connection to the team’s uniform history with colours that don’t contrast well. As for stuff I liked from the Reebok era, Nashville’s third jersey from a few years ago with the sublimated checker pattern is a good example. Minnesota’s forest green third with the script. Buffalo’s 40th anniversary jersey. Even some of the winter classic fauxbacks were really interesting like the Leafs/Wings in 2014. Not everything was good under Reebok obviously but there were instances where I was quite impressed. Under Reebok, teams went from having too much piping to an over reliance on roundels and vintage white, so it wasn’t all good. The Winter Classic kits are about the only thing that still piques my interest under Adidas. I guess what I’m referring to with half baked is that we’ll see teams like New Jersey, Toronto, San Jose, and formerly Carolina update their set by toning down the hem stripes or just flat out removing them. And then we’ll see Carolina deliver a jersey with no contrast and dark grey shoulders for some reason. And then Pens and Flyers trot out something dark and drab for the Stadium series and the Oilers go and follow their lead. The Flyers have done it a few times now where I have no idea what they’re trying to accomplish with their alternate and/or outdoor jersey. LA went back to a mediocre anniversary kit for their third and the Sharks had an actual novel idea for their alternate yet they made it way too dark and ignored hem stripes yet again. Tampa continues to go backwards with their new uniforms. Washington and Calgary still hold onto their Edge templates and merely compromise with throwbacks that we’ve already been seeing for years.
  15. I’ll ignore the colours for now just to point out that it seems no NHL team has a clue about what to do with stripes anymore. Every new design in the last few years has featured the absolute laziest jersey template possible. Unless a team has some iconic throwback they wanna bust out, the only new looks we’re gonna see for a while are these half-baked non-creations.