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  1. I remember commenting on here back in 2017 that the Devils should go full retro if they wanted to make a uniform change. I still think that would have been a good choice, provided they used a dark enough shade of green, and especially on their pants. If there was a desire to move past the Lou era I think the red and green set would have been a good departure. Not this halfway compromise that just ruined a classic set. Normally, there’s an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t ever change a championship-winning jersey especially if it’s a nice one. But I think the Devils were far enough removed from that era and far enough away from winning another that it wouldn’t be such a harsh change. If it looked too weird they could have just changed back after a few years. Instead we got these lame imitations of a great set.
  2. That Canucks RR getup might be their best ever Orca jersey. The updated colours are better than the original Orca colours. I also appreciate the use of the Orca on jersey design that was meant for that logo. The current home and aways look fine but Vancouver script or not they just feel like they’re trying to be two different things at once. If I could make a lazy comparison it would be like if the Rangers started using lady Liberty on their regular jerseys. Or the Isles slapping the fisherman the on their royal blue and orange kits. The Canucks look better than that but they still look weird.
  3. They are ridiculous. I love them.
  4. Well yeah, I don’t think a team name has to be based on something that perfectly symbolizes the city. Otherwise Elk wouldn’t be a good choice, even if I have seen some walk down my street before in Edmonton. I can also look out my window and see two huge spruce trees in my front yard and about ten more on the yards beside mine. So, Evergreens would at least be appropriate and would be nice to pay tribute to the river valley instead of always being the “Cold City with Oil”.
  5. Why doesn’t Evergreens make sense in the context of Edmonton? The city is full of evergreen trees. Is the Pacific Northwest the only place that gets to claim Evergreens?
  6. I’m surprised people prefer the darker shade of orange on the Flyers’ RR. I always thought the bright orange was the best thing about them bringing back their original set. The bright orange sets them apart as “The Orange Team” rather than “a team who uses orange”. In saying that, their current home and away needs an adjustment because the numbers being too wide for the sleeve stripes has always looked amateur. The RR is closer to something better but if it’s gonna use burnt orange it should only be a third.
  7. Man, the inability of helmet manufacturers to make a helmet with the right shade of royal blue always made this set and other royal sets look incomplete. Just a detail that drives the uniform nerd in me crazy. On the other hand navy helmets almost always look a shade too dark. Ultimately, the Oilers organization just make decisions based off money so once people stop buying the navy/orange versions, they’ll change it up again. They went back to the 80’s jerseys in the first place just because they knew how well they would sell. I doubt we’ll ever see a navy version of the 80s template, because they had the chance to do it in 2019 and they came up with the mediocre third they have now. I am surprised they’re pushing the navy third a lot because I figured they chose an intentionally different design so that it could stay as a third and wouldn’t undermine orange as the home colour.
  8. Oilers shouldn’t be lumped in with the Ducks. They might use the ‘wrong’ shade of blue (I don’t share that view but it’s a personal preference), but most everything about their uniforms is sound; correct logo, traditional striping, good font. The Ducks have got everything wrong. The logo sucks, the colours suck and the design sucks. There’s nothing good to be salvaged from their current identity.
  9. Since we’ve crossed over the uniform ad horizon at this point, I hope teams just get stupid with helmet ads. Throw a huge MyPillow ad on the helmet, I don’t care. Put Supreme on there.
  10. The Chevy logo is bad and should stay behind once the RR program is phased out. It’s almost doubly bad now that I just relaized that they copied the Lakers’ font. Purple/gold vs black/silver doesn’t matter much to me as you can always make the one of them the alternate jersey. But the Kings desperately need a new primary logo.
  11. There’s a lot of love for the Kings jersey but I’m not super impressed with it. It’s fine by RR standards but they did already do a perfect throwback to purple and gold a few years back.
  12. It looks like Montreal is using a deeper blue than the standard royal blue. I wish more teams would do that rather than go so dark with navy (looking at you Oilers, Jets, whoever else). I wonder if they’ll get the helmet colour right as usually teams with a royal blue set use a helmet colour that’s a shade brighter than every other piece of equipment.
  13. Funnily enough, the Isles’ low-effort RR might still contend for the best alternate jersey they’ve ever had.
  14. LFC’s third kit is a real mess. Two sleeve colours, two collar colours, wide and ugly side panels. Not the greatest first year under Nike.
  15. I don’t know if that’s accurate, as they have Torres wearing black shorts with the LFC away shirt, which had turquoise shorts in the official release.