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  1. Liverpool home: Potentially their last NB kit. Pinstripes look cool but they brightened the red which sucks. Liverpool fans love the darker red shade of the past two seasons.
  2. That would look better on the front of a jersey than their shoulder patch.
  3. Monchrome purple vs sky blue with white shorts in Victoria and monochrome deep blue vs teal with white shorts in Halifax. The clash is a bit awkward since they have similar colour schemes but I think there will be enough contrast.
  4. Halifax should have probably made the sky blue shirt the home. But either they or Edmonton should change the home shorts colour so they don’t have the exact same colour sequence on the home set. My only real nitpick. Everything else is wonderful. Macron and the clubs did terrific work here. I’m really looking forward to how all the combinations will work. I’m assuming Calgary will always wear red against Edmonton, as the green wouldn’t clash enough as an away kit if Edmonton wears navy at home.
  5. Oh come on Canada, these kits are such wet noodles. I was right to be upset about moving away from Umbro. Those kits had character.
  6. I like that a lot, but I’d make black the prominent secondary colour on the red home jersey. I think the black C is more iconic for Flames’ fans, plus it looks cool.
  7. I’m still amazed that Flames held out for as long as they did with the black C AND that the Edge template lasted through the Adidas rebrand. Other 70s/80s teams mostly wear normal looking uniforms. Like Buffalo at least uses their classic template with new colours. The Avs have shown Adidas can adapt to their 90s mountain design. Nothing stopping the Flames from using the pre-07 set. And with the Caps’ Edge set, their identity is tied to the template and specifically to the Ovechkin era. What is the Flames’ current jersey attached to? Iginla’s decline? Making the playoffs 40% of the time? The Flames actively thought all they needed to do was to lose the piping and straighten the numbers. I think the Canucks using a compromised identity and the Oilers wearing orange is less offensive than what the Flames continue to do. I actually do like the black C and remain lukewarm on the 80s set but why we do have to continue looking at this side paneled, shoulder flag mess?
  8. I expect the Marlins to alter the jerseys to add more colour in a couple years. I think they played it safe with black as the main colour, maybe a little too safe. It seems like they wanted to merely test drive the new “Colores” in muted way but I know don’t why they thought more colourful uniforms wouldn’t be well received. Blue letters/numbers on the home and roads outlined in the red-pink and black, and Black hats with blue brims would be ideal. That should be their definitive look with this new identity.
  9. They probably won’t do it but the Eskimos need to bring back their classic striping, which coincidentally they won they their most recent Grey Cup with (and a whack load of others back then). Just make it permanent and never go back. It looks so much better than the 2000s striping. They are the best looking team in the league with these stripes.
  10. The North Stars had a three year window where they looked decent from 1975-78, and every year outside of that their uniforms were poor or actively ugly.
  11. The Lightning have been consistently disappointing with their jersey designs for a pretty long time, so I had no real expectations for this. I guess its fine since its just a third. I like when third jerseys are somewhat of a departure from the main set. Not great execution here, maybe give it a 5.5/10. But in a weird way, i think it actually excites me more than all of the throwback retreads we got for third jerseys from the rest of the league. What did we get like 4 new alternate designs all season?
  12. Something where every division has a specific trim colour would be cool. I’m fine with black and white sets for each as it would make contrast within the games easier. The 3 on 3 tourney at the LA ASG was kind of hard to watch with black vs purple in the West game.
  13. Should the “successful in this look” argument always hold up? Don’t think too many of us would turn down the Mighty Ducks set replacing the non-mighty webbed D full time.
  14. ^ A quite underrated jersey.
  15. I think the off centre wordmark looks great. For me it works well because the Blazers have consistently asymmetrical jerseys.