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  1. Never once have I heard a Jewish person spend the holidays whining about "the war on Hanukkah." And we actually HAD one of those...

  2. What a relief it would be to end this all, how easy to fly the white flag and give up. But would I run today, just to die another day? Give up now, and every fight has been in vain. Stand up and fight!

  3. No worries man, I understand! Glad to have you back for another season! Have a great time on your trip.

    1. KCScout76


      Will do - we are headed to NE Oklahoma A&M for the college visit.


    2. IceCap


      Awesome :D Gotta love a school whose mascot is a viking! 

    3. KCScout76


      Yes, the blue & gold "Norsemen"

  4. IceCap

    I wanted to thank you for your kind words in the Duck Dynasty thread :) -Mike

    1. GFB


      Hey, I forgot that other people could comment on my feed, so I just saw this now! No problem, Mike... I hope you're having great 2014 thus far. - Matt

  5. All I was saying was that I noticed a sort of "rock and a hard place" scenario. While you and illwauk were complaining about suburbanites identifying with their anchor cities Goth and BBTV were complaining about suburbanites identifying with their own communities above that of their anchor cities. And I just felt like I had to raise my hand and say "um, excuse me, what are these people suppose to do, exactly?" I never meant to give the impression that I was trying to cast dou...

  6. Hey, I saw that Fouts jersey you posted. I'm interested in buying it off of you if you're looking to sell it.

  7. Heard you on the LogoCast. I loved the story behind the Suns' 1992-2000 look. That has to be one of my all time favourite basketball identities.

  8. Welcome back ;)

  9. Hey, I'm taking over the CHL media guide. I need to ask you for the number font and alternate script logo for the checkers.



  10. Rock Lobster.

  11. Would ya look at that.


  12. is all along the watchtower