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  1. The free kick from Schöne was a treat. Though the third goal shouldn’t have counted, Real were a little overdue to get burned by a bad referee decision. Always great to see a big dog go down.
  2. Yeah, Tech is a “live or die by the 3” team. NC State was just ice cold (Tech wasn’t too hot either but I’ll take it).
  3. I also think EA gets to have a say on who gets to be in their game. If they don’t want Hunt in the game because they think it reflects on them or the league poorly, I think it’s a fair decision. If somebody really wants to have Hunt in the game they can always edit the roster to put him in.
  4. Jackson needs more time to develop his passing. The plan was for him to not even start at all this season. Game experience will help but I don’t think it is realistic to expect him to come in for an injured Flacco and light the league up like Mahomes. He’s far more of a “project” compared to many of the other rookies.
  5. I :censored:ing hate Liverpool. Pickford turns into Karius. Just tip the ball over. You got 6 foot 4 Yerry Mina on the corner dude, you’ll be fine. Scraping a point at Anfield would’ve been fun. Go Napoli. And City.
  6. Alabama will get regardless. They’ve been dominant all year long. Even if Oklahoma and Ohio State both win, they would all share 4 “quality” wins, and Alabama’s dominance (4 20+ point wins against current Top 25 teams) and having a better loss would likely make up for the lack of a conference title. As for the rest of the field, Clemson & Georgia are in firm “win and you’re in” territory. Oklahoma & Ohio State are going to need some outside help to get in.
  7. Notre Dame is in. They have as many quality wins as Oklahoma, and didn’t get blown out by a 6 win Purdue team. Notre Dame is locked in regardless of the scenario, their schedule had 5 teams that were ranked in the preseason polls, it’s not their fault three of them had their worst seasons in recent history. With 1 loss I could see an argument to exclude them, but they are a lock as an unbeaten.
  8. I also find this to be ridiculous. Remember when JT Barrett got injured for Ohio State? Yeah his backup did fine, only beat Alabama and won a national title. We don’t know how good UCF’s backup is, it’s not fair to them to exclude them just because their starting QB is out.
  9. With conference championships we already effectively have quarterfinal games set up (At least in theory, it only really applies this season to the SEC). I’m a fan of the 4 team playoff. Gives teams little to no margin for error. If teams like Georgia want in, beat Bama, if you’re Ohio State, don’t get trashed by a 6 win team.
  10. Probably won’t happen considering 5 win teams have gone to bowl games in the past few years. Also that scheduling is pathetic, beating Old Dominion shouldn’t be a problem.
  11. 1st Leg blowouts usually don’t lead to boring 2nd legs, however. Just last year in the UCL we had Real-Juve, Barca-Roma & Liverpool-Roma all as first leg blowouts that produced thoroughly entertaining 2nd legs. Bayern-Real and Barca-PSG were that same way the previous year.
  12. PAC-12 South or ACC Coastal? Two of the worst divisions I’ve seen in a while.
  13. Hopefully they don’t burn Buenos Aires down. Also is great to see a final being played over two legs.
  14. Really don’t know what they’re going to go if they can’t get Conte under wraps.
  15. On one hand, I am happy to see good players shipped out of a :censored:ty organization like the Raiders, but what the hell is Gruden's strategy at this point? At least this wasn't as lob-sided as the Mack trade.