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  1. What a joke. Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina were robbed. 3-loss Florida is better than an undefeated conference champ? One which had any opportunity to challenge a power 5 team dashed in August? One which has the same number of top 25 wins? And there’s TWO of them? The CFP really has been a disaster. Why even bother anymore when we call 60% of the “power conferences” in August? Has this sport always been this predictable? I used to sit on the couch and watch college football from near noon to midnight every Saturday. Now I wonder what the hell was wrong with me.
  2. Virginia tech needs to stop giving out program-defining wins to every in-state school. And who the hell ices an fbs kicker on a 59 yard attempt? Fuente should’ve been canned after that.
  3. Four is perfect. Usually a few conference championships each year act like wild card games for the playoff anyways. Unfortunately, the NCAA is a soulless governing body and we will see some 3 loss teams and some deadweight conference championship games for some cold hard cash.
  4. There a lot of synonyms for “stupid” that are not considered offensive.
  5. Everton and Aston Villa of all sides sitting above a pile of rubble... this is going to be a fun season. We’ve seen both city and Liverpool melt down and none of the top six seem very stable at the moment.
  6. Oh Man U... one step forward, two steps back. Quick reminder Harry Maguire is currently the most expensive defender of all time.
  7. Really wish they would hold off on ranking Big Ten/PAC-12 teams until they actually play, purely for the potential of having 3-4 Sun Belt teams crack the Top 25.
  8. I’d like to think some institutions place greater value on the well-being of their amateur student-athletes. But who knows considering our heroes fighting tooth and nail for Alabama, Clemson and Ohio state to enlarge their trophy cabinet.
  9. An NC State has been down on the field for 20+ minutes... how long is it going to take for people to realize playing football in a pandemic is a bad idea.
  10. Is it too early to say back-to-back trebles?
  11. Eagles offensive line is made of spaghetti. Now they’re about to let the Washington football team actually win a home opener.
  12. Disgusting. If I were semedo or pique I would retire. Barca played like children after the first few goals. Completely lost their composure and couldn’t even make simple passes correctly. Reminded me of Brazil against Germany.
  13. If the FIFA scandal of a few years ago couldn’t take the World Cup away from Qatar I can’t see anything (aside from Covid-19) taking it away at this point.
  14. As both an Everton and Atleti fan, this is special. I don’t care if we go out in the quarterfinal, the club really needed this after (what has so far been) a tough year. Hoping the momentum carries into La Liga, but mainly just happy to see Liverpool out of the UCL. Knocking such an utterly dominant side out on the road, this is going to go down as one of Simeone’s finest nights.
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