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  1. Ok here is a little correction, I've done it more compact example no space between chin & bow tie... C&C are appreciated!
  2. Thanks man I appreciate a lot don't worry I'm in the same situation I'm not sure either ...
  3. I've red an article about the Wake forest additional logos and ppl weren't really happy about it, and then I remember I had a thread about WF back in 2013 So I've decided to get back at it for the seconde time (left 2013) .... and wooow... what you guys think?
  4. Thanks man!! You got to convince them to change.... looool, tell me what you'd change on the font it is too generic, the gnawed wood? Once you tell me I'll make modifications.
  5. Here is an update with different eyes... Which one work better??
  6. Now that you mention the piranhas I can't unsee it I'll do the red stick version
  7. Hi there, Here is a try at designing a beaver, I've done some researches and didn't see any school athletic department using front view. So I've decide to give it a try! What you guys think?
  8. I don't know why..... but I really like this ^^ and you guys C&C are appreciated
  9. Final version! C&C are appreciated -Change the ears -Improved the mouth, by taking off the lip
  10. I was obsessed with the ears.. wasn't sure so I got back to drawing them I think it's a lot better what you guys think? C&C are appreciated.
  11. I agree it reminds me the Montreal alouettes, really different from other sports logos.
  12. A small update slightly different had to change the stick to blue to avoid that mail box look..... and the bottom match but not top. C&C are appreciated
  13. Hi guys (again) I have plenty stuffs that I'm working on, And rather than create 50 threads I'll post them all here if it's allowed. I need some C&C before posting any of these & future designs on my portfolio. -Wofford : I've done two versions because I'm torn... which one you guys think will work better?
  14. Thanks Arch! I'm playing around to see what I didn't explored yet, but I agree I don't know why I still love the B and the latest N the post before the last logo revision.
  15. what you guys think? C & C are appreciated
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