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  1. GUYYYYYS.... What you think about this one? very unique and the mix of ideas..... Igloo straight and not red (cough) C & C are appreciated
  2. Example of ideas , I won't post everything but I trying a lot in order to be sure that's I've tried every combinations. if you guys got some ideas....
  3. Hi Brian, Yeah it's a very difficult logo to "touch", as you said this brand is well established in the league and ppl mind. I have plenty versions possible still, I don't post every ideas because it's heading to an other direction. Maybe I haven't explained myself properly, the igloo here is not moving. Only the elements that can as the stick and puck. In fact here it's more like these two elements are moving so fast that the igloo is deformed. just like a picture you know if something is going fast you've got the background blured. Yh the blue puck looks a lot like the Skittles (the blue one)/ Fisher price logo, I can go back to my desk and see what I can improve. Someday I'll find "the idea" I'm not afraid to work on this whenever I got the chance ( don't worry I'm only working on this when I got free time) And for the alternate same at some point I'll get '"the idea". Big companies are taking years to find the "perfect" logo, so I'll take my time and see how it goes...
  4. Thanks for the feedback it is doable, If I'm correct somebody has done it in a concept in this section...'m not totally sold by what I came with on sketches... Still working on it ^^
  5. Here is the version with longer lines.
  6. Thanks trying my best to create something really different.Yh now that you mention it I see Ohio ^^.... I'll make few changements as you say and show how it's going. Thanks ^^ I'll try different combinations and see what works the best.
  7. Hi guys here the main logo with a lil something more I've added the 3 lines to add that speed & movement to the logo. I've done my first alternative logo aswell with few ideas, First the particular shape is a combination of a shield (bottom) and a waving flag (top) , secondly inside you can the fortified idea and the sky during night, & to finish the fleur the lys symbol of the city plus the star to bring the nordic idea in the design. Yeah the shape is really "unique". Sooo what you guys think? C & C are appreciated!
  8. Thanks! I agree with you, I'm still working on the main and the patch that will possibly include that rempart idea. Not easy at all ^^
  9. Here are the modifications the new version is on the right side. C&C are appreciated
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try few changements to see if it better.
  11. Oh thanks!! Ithe fact that I translate I was paying more attention to mistakes than that... I'll correct that
  12. Hi guys I had that project waiting to be published, here is a personal concept. I want to be able in a near future to make some 3D presentation, It's not 3D yet but I'm working to improve my presentation... what you think? ps: You'll find the rest under the video in the second post, enjoy!
  13. I agree with you on everything, B & C are more the new Nordiques. A is the classic modernized with an other point of view.
  14. Ok guys here is my final 3... I can't really pick 1 at the moment so give your opinion & I'll try to decide myself in the next few days.
  15. Yh I feel pretty much the same, about that italic igloo/N it feels unique... I've tried too much to pleased everyone and I've kind of lost my direction. As I said before, on every rebrand you got people that love it or hate it... I can't satisfied everybody, so if like 60% like the design I can live with that... ^^ It's a really tought try as the brand is iconic and feel like it's kind of difficult to change it a bit to be different but not too much neither.
  16. Ok here is the straight igloo... I don't personally like this much as I'm heading to a different direction. I've tried an other point of view for the C version in order to get something different I'm trying to fight the elephant morphology & get some dynamism. What you guys think?
  17. Hi, sorry was busy these days... I get you... Any other issues or that's the main one? Thanks I appreciate! I 'm still working on my uniforms I'm not that happy with the design, I'm not used of Hockey uniforms so I'm watching other teams designs etc. LOVE IT!! I've forgotten that they were coming.... My bad ^^ I wasn't 100% sure about the bricks design, but feel like it can be used on the secondary as you said. Thanks you! I keep working on it to improve some areas, feel like I got the global idea here. Just need few changements and I think I got a solid concept.
  18. Here is the eye test! is it a success or not? C&C are appreciated!
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