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  1. What else did he say? I forget. (Apart from the being a jack@ss about everything.)
  2. I didn't think merging the creamsicle and SB eras was a viable option, but this has me rethinking that.
  3. Yeah I really hope they don't go this route just to make the creamsicle throwbacks possible.
  4. Yeah the updated flag and skull are garbage. I hope they consider just rolling things back to the old flag and skull. Was way better.
  5. Confirmation of the change and maybe some hints at the end with the jersey color and font.
  6. Based on some very quick research the same guy, Shandon Melvin, was responsible for the designs of all of these. He's also responsible for the awful new Super Bowl logo template. Dude probably needs to be fired.
  7. Boat logo seems to feature prominently in this teaser, but it strikes me as 1) a little too busy to be a primary logo, 2) too tall to work on a football helmet. Of course, the teaser definitely doesn't mean the boat logo is moving to primary (or even part of the next identity). Still found it interesting it was included at all.
  8. Wait... have they still not even confirmed that new uniforms are coming? So they are just teasing the confirmation? Or am I one step behind in the process here.
  9. Yeah I believe these were worn just once back in 2017.
  10. Really strong start here. These are very tasteful, yet still push some boundaries.
  11. Sock stripes? In the NFL? In 2020? Do my eyes deceive me?
  12. Under certain lighting conditions, the Chiefs' helmets can look very matte. Here's another example. I think that's what's going on here.
  13. If you go into this guy's comment history on Reddit, he's also claiming that one of the teams playing this weekend (would have to be Chiefs, Packers, or 49ers) is getting new uniforms next season in what he describes as a "bombshell." He's also claiming that the Buccaneers' new uniforms will look like this: So he's either the greatest leaker of all-time or it's yet another big load of crap.
  14. Reddit leakers have an abysmal track record. It's almost always complete BS by people guessing so it looks like they have inside info. But this does sound plausible.
  15. Yeah I'm with everyone else in thinking there are some obvious bests here. Chiefs-Packers or Chiefs-Vikings would be amazing.
  16. The Argos need to do something... almost anything... with those boring practice uniforms. Also seems kinda like they might return to the boat logo full-time.
  17. 50 percent success when claiming to know the full list of teams changing would basically be proof that he's just guessing. Either you have the list or you don't.
  18. Loool. I truly can't remember. Has Teal been right in the past? If he's just posting B.S. that's wrong, then yeah he needs to be called out and it's totally fair for the mods to demand more from him. But wasn't he right about the Jets or something? I'm willing to put up with his crappy personality if he is sharing legit info.
  19. I'm going to disagree here. I've been as critical of Teal as anyone around here, but if there's someone on this forum who has inside information and a track record of accuracy* I don't think it's appropriate for anyone, mods or otherwise, to demand he or she reveal their sources. We don't all demand Adam Schefter reveal his sources when he breaks news because he has credibility. And it's his ability to protect his sources that allows him to keep getting more information to share. *honestly, I'm not sure what Teal's track record is but others have said it's good
  20. There have been dozens, maybe hundreds, of people who have come on these boards peddling false uniform information over the years. And 10X as many on places like reddit. Remember how the Browns were definitely getting white helmets? How the Broncos were going gunmetal gray? Forgive me for saying it, but "he has no reason to lie so it must be correct" is naive at best and probably just stupid.
  21. Teal, you could be a legend on this forum since it really does seem like you have access to info that so many of us crave. But you ruin it with how you approach this stuff. Maybe just try being more chill about everything?
  22. Have either of you guys seen to new logo/uniforms? Or you only know that they are changing.
  23. Yeah I knew about the logo removal. Just didn't know the stripe was intentionally ended before coming to a point. I guess i'm just oblivious. Strikes me as a very stupid change.