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  1. 1935 Detroit Tigers. (They wore basically the same when they won again in 1945, just without the alternate road caps)
  2. I’d love to see an invert if their classic unis via that yellow jersey paired with green pants
  3. One of those rare cases of BFBS that actually looks good.
  4. While it would be a bit mis-matched, I wouldn't remind seeing the realistic bird return as a sleeve logo with the smiling bird as the cap logo.
  5. I like Baltimore's ornithologically correct logo. I think the main reason why it gets so much hate is because the team was terrible during that era. The logo itself is fine.
  6. The one year disaster that was the 1927 Detroit Tigers uniforms.
  7. Detroit Tigers legend Alan Trammell as a member of the coaching staff for the Chicago Cubs and later the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  8. I mean, I don't HATE it, but it's still a big downgrade from their previous uniforms.
  9. Just because the current set is a trainwreck doesn't mean we have to give this uniform all the love in the world: The colors are dull and outdated (from an era where it seemed like everyone had to tone down colors and used the blandest shade they could find). It's like if the Anaheim Ducks made the switch from their 2007 Stanley Cup uniforms to something much more horrendous, and everyone clamoring for the old look and claiming it's the best they've ever looked.