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  1. As a former Houston Oilers fan, current Tennessee Titans well-wisher, Dallas resident, and apathetic NFL observer, I'm pretty excited about what I'm seeing from the Dallas Renegades..... Oilers colors, but another boring/generic "Wild West" style name? I can stomach it. Especially if they somehow play up the tattoo/biker culture in their other logos, and utilize columbia blue and red primarily over black....
  2. If they'd just been green, I'm pretty sure the Stars would still use them. The backlash was over being black and gold, with the lack of a logo being a secondary concern.
  3. I'm a proud owner of a Messier Canucks, Redden Senators, and Yashin Islanders. They were cheap, and I think they're amazing sweaters to wear for fashion purposes.
  4. As a Dallasite that hates the Cowboys, I'm totally willing to jump on this XFL bandwagon if they give us even a remotely appealing identity. But my hopes are low.
  5. I wonder if the use of gold is any indication of the direction the Stars uniform will go.
  6. "I mean, the Wild aren't my team... But I sure wish they were the Stars. That counts for this thread, right?"
  7. Stars will be hosting the Predators at the Cotton Bowl January 1st.
  8. i really want to hate those Stars jerseys, but i don't... at all... i love them. sign me up for a heiskanen or radulov.
  9. well then..... i'll just pick the uniform related part of that rant and say i hope it isn't the 1999 sweaters. they're too modern and just not that aesthetically pleasing. i'd rather victory green and gold faux backs, or the 1993 black sweater.
  10. I feel you're upset that I want the Stars to acknowledge their franchise history, and the gorgeous uniforms they wore before Dallas..... because it contradicts a one-liner about what the franchise has said they want to do with the game. I expect we'll probably wear something based on the black relocation-set.... which is celebrating both the Minnesota North Stars' history AND "my own." i mean, it sucks that the stars had to move... but they did... and i love every aspect of the team and it's history, and don't want to defend that again. green and gold looks great, and the stars have a history of utilizing it. not sure why people have to get defensive (actually OFFENSIVE...) about it.
  11. very-yes. they say they want it to be a celebration of dallas sports, and dallas history. so as much as i love the North Stars aesthetic, i'd be totally fine with fauxbacks based on this set, with some kind of D-star fauxback logo, or a Dallas Texans logo with STARS replacing TEXANS. or even the 90s logo. but that green and gold aesthetic is gorgeous and would look great in the cotton bowl, imo. as far as opponent, my first choices are the sharks, sabres, or oilers. i really don't want it to be the Wild. The Wild specifically asked for Dallas not to be at their outdoor game, so I don't want to give them the invite... but also, I don't want to read a year of arguments about which team should wear North Stars jerseys or anything remotely approaching that debate. Our Cup was a contested headache. I dont want our Winter Classic to be one too. Let's just celebrate the Stars and the city of Dallas in peace for once.
  12. Apparently the Stars insisted otherwise and it was actually announced Chicago will absolutely NOT be the opponent. My uniform related wish, as a Stars fan that will be attending, is some victory green and gold fauxbacks. No black.
  13. it's actually just a particularly hairy tardigrade.
  14. Stars have worn North Stars jerseys on the ice in some capacity on two occasions, though never in game-action. Modano's last trip to Minnesota as a Dallas Star, he wore a North Stars sweater for a skate around the ice. The whole Stars team also wore a smattering of different uniforms from franchise history during warm-ups of Modano's jersey retirement game. Not sure if either of these instances count for anything.
  15. As a Tennessee Titans fan in Texas, I agree wholeheartedly.
  16. all this talk of "prestige" area codes would have confused me a ton a few months ago... but then i ditched my "new-comer" 469 Dallas area code for the classic 214, and about 75% of the people i gave my new number to said "oooh nice. you got a 214. good work." i mean, i like being old school and having a real dallas number... but the fact that this is a thing weirds me out. if i had my way, i'd have a 138 area code as a nod to my punk music obsession and the misfits... but i don't even think that's a real area code for any area.
  17. Blue Jackets original alternate uniforms mixed navy and black, which is a just bad design.... but it worked, somehow.
  18. Honestly, I was siding with the practice jersey crowd until you just won me over. I'm still not a huge fan of the Jags look, but that doesnt invalidate your point in the slightest. Well played.
  19. When I was a kid, the Jets and the Oilers could hypothetically be playing each other twice at the same time, in different sports and different countries. I wonder if a NYJ/HOU game ever happened simultaneously with a WPG/EDM game. Or any combination of those teams with the Florida and Carolina Panthers.
  20. maybe they're posting from a rotary phone............ i'll show myself out.
  21. agreed. there is nothing patriotic about the dallas stars/minnesota north stars identities. just a coincidence that they play in a country with stars on the flag, really. btw, i'm thankful to see this thread bumped. i just totally re-read it all and enjoyed the nerdiness it brings.
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