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  1. Not to mention the IHL-circa-1997 number font.
  2. Yowch. Did I just walk into the unpopular opinion thread by accident?
  3. The Mooterus and the black and gold DALLAS set are the only BAD uniforms the Stars ever had... I love the early 90s set. It would make a perfect alternate to add to this set.
  4. It's like FC Dallas is hellbent on ensuring I'll never buy their shirt.
  5. so like... i'm a titans fan... and a former oilers fan... and a fan of traditional looks... but i really hope this reddit guy is 100% legit. i doubt it, because it's a reddit guy... but scraped metal, red, and columbia sounds ridiculously sexy to me. as i've said all along, if the titans wanna go full-on ridiculous with this overhaul, i'm down. we're basically one of the most irrelevant teams in pro sports. why not have some fun with it?
  6. i'm excited to see the canes warm up to their past finally... i don't dislike the hurricanes or their identity/logos, but i really would like to see them become the carolina whalers if that's even on the table. it seems dumb to abandon such an iconic identity. i think the titans never should have stopped being the oilers, either. i like the multi-city continuity... something about seeing peyton manning wearing the same colts identity as johnny unitas is special, for example. the whalers were too cool of a team to kill off just because they had to move to a new market. it probably has to do with my views on relocation to begin with... i myself have lived all over the country at different points in time. i can't promise i'll live in dallas 20 years from now, so i shouldn't expect the stars or mavericks to make that promise either. my football team moved to tennessee, and i stayed a fan... the red sox stayed in boston long after i left massachusetts, and they still welcome me as a fan. i think that kind of mindset is why i'm so okay with relocations. people move. teams move. don't pretend you aren't the nordiques just because you're in denver now, and if i end up moving to chicago, i won't start going by Kevin. i dunno, i'm rambling. (no pun intended)
  7. I actually like Kraken... but what's the plural? Krakens? If that's the plural, I'm totally down for it.
  8. oh my god, yes. i've never considered that before, but i f-ing love it.
  9. The Blackhawks/Canucks logo/jersey color comparison doesn't work for me. The Blackhawks color scheme is red and black. The crest uses red and black, and a lot of additional colors that add to the look they're going for. The Canucks colors are royal and green. Their logo uses no royal and no green, but navy and silver. It doesn't look like the same scheme with some additional flair added. It looks like a completely different color scheme entirely. No connection at all to the uniform. Vegas annoys me by lacking red on their crest, but at least their other colors are team colors. Grey, black, and gold are all used both places. The Canucks just completely ignore team colors entirely for the colors of their logo, and thats why it looks so awful to me.
  10. my predictions: Jags are going to actually look pretty respectable for the first time in a long time. I'd guess a lot of teal/gold finally, and less black. Hopefully less military-themed silliness, but I doubt it. Titans are going to be like the Oregon Ducks of the NFL. It's gonna make the Seahawks look like the Raiders, but probably less clownish than the Browns. I don't expect a ton of TITANS wordmarks covering their pant stripes or anything. As a Titans fan, I'm a excited but nervous. I'm also expecting a shift of the color balance, and I fear a demotion of columbia blue. As a former Oilers fan, I don't want the columbia to get buried. A ton of columbia blue, chrome, actual Athenian style cues, and a million mix-and-match options is my best-realistic-case scenario... Navy, grey, and red, flame patterns, and design cues taken more from the Tennessee state flag than anything Titan related is my worst-realistic-case scenario. I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of chrome and a lot of college-football futuristic madness going on... but hey, we aren't the Packers. We can be a little goofy, because it's not like anyone really cares about our team anyway. Sell two-tone blue Oregon Ducks jerseys with Mariota on the back, and just be happy people remember we're a franchise.
  11. If green doesn't work with the Orca logo then the Orca logo doesn't work with the color scheme. The navy and white logo on top of a royal and green jersey has always looked like a cheap beer league screen printing job to me.
  12. I think Totems is actually a pretty great name, even if it's been used before.
  13. I badly want the Canes to focus on silver. Red, silver, then black hierarchy.
  14. Seriously. Las Vegas Knights is the only Knight name that isn't terrible. and Dio era Sabbath doesn't count as Sabbath, even though I love Dio.
  15. Imagine the US Army telling you not to do something, and then doing it anyway. Lol.
  16. Mavericks had Josh and Juwan Howard, both wearing 5. Then another father / son duo... Mike and Patrick Eaves both wore 18 for the North Stars / Dallas Stars.
  17. i wish i had a regional pizza style. best thing dallas has is a chain from mexico called Pizza Patron, that has a lot of angry anti-trump advertising, and pizzas with chorizo and black beans and stuff on them. for dirrrrrrt cheap. i love that place, but i gotta drive too far to pick it up, and the closest location is in a bad neighborhood, so i hardly ever get it.
  18. midwest pizza is the best pizza, and i used to live in new york as a kid. sacrilege, i know. chicago deep dish is heaven. i'm also a big big fan of that detroit style pan pizza. every time i go to chicago, which is surprisingly not too rare considering i have no real ties to the city, i go to giordano's. also, i have no issues with pineapple on pizza. it's far from my favorite, but i'm not gonna fuss over it. throw whatever you want on it. one year on my birthday, i put sashimi on pizza and told my kids i was a ninja turtle. life's too short to worry about what you're allowed to put on a pizza. uhhmm... hockey uniforms, too. i like pizza and hockey uniforms.
  19. with the exception of the socks, these are the coolest sharks jerseys they've ever worn. (the inaugural set is also flawless, however.)
  20. I still don't see where I contradicted myself.
  21. the ducks are a strange team, to me. i don't really like their current logos at all. i think their original logo is pretty iconic, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. in either color scheme. i think orange, black, and gold is a pretty cool color scheme that i'm fine with them owning... but it just kills me that NO ONE uses purple in the NHL. both the ducks and kings have a history with it, and either team can claim it... but neither has. i'd almost recommend an orange, eggplant, and gold scheme for the ducks, with the disney logo. best of both worlds, and at least then we've got some purple back in the league. purple's dark enough to anchor that set, imo.
  22. Again.... those old panthers jerseys are awesome. It's just that how awesome those jerseys were is literally completely unrelated to how nice their current uniforms are, in my mind. They're both good. It's like hating Luongo because you really liked Beezer growing up. Why can't they both be good? What does one have to do with the other's value?
  23. Diagonal stripes: Whalers. Triangular yokes: Canucks. Remotely Similar Color Scheme: Rockies. I can't speak to use of metallic threads or metallic twill in the 80s, but I know at least Minnesota used it before Florida, albeit not in the 80s.
  24. but do you not see my point? that you literally either just attributed MY quote about judging uniforms to the entire community, or somehow attributed a distaste for 90's hockey fashion to me? CCSLC isn't a single person. every post you read isn't a single entity contradicting itself. you know my tastes in uniforms. we usually actually AGREE on uniforms. especially 90's designs... it's just that in the instance of the panthers uniforms, i don't see why we should hate on the current look, which i actually like. that's why i'm talking about your hair trigger and propensity for blanket statements. i'm sure if you read every thread here assuming there are only 2 people talking (Morgo and "CCSLC"), it must seem like that CCSLC character is infuriatingly inconsistent... but that's because we're actually a lot of different people from a lot of different demographics with a lot of different opinions. "those same people do a complete 180 and now go as far as to say" PEOPLE didn't say that. i did. did i do a 180? am i crazy?
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