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  1. Yeah, might be, but you know what i think the reason is ? It´s red white and blue , goes pretty good with the nationals, what do you guys think about that idea/reason ?
  2. Does anyone know why the nats MLB logo is reversed ? they have the same colors as the original MLB logo, but nats have them in reverse order !
  3. The MLB batter logo is in Team Specific colors on hats and jerseys, would that not be great if the NBA also did this ? Of course the move of the NBA logo to the back of jerseys makes this less intriguing, but still, it would look nice.
  4. Wasn´t a guy banned for posting pictures like that ^
  5. Really? Hopefully your statement isn't connected with his sexuality.Really? How can you even read that from what he said?Of course he can.. He´s Insane . . . Insane and fan of Washinton teams huh ? How are things going in DC Mr. Senator ?
  6. exactly, they need silver and black back, not this maple leafs look
  7. I see your point about Teixeira in ATL.. only explanation i have is that Uggla had/still have his jerseys speciel made (authentic kid size jerseys, not available for normal retail) and the equipment manager made a mistake and sewed on Mark´s name and number on one of those jerseys.
  8. MLB´s Dan Uggla is always in a wrong uniform, uniform size that is ! he always wear them 3 or 4 sizes too small *shudder*... i will not post pictures, there was guy who got banned fror posting nudes here, and Uggla in a kids size jersey is even worse imo
  9. I have tons of jokes lined up for this tread, unfortunately i can´t write them as i prob. will get banned :-( , but to answer your question, no i don´t have any mini football helmets, i like your pics doe.
  10. Looks like the admiral is watching team USA while rooting for team LSD or is it team THC ?
  11. you got me convinced, watching soccer right now, 1-0 allready ! going to be high scoring.....but what the hell is team usa wearing ? ugh ! royal blue jersey with navy shorts , lol
  12. 1990 1-0 1994 0-0 2006 1-1 2010 1-0 2014 1-0 I stand corrected, so make the goals smaller and make the goalie's equipment bigger, only way to keep the crazy scoring down.
  13. Most WC finals end in 0-0 and a penalty shoot out, so to be fair, all other WC´s were also "Monumental Disasters"
  14. Luc Robitaille statue, why the hell is it gold and not silver !? just awful . http://1.cdn.nhle.com/nhl/images/upload/2015/03/luc_030715_672a.jpg . . http://3.cdn.nhle.com/nhl/images/upload/gallery/2015/03/statue_slide.jpg
  15. I will ignore that (predictable) response from a Boston fan, and wait till the real critics arrive. .
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