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  1. I'm really a big big fan of the Chiefs uniform, thinking it has a great color balance and I can see many beautiful matchups with it. So here's my concept. Didn't change much about the striping, tried to make it clean and classic. However I don't want to use the block font here so use their wordmark logo's font as their number font. Enjoy! C&C is always appreciated!
  2. Happy new year everyone! The Broncos here! For the Broncos I decided to use the classic rainbow uniform of the Nuggets from the same city. For the color scheme, I still prefer royal blue than navy, so decided to stick to it. And here I used the font from their old wordmark. Thanks for reading!!
  3. Really have been enjoying this thread for a while before posting my first reply here, just wonder Infrared's opinion about the Ravens vs Chiefs game? IMO the R/W/R for the Chiefs is just gorgeous, and the Ravens wear the correct pants this week... purple is really fresh. Since there're many great classic matchup this week I may put it at the 4th or higher.
  4. Maybe I'm too sensitive but after I compared your new logo with their current logo, I think the "RAIDERS" workmark is getting too wide... IMO the letter a bit narrower, more space between letters will look better? Other than that, I love the skull(and it's spade nose), and the all stripes are really really cool. Just a fantastic concept!!
  5. Sure!! When I started this concept I had no idea how many teams I could finish, but now I think I will finish all the 32 teams! Thanks for the support and after that I will manage to get a collage
  6. Here's the Titans!! Thinking it's too busy with too many colors,I'm not a fan of their current set. Just want to go back to the double blue era, and add something unique. I started this according to the Washington Wizards current set at first, but here's what I finish. I'm a fan of their double blue color scheme, always love to see how they match perfectly, so I keep the "yoke" on their previous design. I also love their number font which is used in their social media so I kept them. Far better than the current disaster IMO. Also have the "meander" as the stripes, hope this not going too over! Also finished a Oilers throwback for them. Sorry that I have finish something in this striping before, not something creative here, but since they have such a great color scheme I think the cleaner the better. Thanks for reading!!
  7. Here's the Texans! Texans have a clean and solid look which I want to keep, but here I also want to create something unique here. Like some concepts in this board, I simply gave them an asymmetric look on the collar and stripes. Thinking it may balance better, used the opposite color on the jersey and short. Thanks for reading!!
  8. Finally I'm back with the Cowboys! Not going too over here, created them according to their set in the 1990s. Rather than having stripes with stars like the 76ers / Nets set, here I placed the stars beside the front number. C&C welcomed and thanks for reading!
  9. Jarvis Landry #14 Carl Landry #14 Tyreke Evans #13 Mike Evans #13
  10. Love the red helmet for the Bills. It's my first time to see italicized western number font in this board but it's cool!
  11. Thank you! The collar color is based on their stripes, Home's color fixed now.
  12. Here's the Panthers!! I'm a big fan of their uniform, especially love the color scheme very much. Many Panthers concept on the board simplified their look and tried to make it modern, but here I decided not to do this because I'm really like their current look lol. For the color, although I kinda like the silver in the current set, but feeling it's not that important in a basketball uniform I removed it. Carolina blue/white/black is enough IMO. Keep the current stripes, use a modern block number font. Use an original wordmark from 1995 in the home and road uniform, and for the alt, I chose a font which have a wild look, to match their wordmark from 1995-2011. Thanks for reading!! C&C welcomed!!
  13. I remember in 2015-16 season Heat and Cavs has 7-8 uniforms... So I think not only nike but also the NBA have fault in this situation.
  14. Thank you for your kind words! I think there's more teams in the NFL which keep classic looks than in the NBA so there's some similarity here, but I will manage to keep each team's identity when I meet the classic look team such as Packers/Redskins/Chiefs later.
  15. And here's the Bears! Not too crazy with one of the most classic uniforms in the NFL here, just keeping it clean. For the home and away, chose a curve block wordmark to make it more classic, also kept the iconic number font. Move the shoulder stripes on the bottom of the shorts. Also created a navy & orange throwback, used an old Chicago script here. Thanks for reading!!
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