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  1. Id rather KC not throw back unless its a third kit. Im hoping for a nice navy shirt.
  2. Wow. I excited about the possibility of football coming back. But I would hate to see them come out in those helmets.
  3. This is easier for me if I go by sport. College 1-Missouri Tigers 2-Duke Blue Devils 3-Iowa State Cyclones 4-Kentucky Wildcats Football 1-New York Giants 2-Denver Broncos 3-New York Jets Baseball 1-St. Louis Cardinals 2-Detroit Tigers Soccer 1-SS Lazio 2-Juventus FC 3-Los Angeles Galaxy
  4. Spot on. Id like to see some footage where somebody was tackled because their sleeves were too long.
  5. Having a black jersey at all sounds horrible to me.
  6. I guess its an unpopular opinion but i dont like the crown on the KC hat. Gold can stick to the logo and stay away from the uniforms.
  7. Boy did I underestimate most of the Big 12. I kinda hope KU can pull off another championship but to be honest I would trade this streak for a national championship or even more frequent final four apperances. Its kinda shocking to me to see that Self has only mde 2 final fours.
  8. $1M sounds about right for KU, it does seem a little low for K-State.I guess i should say that i heard that 6 years ago when Kansas State and Iowa State were playing at Arrowhead for some stupid reason.
  9. Ive been told by some people in Manhattan and Lawrence that the losses are around 1 mil per game. I dont know if thats true but it does sound about right.
  10. Thats one of the great things about Wu Shock. He can be "molded" to any sport. Baseball had a logo where he had a cap and held a bat and I know other teams had their own version. And Thunderfan23 maybe im wrong but doesnt the club team have one holding a hockey stick as well?
  11. Its a shame that any time there is a big non conference game these days its at some neutral site nfl stadium. Id imagine the college towns loose lots of money by not having the games there.
  12. Thhe Big XII champion is gonna have 2 losses. It will be Kansas, Oklahoma, or West Virginia. Heck it may be all 3 of them end up as champions.
  13. Found the link http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000620927/article/nfl-network-to-reair-super-bowl-i-for-first-time The really interesting part of that article to me is this.
  14. For anyone interested NFL Network will re air Super Bowl I this friday night. I try and post the link for nfl.com later my phone wont let me paste a url in here sorry.
  15. Id rather be competing for national championships than crappy low tier corporate sponsered bowl games.
  16. Game 7 of the 2014 World Series. My favorite player hits a ridiculous triple with 2 outs and is 90 feet away from sending it to extras. And then Perez pops out. My boss at the time let us all watch the last half inning at the bar because nobody was there. After the game I spent the whole drive home preparing for the return to 60-70 win seasons and being a perpetual joke. That was one of the worst feelings I have ever had.
  17. My proposal for a 40 team NFL NFL AFC West San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs San Antonio Texans North Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals East Buffalo Bills New York Jets New England Patriots New York Titans Toronto Argonauts South Jacksonville Jaguars Miami Dolphins Tennessee Titans Houston Oilers Memphis Showboats NFC West Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers Arizona Rattlers Los Angeles Express North Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions St. Louis Cardinals East Washington Redskins New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys Carolina Panthers South Orlando Bandits Tampa Bay Buccaneers Birmingham Stallions Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
  18. Not bad. I'd put a black outline on the yellow nummbers and name for the away jersey. And I do like what you did with the helmet.
  19. I guess i have bad taste. I like em.
  20. Personally i dont want them to expand. I love the round robin scheduling and the revenue sharing is great with only 10 teams.
  21. That might have been the best basketball game I have ever seen. Buddy Hield is one hell of a player.
  22. That was a TERRIBLE call to end the half on in KU-OU. One of the worst ive ever seen in my life.
  23. If players wore their jerseys like Forte in those pictures there would be little to no problem with sleeve "stripes" being compressed. It looks like that template has lots of room for stripes.