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  1. I'm really loving them and can't wait to see them in person.
  2. I like them. Just Teal should be primary, ( Guess TC lost that battle) Helmet needs to be a satin and not high gloss with such simple uniforms and last pants need stripes or a stripe.
  3. These are all... it's coming from the concourses to the vestibule on the other side of the TSA Check Point. I had my Pops ( who works at JIA) go check them out when someone first posted the picture, As he said someone is getting fired.
  4. These are pretty close to what I've been led to believe, Very traditional was but hoping teal would be primary but's appearing that's not the case. Also I like the jersey I'm just not sure how I feel about large block for a team that's hardly ever used it.
  5. The thing is 97 wasn't the first font they had because they had a modified block for 95 and 96.
  6. It's been quite clear for sometime what the predominant colors are gonna be going forward from Shad's own words, social media, and just all the teams marketing in general has had a heavy emphasis on the Black, White and Teal. I was told during the season primaries were gonna be black. I was told 3/4 weeks or so ago that's it's teal, I understand things change. So honestly Thursday can't come fast enough because it's getting convoluted and I wanna see what we're getting, my heart and thoughts say teal but i'd got a fear it's gonna be black just because Shad's wife still doesn't like teal.
  7. I'm quite excited for next thursday and the draft day event at the daily's. We will learn alot about the direction of this team visually going forward in the next couple of weeks and I am optimistically hopeful these uniforms will not be an abomination and will be closer to being a modern classic like the ones from 98-08 without being those uniforms.
  8. Well their bid was bad enough they tried to get Weaver to leave the Jacksonville group and take over St Louis, If he did they would've awarded STLS the same day as Charlotte. But he didn't and they didn't award 30 at the time to give St Louis more time, But wasn't meant to be.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing a throwback thursday uniform added for all teams especially since we are on the cusp of the 100th NFL season.
  10. He is a legitimate source most times but also says stuff to troll folks but mostly opponents but normally it's simple enough to read between the lines with him when he does.
  11. There are also jerseys and helmets for the Baltimore Bombers and Memphis Hound Dogs also.
  12. Not an expansion team but here is an article talking about the options they had before landing on the Titans. Oilers to Titans "A “name-the-team” contest brought forth thousands of nicknames. The finalists were Stingrays, Sharks, Jaguars, and Panthers. With "Jaguars" the choice, fan Ray Potts was randomly selected as the contest winner." Touchdown Jacksonville
  13. I'm at work so let me better elaborate my thought. I'm not saying I like the change or move to navy because IMO it's very drab for the color scheme they have and options they could choose from, I'm simply saying this could be ownership looking for a change beleving the previous was getting stale after having white for so many years right or wrong.
  14. First time since 75 or 76 they've changed the shell ( which was columbia) so it was due for a change.
  15. I do enjoy how the teaser was posted 10 mins after the Titans finally unveiled their set.
  16. It oddly looks like a matte or semigloss metallic or at least to me it does.
  17. Yeah, they have been shockingly consistent even with only being changes in the cut due to manufacturer changes and the addition of the Columbia blue jersey. Oddly the most consistent period in Oilers / Titans history.
  18. If Nike can get the Titans get Shiny silver pants tonight, Raiders and Panthers need them also.