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  1. Of all the pointless gimmicks...Who is going to care about a list that will have been irrelevant for 42 years, and is likely going to be leaked in the next month, anyways?
  2. I mean, that's certainly something that could be tried, but why should the mods allow something almost certainly destined to turn into a dumpster before page 3?
  3. Minor-league hockey will always struggle in Canada, especially in markets that already have a Junior A team. The only way Abbotsford AHL works is if it's the Canucks doing it. Even then, I'm only about 85% sure it'll work. Since the Canucks seem happy with Utica, I'd say it's a no-go.
  4. I really hope they do that, but I have a sinking feeling that the full cat is going to be on the chest.
  5. Unless they move back to the East, I'm not sure what recourse they have. I can't think of anywhere in California they can go, and since the Flames own them, they'll have to eat the extra travel costs involved in relocation. I mean, what are they going to do, revive the Sundogs?
  6. I've actually had the opposite. I've never seen Wahoo (but a couple of the block C hats and jerseys) or Redskins gear (I think the latter was used by a gang on one rez I worked on, but that was back a few years). I've seen tons of CHI Blackhawks, ND Sioux, and even some ATL Braves. Not to discount your experience, but I've worked in four different states in two parts of the country on reservations. They might be able to get away with it, but this would certainly be more successful if they'd ditched Wahoo sooner. I'm not convinced they'll never change it, but I'm happy Wahoo is gone. Eh, the Braves and Cards yes. I lived in the Nashville area for years and can probably count the Reds merch encountered on one hand. Which is surprising, because I think Reds have access to the market. I don't think they've invested in it like they have Louisville. The Braves have the strongest hold on the tv market, but the Reds do technically share it. I don't know how much recourse they would have to interfere, but there are a lot of Cards fans in Nashville. I would say they're almost as popular as the Braves.
  7. They're supposed to unveil an alternate too. I don't get why a franchise that's gone without an alt since '11 is doing two in the same season, but here we are. If the WC alt proves to be more popular, I could see them making it the new one, in a few seasons. I'd be surprised if it's planned, though.
  8. The girlfriend and I have a running joke where if an opposing team's fan is getting really obnoxious, I'll ask her to attach the strap to my belt.
  9. When the Cup finally comes back North, whichever city does it is going to lose it's collective mind. If it's Toronto, I'm not certain there will be anything left, if we're using St. Louis as a metric.
  10. Considering how many of these coaches and GMs came up during a day when plenty of players existed just to be enforcers, I'll totally buy that people are willing to put down $700k for a guy to 4th shift and drop gloves.
  11. Not invalid points, but Trash Pandas has more staying power than the Dancing Baby. Yes, it started as a comment on a Reddit thread and grew into a meme, but it's become a commonly-referenced term for the animal. It can easily make it a decade, especially with quality logos. The question is whether or not it'll have legs in a generation or two.
  12. Looks better, IMO, but I get the feeling that not filling it is was a deliberate decision as part of the fauxback approach. A 50 to 70-year old patch would likely have been a general shape, with the head outlined, as seen. Crap...that's a good point. Oh well, I'll just call a Preds jersey with both shoulders patched a win.
  13. Any wagers on whether Kane gets 10 games or 3? I knew there would be some bad blood between the teams this season, but I didn't think it'd get like that in the preseason.
  14. Like I said: ideally, something like the MiLB, where there is a single management under the NHL, could exist. Without the NHL having any control, the AHL is preferable to a Canadian juniors-esque model. Less overhead, you can keep travel costs down by compartmentalizing regions, a single rule set, no hassle of changing leagues with prospect trades, etc. There's a reason that the minors are moving towards this model, and not the other way. There's also a reason why NHL teams routinely move prospects to the AHL with no immediate intent of calling them up, instead of letting them cap out in Junior A. It's a better model for the NHL. I'm seeing hardly any evidence to the contrary.
  15. The NHL doesn't own the AHL, so it doesn't have the kind of leeway the MLB does in ability to restructure. The headache and cost of standing up a new league, headquarters office, website, championship trophy, etc. isn't advantageous compared to basically doing it within one league, as they currently do. They (the AHL, with consideration to the NHL) made the smarter (and cheaper) decision, based on the exact reasons you cited earlier. They get all the benefit of the more fractured system, without the headaches and costs several leagues would bring. Canadian juniors may be the tidier system (and more to the point familiar, I think), at first glance. When you break it down to the nuts and bolts, the AHL is a better AAA model for a single major league. It would be a different discussion if the NHL had full control, but they don't.
  16. They could always do the one shoulder look (which I hate), but I'm really hoping the fact that we've already seen it facing both ways means you're right.
  17. Reminiscent, yes. On a side-by-side, they're obviously different, but that script pretty much confirms a Dixie Flyers-inspired fauxback is what they're going for.
  18. I'm neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed. It's not a terrible fauxback look, I'm just really hoping that go heavy on Dixie Flyers inspiration, instead of trying to trump up a non-existent "classic" look.
  19. I really like everything NY is doing with their branding and uniforms. Halifax, on the other hand...
  20. I hate the changes they made to their main set, when they moved up to the AHL, but that's a sharp third.
  21. They're kind of a mess, but it works for me. I might try and get my hands on one.
  22. I hope not. That is not a trend that needs to start. I think it's tacky and screams cash grab, so the NHL will absolutely start doing it.
  23. Fix the feet and I'm 100% on board with using this as the primary. Is it perfect? No, but it feels more apropos to hockey than the soccer shield they currently use.
  24. Nah, it's the same issues that were identified for Seattle considering it, distance-wise. It's not overly close to any NHL team, not a major air-hub, and big travel costs to the rest of the division in the AHL. Is it on the list? Sure, but I don't know that I'd call it attractive. Granted, I believe it was only the Flames, but Abbotsford is a prime example of how hard a sell AHL hockey is in major Jr. territory. Maybe the Canucks would have an edge to defy that, but the WHL arguably has the strongest hold on their territory of any Jr. league. Based on what little I've heard, SLC falls into a lot of the same ownership issues @Geoff cited for Boise. The ownership and market seem happy with the ECHL model, so there's no real reason to give up control or the lower ticket prices.
  25. I think he'd look better on the shoulders, but yes, it does feel a tad incomplete without him.