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  1. No. The striping is white/black/white. Florida still has shoulder numbers,yes.
  2. No the stripes are of an even size,and the picture doesn't show any shoulder patch.
  3. Oilers? It's the prototype leaked with a different collar (navy with a white border not the opposite) and a slightly thicker border on the yoke.
  4. Oilers is a prototype. Different collar...
  5. What @Chico said. Striping,well... thick white/black stripes.
  6. Vegas has partially black sleeves with gold/red striping. No yoke.
  7. Oh... there's no piping in any of the sweaters (THANK YOU),but Ottawa's seems to be the same and I don't know if Calgary have fixed the issue you've mentioned - I can't really see that properly,but it looks like they have - .
  8. No piping and whatever you would call the weird blue shapes on the top.
  9. I meant the piping.lol. Oh and let me correct myself; it does have the front numeral.
  10. Yes. The Ducks have made no changes... even I hate that one lol
  11. I cannot post images. I think Buffalo removed the chest numbers,and I don't know about the Blue Jackets' numerals.
  12. I only have a very small image of Calgary,and I see no piping there... might just not be visible,however as apart from it it's unchanged.
  13. Well if you mean that they've gone back to their pre-2007 set,yes,they have.
  14. Av's? I guess Colorado,so yes.
  15. The weird grey lines seem to have been removed.
  16. LOL dude,it's alright,I'll be fine. Ottawa look like they've only changed their collar. Oh and I'm not very sure about Calgary,it's the only team I didn't have a good look at so I don't know exactly what they changed.
  17. Hmmm... not exactly for NJ,but this isn't far off. Sleeve striping is different and there's no black on the top of the sleeves,from what I can see. "Big" changes I'd say Minnesota,Nashville,Colorado,New Jersey,Edmonton,Calgary and Buffalo . Others seem to be minimal,mostly new collars.
  18. Just don't mob me,you lot,alright? Lol Vancouver just get the new adidas neckline/collar,from what I can see it's the only change.
  19. I don't know much about the NHL,so I can't say if Dallas remains the same or not. And I can't remember which one's New Jersey lol,literally. UPDATE: OK apparently there doesn't seem to be a "hem stripe" on New Jersey,no. And Dallas is largely unchanged.
  20. Just stating that I've seen the uniforms to be unveiled tomorrow and the Vegas one is basically what everyone thought it would be. Oh,and there are two collar variations: one like the Edmonton leak,which is not completely accurate and one like that but with laces below.
  21. Hmm... nice to see Nike do something bespoke for a national team... although I'm not much of a fan. I hope,however,that this is more or less indicative of their design direction for Russia.
  22. Bayern's logo tweaks are nothing significant,will go unnoticed by regular folk. The Chelsea kit,now... awful. This is not even the correct blue!