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  1. Looking at the cut I'd say the NY shorts are authentic
  2. The white and grey isn't a good look. Needed a darker grey really. The pattern doesn't work either,but I guess at least it's not plain white!
  3. Am I the only one curious on how Houston would look with "space" blue shorts?
  4. Holy kit clash! (meanwhile,how do I delete the tweet from the quote?)
  5. Hey look,an MLS away kit that isn't wh... oh :censored:e
  6. Am I the only one who really likes Gladbach? It's fun and creative without being ridiculous or compromising of the team's identity,which is refreshing in the over-templated,identikit era we live in. Newcastle is pretty classic,and that's a beautiful shade of dark green they have there on the change top. As for the rest,BVB's their best in ages,while Marseille and AC Milan are as no-nonsense as it gets. All in all a great bunch.
  7. Seems like they're trying to be like other American sports in that teams have one "white" and one "coloured" set.
  8. The line between "clean" and "uninspired" is very thin. This surely crosses the line on the latter part.
  9. In general adidas kits since 2016 or so appear to cater more to the streetwear crowd. As a result,they've weakened the adidas stripe presence a lot,which makes it look like they've just shoehorned them in there at the last minute. They used to make the stripes another design element,essentially,which made them much less obtrusive.
  10. This would look good as an alternate merchandise logo or something. As a main crest... no mate. Like every sport has different aesthetics. As you said,this looks more like something you'd find on a baseball cap. Maybe it could work if you put it on a shield or circle.
  11. They had something similar in the 16/17 pre-match training tops:
  12. Nashville Groove and Nashville Beat sound like "bro country" group names. No thank you!
  13. Needs some white or "space blue" or however they call it I think.
  14. Well if the descriptions on their website are to be believed,the shorts are... grey
  15. As "boring" as this may seem at first... it's actually one of the nicest MLS kits there have been in years. No wacky patterns or glitches,no silly trim colours added just for the sake of it. A team's colour palette executed on a clean,functional football kit with enough identifiable features to stand out from the rest.
  16. Very mid 90s Borussia Dortmund,which is always welcome. But pretty darn standard otherwise.
  17. If you're talking about the German Augsburg,they wear Nike,and their kit (pictured) looks nothing like that.
  18. I'll take your word for the latter,I think! (Only thing I know about NASL is that it existed!)
  19. Not going to lie,I thought Portland would own the white sleeve look they started with in '11 and '13. But the green/gold just looks so much classier.
  20. It bears a passing resemblance to the Regista template Lyon,Ajax et al use currently but no,not identical
  21. It's on the match kit template. Looks like a 1980s training top!
  22. Templates have literally been around forever,so they're not a problem. Running out of ideas for templates is.
  23. The MetroStars logo just looks... unfinished. I'd find a way to integrate the skyline element into the design instead of the shape.
  24. Aren't the lines part of just the sponsor? That's how it looks to me