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  1. Picture that "kicked out of the building" meme... Puma: what do we do next season? Designer 1: Wacky sleeve bands? Designer 2: Melange everywhere? Designer 3: Guys,what about actually doing something good for once? *designer 3 gets kicked out of the building*
  2. I echo these exact thoughts,but for one thing: Our yellow kits are very hit or miss. We've had some great yellow numbers,but quite a few howlers as well!
  3. True,but Nike crank it up to eleven when it comes to PSG
  4. Well they're now changing it every year,because they see PSG as a "fashion" club. In short,$$$
  5. Especially when both kits will feature black shorts as the first choice,let me add *facepalm* It's a pale,pastel pink though.
  6. Change is pink,actually. And yes,all 3rd kits have this Parley thing going on,it's adidas' new thing for the 3rd kits (after surfing shorts in 2015/16,sleeve designs in 2016/17 and the fan made designs this year)
  7. As a blue... No,no,no. Rather terrible. Sorry to be so harsh,but all the gradients look very erm... tacky,and on the whole these don't look good. You'd probably be onto something if you refined them a little,with less gradients and colours,though. For example,the away would look better without the baby blue,and the sponsor in navy so you don't have to use an outline. The goalkeeper jerseys could have more subtle gradients as well.
  8. Needs a more German name,like Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 e. V. (VfB Stuttgart) or,even better,Borussia Verein für Leibesübungen 1900 Mönchengladbach e.V. (Borussia Mönchengladbach or just Mönchengladbach)
  9. Bump: This series is going to sleep for a little bit,as I need to update my drawing of the adidas Primeknit template (I found pictures that suggest I have made several mistakes,mainly on the back of the jersey). There will be a round of remakes/updates for the 3 I've already posted before I continue with the rest. I invite people to suggest any fixes,especially to the striping on the first two teams.
  10. About the wings,I suck at drawing animal-related stuff,so yeah I couldn't really pull off more detailed ones. Not that I didn't try,several times in fact; they just sucked. I can try again,I guess... As for the Maryland flag on the neon alt,the full sleeve cap (is that how they're called?) having the flag seemed a touch too garish to me. @Htown1141,I wanted to simulate the top part of the flag as a stripe on each sleeve. About the TV numbers, I shall fix that,thanks for the heads up.
  11. GrApHiC DeSiGn Is mY pAsSiOn Crappy memes aside (well you mentioned s**tposting),this should be fun
  12. LMAO @ those caps, what the heck were they thinking?
  13. I should fix that when I update the set,then. Anyway,moving on to the Ravens... The two main jerseys and the "Franchise" alt all feature the same design: The sleeves feature a rather unique form of striping in stylized "raven wings". The pants also switch the plain stripe for a double stripe look similar to the helmet design. All black on these 3 sets is replaced by a colour adidas call "punjab". This colour is a strange,often shiny black that can turn to navy blue or dark purple when hit by certain lighting. Helmet stays black,though (on the field,the difference between black and "punjab" would be barely noticeable). The pants on the white set are purple to enable interchangeability. The alt features a rather conceptual design; the head-to-toe black look is meant to be inspired by an actual raven. Thus,the "raven wings" in this one become a subtle dark grey. The "Night Lights" alt is a flashy purple with neon yellow and black trim,with striping on the sleeves taken by the flag of Maryland. The pants and helmet have a neon yellow stripe to enhance that aspect of the uniform. (In case you come to me about consistency,the striping from the other 3 didn't really fit with the concept)
  14. There is an easier way; apparently,GIMP also has the "text on a path" thing Illustrator and Photoshop do. With some quick Googling,I found this video: (Excuse the size,if anyone could tell me how to make it smaller I'd appreciate it) So you could draw the arc as a path,then type the text directly in there. Should look much smoother.
  15. I see @Htown1141 was right after all; these boards are really that obsessed with S-T-R-I-P-I-N-G C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y! Jokes aside... Well the Atlanta striping is based off their mid 1980s look; I just - oh the irony - replaced the pants stripe with the 3 bar striping in order to keep the design somehow erm... consistent! The alts are meant to be fauxbacks based on their current throwbacks,with all striping changed to the 3 bar stripes for erm... S-T-R-I-P-I-N-G C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y throughout the set. I'm moving on to the next team later; If I ever decide to revisit these two,it will be after I finish all initial redesigns; I don't want the thread to pause on the first two teams for very long because of C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y I-S-S-U-E-S!
  16. While some of these are actually conceptually nice,they appear pixelated and oversaturated. The names on the back are quite off as well.
  17. Sorry for the double post,but nobody replied! A little bit of a bump,then,and here come the Falcons: The primary and secondary are just an "evolution" of their mid to late 1980s look. Made the jersey/pants stripes consistent and replaced the red helmet for the current black one. The "Franchise" uniform is their current throwback alternates,with silver trim/pants replacing the white. The "Night Lights" uniform is in a coral red shade with gold trim instead of silver and black pants; aside from that,it's the same as the "Franchise" alt. Kept their current font for all the jerseys,as I think it's the only good thing about their current look.
  18. I'm from across the pond,so for me it's 7:20 in the morning (7:03 when I posted it) ;-) Yeah I lightened the blue a little to make it look less Giants-esque (I hope so at least)
  19. The primary set is intentionaly plain,actually,as it was like that throughout their history. You won't see many others that are that "plain". As for the blue alt... I simply went and,as @Htown1141 said,added a stripe with the top part of the Arizona flag on the jersey. It was originally meant to be black,but I then thought it was a little... how do you say it? Black For Black's Sake? Anyway... here's the updated Cardinals. Falcons coming later today,got to fix those pesky TV numbers first!
  20. Oh I see,I think I got it now. Damn they truly were screwed up lol! I shall post the fixed Cardinals (+ blue alt update) and the Falcons tomorrow.
  21. Intentionally. The left shoulder on the front continues to the right one on the back. You mean that,right?
  22. So the TV nums need to be this way? If yes that's, thankfully, a simple fix!
  23. In what way? They seem alright to me.
  24. Hmm... it's based off these,but I'll see what I can come up with to distinguish it a bit (photo via http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/)
  25. So... a general consensus I've reached from reading these boards is that Nike keeps butchering NFL uniforms. And while it's not going to change anytime soon... I thought why not,in a parallel universe,pretend adidas took over in the NFL after losing the NBA? Well,this series will show exactly that. The sets will use two variations of the adidas Primeknit A1 template,streamlined for the NFL; one with a thin V-neck and one with a normal sized one. Helmet lifted off the Vapor Untouchable template by @aawagner011,so credit where it's due. SPOILER ALERT! The only adidas branding visible will be a small 3 stripe sign off on the back neck,that will blend in the uniform design so as not to be obtrusive (I'm talking about you,RED Titans swooshes!) Every team is going to have 4 sets: Primary: The traditional,coloured primary uniform. Can be any colour other than white. Secondary: The usual white uniform,with accenting in the team colours. However,these will not be exclusively white; depending on the team,it will be one of three options: - White: Well,white. - Crystal White: The lightest silver adidas offer,sort of a "dirty" white. - Cream White: A "vintage white" hue Franchise: The usual alternate uniform. This will provide as a canvas for fauxbacks/throwbacks for teams that traditionally don't have alternates. (EVEN YOU,RAIDERS!) Night Lights: A neon,"hypercharged" version of the primary scheme. These are meant to stand out in the floodlit night games (insert more adidaspeak here) The numbers on the jerseys are picked as such: I take the initials of the full team names and convert them to digits (using their alphabetical order) : Thus, Arizona Cardinals ---> 1 3 ---> 13 If any of the letters have two digits (like R ---> 18) I add the resulting digits up. Thus,Baltimore Ravens ---> 2 18 --> 20. So... let's start immediately with the Arizona Cardinals. One of these teams that had a perfectly acceptable look,until Reebok decided that they had a fever... and the only prescription was more piping. MOAR! GIVE ME MOAR PIPING! So yeah,the two main uniforms are basically a clean/modern version of what they had before Reebok did a Reebok. The "Franchise" uniform is blue as a homage to the Chicago Cardinals alternate uniforms during the 1940s and 1950s,while the Night Lights version is another fauxback,inspired by the 1930s uniforms,but in neon red and cream. WATCH OUT! SPOILERS! The teams will be in alphabetical order,going by the state/city. As previously mentioned,every team (no exceptions,INDIANAPOLIS!) will have 4 uniforms.