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  1. That's not an unpopular opinion. Those are awesome. Yeah, I would say "the happy bird logo is terrible and I liked the previous bird" is the unpopular opinion. That is my opinion, so I submit it. Though I do like pretty much everything about the rest of the uniform.
  2. Not that it's around these parts, but if you want to see how pathetic it can be look on Facebook. I saw a fan page the other day called "Protect Joe Paterno" which was just sad. And then there's the one for the former "Paternoville" where a kid said he hopes Tim Tebow rapes a kid so ESPN could talk about that instead, among many more idiotic posts. Yeah, while this is my biggest time-wasting place on the Web, it seems that there are a lot of Joepologists elsewere. I don't think the posters in this thread really reflect the population at large, for reasons about which I am unsure. There are, of course, the long time fans in denial, but I've also read some "sure, it's easy to blame a dead guy that can't defend himself" or "he made one mistake and did so much good" in various places. Like I said, not around here though.
  3. I'm all for taking it down but if whatever group is behind this wants to crash a plane into it that would not be a good decision. Or anything less radical. Vandalism is still vandalism. Honestly, I want the statue to be vandalised. Obviously I don't want anyone to crash a plane into it, but it deserves to be defaced via less suicidal means. Vandalizing it would only empower the Joepologists. Just like every inbred yahoo who still talks of Him as a saint makes the entire Penn state "nation" look bad, the opposite would be true if the "right" side resorted to "wrong" tactics. It's hypocrisy to protest against one person who committed crimes by lmmittibg one yourself, even if the nature of the crimes is markedly different I'll add another reason I hope it does not get vandalized. I want to see whether PSU will go through the proper channels and get rid of it. Obviously there is going to be some process; you cannot get rid of it right now without it being a mob act. They have already taken a step toward doubt about removing it. So be it. That statue will serve as a symbol of how the University feels about Joe and the entire fiasco. Do I think they should take it down? Of course. But it's not my place to say. If they go through their meetings and votes and it remains up, well that tells us all we need to know about PSU leadership's commitment to making it better. I honestly wish anyone that is not part of the PSU leadership would keep quiet and watch to see what they do (i.e., that they do or don't do the right thing without public pressure).
  4. That's how I took it to. I agree that it's early and we should wait to see what they do, but that seems like setting up the excuse.
  5. I LOL'd If I'm not mistaken I'm thinking this guy is on here just to promote that site that he is likely employed by, or runs himself. If they are of higher quality than the licensed ones then why on earth not charge more? It is better product after all no? I'm also pretty sure you don't need close inspection to see that the colour of a jersey is incorrect, or that the logo is 10 times to big. first, i'm discussing about the topic here with everybody .second, i didnt refer that the knockoffs are of higher quality than the licened ones , i mean they are nearly the same if you check my message carefully . Then you have zero knowledge about quality or IP theft. I'm really starting to believe that this guy is Loooooooooooooooooooooooooogodude. That would make sense given the timing and the devotion to this issue. But I am getting a different vibe. This guy almost seems to have a vested interest, whereas Logodude just had to keep talking about it and bringing up silly side arguments.
  6. I thought of that but would not support it. I can imagine some of the apologists giving them hate mail and threats if they voted (or however they'd decide) to do any of those things, particularly cancelling the season. I think it would add undue pressure.
  7. That almost did me a disservice. I think I assumed this thread provided good indication of the greater reaction...I don't think it did, which is funny; since we are generally pretty big sports fans, I'd think we'd be more likely to put football first.
  8. I admit that I have thought about that. In fact, when there was a call to shut down the rest of the season in the fall, I thought about the division rival that my team needed to beat en route to the inaugural B1G Title game. And since this is a division rival, shutting it down would impact the integrity schedules in a big way. And you know what...so what? They should have shut it down last year. And given that they did not, they should do it right now. The other schools will deal with it. The schedule for 2012 will be reshuffled with some lost "schedule integrity", which is nothing compared to the "human integrity" that is on the line. I'll say this about finishing last year...there is a part of me that is glad they did (and I am not referring to the division rival part). IIRC, They were 5-0 in conference play at the time, primarily on the strength of an easy schedule to that point...their schedule was backloaded with Ohio State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin still to come. Had they shut it down, you'd still be hearing from the PSU faithful how they were the B1G Champs last year (Like the 1994 Expos). It would be another "WE ARE PENN STATE; GREAT FOOTBALL EXONERATES JOPA" thing to hear. -- The statue thing is depressing. The guests hosts were talking about this on Mike and Mike this morning and the opinions are very split. The ESPN poll to that point had 71% say it should be removed, 25% say it should be left (and 4% "not sure"). I know it's not a scientific poll, but I cannot believe that more than a few whackos and blind JoePa apologists would say that. It's kinda sad. They had a caller that said "He was still a great coach before 1998, so leave it there." That's one guy, but I get the sense there is a lot of that out there. I am shocked. I know you can't just send a mob to tear it down, but it should be gone the next time the appropriate process allows, which would be in the next month or two, I suspect. Ya know, when someone tells me this is an indictment of sports / college sports, I blow 'em off. But I am starting to think it is. Not of sports in and of themselves, but the degree to which we not only follow 'em, but prioritize them. A sizeable chunk of people (and not just in PA) are letting "great football coach" equal "great man." It's sad. If I was a PSU alum, I'd want to essentially start over with an expansion football team...get rid of all the JoePa crap, take a five year death penalty, and start over. Maybe even (keeping with the them of our board) change the uniforms upon the return. Start a new tradition that includes losses to Indiana and Minnesota and hope for the best in the future. But it appears they are going to try to keep JoePa alive...from a recruiting perspective I hope it blows up in their faces.
  9. I agree and disagree at the same time. I agree that Penn State football should be shut down, but only for a few years because these current players don't deserve not playing for Penn St. I favor the death penalty over permanent shut down, but either way Paterno's statue will be obliterated. Either with bulldozers, angry wolverines, or fellow Ohio State fans. I hate to sound crass about a large group of people not involved, but they should not really consider the current players in the decision. If they shut it down, then the players should be treated fairly, though...option to transfer without sitting out or to keep their scholarship at PSU despite one to four years of not playing. I don't know all the death penalty rules and whether LightsOut is right that you could interpret this as "repeat offender". But the NCAA should do that. They should show that "yeah, we avoid the slippery slope by levying huge penalties for minor offenses, but at least we're stepping up for something that truly matters. The entire football program, lost institutional control...every day for more than a decade. Every crime committed by Sandusky counts as a violation. We're hittin' 'em with the death penalty. They can apply for reinstatement in 5 years." But they won't. Too much greed for that. Too much invested in the B1G divisons/title game. Too much in TV. Etc. I'd say there is about a 1% chance...and that's only if there becomes a ton of media/social media pressure, which so far we are not seeing. I'd say there is a greater chance (maybe 2%) that the University itself shuts football down for X years show they can show "we are not about athletic greed, but institutional integrity."
  10. This should turn all but the most blinded apologists around. This scandal, and only this scandal, is Paterno's legacy.
  11. I want the Cardinals to continue to wear the blue road cap. I know the red one makes more sense, but I love the blue one...it's my favorite MLB cap.
  12. Steve Carlton Luis Tiant David Ortiz: Longtime Vikings coach Bud Grant on the Minneapolis Lakers Jim Craig Neal Broten: Only picture I could find is from one of our members' blogs.
  13. Bingo. Easy enough. Yeah. That gets it done. It gives the players options. Sure, some would like both (to play football AND continue living/going to school at PSU), but you cannot (or, at least, should not) ditch integrity over it. Life can be unfair and while this would be to the players, it's pretty well mitigated with options.
  14. Generally speaking, I hate it when people say "I have lost my faith in humanity". It strikes me as hyperbolic. But the PSU case (and others like it including that Red Sox clubhouse guy, and yes, the church) really kind of cause me to lose my faith. When that many people turn their heads away from something like this because everyone's afraid to mess with the tidy little world as it is, that is really depressing. Look at all the people at PSU that could have taken great steps toward stopping this and probably saving future children from this. We focus on Paterno and McQuerey, but really there were tons. Some were thinking of the money train, others of their job security/upward mobility, others of the school/team reputation. Bottom line, a considerable number of people went to bed every night and woke up every morning knowing this secret and chose every day to keep it to themselves. And we know it's happened elsewhere. That's disheartening. It's disheartening to know that this would probably be able to happen at just about any organization, be it sports, religion, government, business, etc. If JoePa was the only guy that knew about it, I could just say "well Sandusky's a sick SOB and Paterno's a scumbag". But potentially dozens of people swept this under the rug, which tells me that this could happen just about anywhere. That's depressing. And to go a step further, the overall reaction of "the rest of us" as well. The PSU faithful who continued to fight tooth-and-nail for JoePa's reputation. The NCAA/Big Ten/PSU Athletic Department who did not even consider suspending the season because of the financial implications. Fans...I admit it, as a Big Ten fan, I did not like the idea of the removal of PSU's games having the effect of hurting the integrity of the schedule...though I did think they should have cancelled the season. Virtually everyone involved and not involved wanted to make sure that this disrupted the tidiness of their world as little as possible. It's time for some re-evaluation (including of myself as a sports fan).
  15. I think this may be unpopular, but I LOVE the current look, particularly the lack of white on the road jersey. A gold alt would probably look good, too.
  16. He said he wanted to turn the NBA upside down. That's dumb enough on it's own, but after being told he can't wear the logo upside down, he decided to wear the headband inside out so the logo didn't show at all. It could just be that he's a dumbass, but it seems like there is more to it. Only two things I can think of: some sort of "FU" to the NBA or a superstition (and therefore, it remains upside when inside out). Perhaps he had his breakout game and later realized he'd accidentally had it upside down.
  17. I still remember this card from the early 1980s. I wonder whether he'd broken his jaw or something.
  18. Yes, I think the Suns did a throwback during the Barkley era to the original uniforms which had been used all the way up to just before Barkley joined Phoenix. I think they may have worn those in preseason that year and busted out the new ones for the regular season...but I may be making that up
  19. The Devils current set is already the very definition of BFBS. They tossed out a unique colour scheme, that perfectly represented the area, and replaced it with something bland and safe. If they hadn't won 3 cups, I'd be a huge proponent for Green coming back full time. I disagree. Black and red are your absolute typical "devil" colours. Don't get me wrong - I liked the green and red, but this wasn't a case of BFBS. I tend to agree that this was not BFBS, but I also agree with Morgo's statement that "They tossed out a unique colour scheme, ..., and replaced it with something bland and safe." Red and black may be more "devil", but the red and green was great and we'll never get that scheme again...not like that where there are no silvers, blacks, grays, etc. New Jersey had its "simple" that it has now AND "unique". Now it just has "boring". I know black and red make sense, but boy were those old uniforms sharp...
  20. What makes that cover even more disturbing is how some of the band stood by that cover for a while. Over time they have lessened their "support" but still... I had never heard of this. So I googled it. I wish I had not. That was all kinds of disturbing.
  21. I gotta say...that's pretty sharp. I cannot tell if the logo is outlined in blue or black...hopefully blue.
  22. That's what the NFL lacks...cat head logos. Try this again:
  23. Funny that you should mention brown since Uni Watch did a post about that yesterday. It seems that the issue that people have with brown as a sports color is that there are so few colors it goes well with. You're pretty much restricted to pairing it with variations of yellow and orange. Anything else just clashes with it too much. I'm with Big Red on this one. I love Brown. The Brown/Orange Padres of the late '80s was a beautiful look. I also like it with a little light blue trim (I think this is the official color scheme of Tufts University, but their bookstore online pretty much does not even sell the color scheme...I was thinking of buying a t shirt). It's try that Brown may not go with a lot of colors, but there should be room for at least one brown team per league. Browns, Padres, and one NBA/NHL. I think the bottom line is that individual teams want to sell merchandise. Black, blue, and red are generally what people like. Teams make the smart choice, but it makes the leagues a bit homogenous.
  24. On the nook...cannot edit above post. Anyway....totally agree. After dumping the Motre Bame cap, thisset was awesome. Easily the best they have ever looked
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