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  1. Just got this email this morning... black uniforms are bad enough
  2. But how will we know its a holiday or the playoffs with out them??
  3. Everyone sending in lists like
  4. Yeah, evenings like that, some night games, all for it. If its 100 degrees a 1PM I can understand closing, the heat is just unbearable or on super humid days/nights.
  5. I finally attended a game with the roof open last weekend. It was beautiful! It felt like a completely different stadium. I get the shadows are annoying but how often do they play a day / afternoon game? Suck it up.
  6. Yeah, I'm preeeetty sure that's their plan.
  7. They're going to celebrate it in a series against the Braves in June. I imagine maybe that weekend will have a special patch. How much different with a throwback uniform be? I think the main difference on the uniform is no names on the back and the older style NY on the cap. Doesn't seem like something you can really sell to the regular person, just nerds like us lol
  8. https://www.fishstripes.com/2018/9/19/17879918/marlins-news-teal-throwback-uniforms-merchandise-returning-2019-diamondbacks-series July 26-29 vs the Diamondbacks
  9. Reminds me when the Heat had the "White Hot" playoff days at home
  10. Totally agree. Also I forgot how baggy NBA uniforms used to be lol
  11. I like this trend of teams going back to vibrant bright colors again. Especially those who darkened their colors in the 90s/00s like the Rams, Jets, etc.
  12. I think a team close by in Dallas may have issue with this
  13. San Diego? They have a robust uniform history, and with brown returning, who knows what we'll get
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