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  1. Extremely heart breaking news in the post but the image of the old school uniform up against the current Pats shows me it could work. Best of luck to him.
  2. Looks like the Mariners and As have ads on the right sleeves for the Japan opening series. I really hope ads dont come to MLB uniforms....
  3. Hopefully this finally puts this jersey mock up to bed Keep seeing it pop up everywhere..
  4. Jersey looks like its green from the contrast of the numbers. Liking the numbers on the shoulders. They seemed to emphasize that triangle / plane (below) thats been floating around lately. I HIGHLY DOUBT it'll be on the helmet like this but I would bet good money its on the shoulders since the numbers moved up.
  5. I'm guessing late March then, could even be a birthday present for me if it's mid March lol
  6. They should have gone with the DC cap logo as the primary. Maybe without the gold beveling, but that with the curvy Nationals script looks solid to me. MOD EDIT I know the W has historical connections but nobody really thinks about those teams anymore. It should be time to leave it in the past and create their own identity.
  7. They also wore Baby Blue against the Marlins Blue jerseys
  8. They did make the kerning a little tighter looking at that picture. Just sliiiightly closer together.