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  1. it could be both. Terrible management in the 90's And playing cities against each other now to get the highest bidder I wouldn't read too much into his words.
  2. A good salesperson will put all options on the table to keep the value up. Of course he wants to add value to Vancouver (or other cities). It just increases the demand and the more that they can get from expansion fees and that will then help the future owners in those cities with negotiating leases with those cities.
  3. It will be Seattle (No brainer) and Vegas. Vegas despite what is going on wont be an issue to fill. Casinos will always look for ways to take care of their patrons and comps are always welcomed. Same with all of the wheeling and dealing going on in that city. Shouldn't be an issue. Combine that with their growing population and arenas only being 18-20k. Shouldn't be an issue.
  4. The fact that these uniforms only look good from a distance is the issue. from the stands they look good. But once you get up close and see the bone and white next to each other wondering what the F happened during the design process, or the random yellow highlighter swipe on the shoulder (that can't be seen from the stands)...these are the issues that make this uniform (and entire platform) fail. These are block-o-mo's
  5. If not kelly least something that isn't as dark and drab as they have now. It is terrible.
  6. I understand that is just a mock-up and not an actual rendering. But that example has an extremely large graphic/logo to make that work. That size might run into issues that the Bucs ran into with the larger Flag that would not fit properly due to the newer helmet crevasses and holes. If you make the logo smaller does it ruin the effect? At that size it looks good. But at the same time it is also too large and would need to be smaller. So will a smaller logo look bad and will it allow a stripe(s) down the center?
  7. I miss those pants. Instead of the practically black that we have now. Even some middle ground Nike/Bucs/NFL???
  8. It is up for auction at pristine auction. I dont want to sign up to see if there is any more details about the photo. But here is the link for those who want to know. I did a reverse google search on the image to find it
  9. Random facts. Sorry off topic. Al Brooks real name is Albert Einstein and his brother is/was Super Dave Osborne/Bob Einstein Now back to our regularly scheduled program!
  10. Was it really a "clean" game. Major mess up
  11. MOD EDIT: Flying a little too close to the sun.
  12. Yeah.Guardians for a military branch is very minor leagues An unnecessary branch with a really bad name. 2020 keeps coming at us.
  13. I think Guardians is officially off the table
  14. Only if the Dean from Community gets to throw out every first pitch!
  15. No Mohawks after you change your name from Indians. Mohawk is a tribe of Indians. Skull and cross bones might be to close to stupid stereotypes for Indians as well. Wild Things...ehhh. But without either of those other two images I don't think it works.
  16. You started with the "engine" and have been doubling down on all of this since. I am done
  17. Dude let it go. You are trying to be so damn book smart that you continue to be more Jimmy The Greek about this with each post.
  18. Oh nooooo It will be the Cleveland Progressive Insurance Flo's .... isn't it!!!
  19. This is meaningless. For 10 years my team the Devil Rays was the worse team in Baseball. Since 2008 we have made two World Series, have the fifth most wins (NYY 1149, LAD 1141, STL 1106, BOS 1086, TB 1081), etc. Being tied to an old name does not associate or tie you to losing.
  20. That isn't "ants" Mad Ants clearly sound like they are mad and would tear labels off of mattresses
  21. The integrity of a name...Orphans, Quakers, Rustlers, Beaneaters, Bridegrooms, etc Name Atlanta Braves (1966–present) Milwaukee Braves (1953–1965) Boston Braves (1941–1952) Boston Bees (1936–1940) Boston Braves (1912–1935) Boston Rustlers (1911) Boston Doves (1907–1910) Boston Beaneaters (1883–1906) Boston Red Caps (1876–1882) Boston Red Stockings (1871–1875) Name Los Angeles Dodgers (1958–present) Brooklyn Dodgers (1932–1957) Brooklyn Robins (1914–1931) Brooklyn Dodgers (1913) Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (1911–1912) Brooklyn Superbas (1899–1910) Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1896–1898) Brooklyn Grooms (1891–1895) Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1888–1890) Brooklyn Grays (1885–1887) Brooklyn Atlantics (1884) Brooklyn Grays (1883) Name New York Yankees (1913–present) New York Highlanders (1903–1912) Baltimore Orioles (1901–1902) Name Baltimore Orioles (1954–present) St. Louis Browns (1902–1953) Milwaukee Brewers (1901) Name Chicago Cubs (1903–present) Chicago Orphans (1898–1902) Chicago Colts (1890–1897) Chicago White Stockings (NL) (1876–1889) Name Philadelphia Phillies (1890–present) Philadelphia Blue Jays/Phillies (1944–1949) Philadelphia Quakers/Phillies (1884–1889) Philadelphia Quakers (1883)
  22. No one would want to name a team The Ants or Ants. It's flat and boring. A spider isn't This name game could have been played 110 years ago when the Highlanders were changing their name. Or when the Beaneaters were changing their name. Or the Trolly dodgers/Superbas, etc. This holier than thou and team names is funny. There have been terrible names over time and now many of them are considered "classics" because we've had them for decades.