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  1. Giveaway novelty mustache night will be a success!
  2. I know someone who has a tremendous (it is almost irrational) fear of bears and they are a Cubs fan. I have never read or heard once in my life someone say that they weren't an Arizona fan because their mascot was a snake. Etc. Does that mean that spiders will be selected. Who knows. But to throw it out for those reasons would be weird. Ask Disney how a dirty mouse worked out for him.
  3. And how contrasting will the SB patch be and where will it go?
  4. You may be correct. I would be surprised. Either way I would like to see the name continue and not be discredited because it is viewed a collegiate and or minor league mascot/name.
  5. I don't think Spiders sounds minor league at all and think it would be a fine replacement for the Cleveland franchise.
  6. In this bubble of uniform geeks (like us) we might know. Especially when we are focused on the topic. But do we really think that many if any mainstream sports fans will know this?
  7. No one knows of that college and or cares. I bet .01% of the sports population knows of that school. So that would prevent a team from using a name?
  8. But tell me this... How would it wear its pants?
  9. Exactly. I HATE spiders (heebie jeebies) and I would be for the name Spiders. Too bad for that no name Disney. They might have been something if only they would have used something as a mascot other than a dirty mouse!
  10. There aren't potential plays for loses and or INJURIES because a coach wears a hoodie.
  11. Untucked undershirts being pulled remind me of this
  12. And what is almost as sad as the leashes that it looks like they are wearing... The Jaguars accent color looks more green and the eagles accent color looks more blue. I really hope the eagles fix this. I really disliked the rebranded color in the 90's
  13. Combustion engines are already being fazed out. It will be almost antiquated in 10-20 years. Outside the box...sure. But dated.
  14. I am trying to see the Rays play in all the MLB stadiums. Cleveland wasn't a priority since they go there every year. Tried to priority inter-league games since those stadiums tend to happen every 3-6 years. The Rays go there in July 2021 (if everything is okay). I'm going to have to figure out a way to make it up there to see them as the Indians. The stadium will be the same and I am for the same. But it will be different visiting after the name change. AL EAST - 2 / 3 YES - NY Yankees Boston Toronto Baltimore YES - Tampa Bay AL CENTRAL - 2 YES - Minnesota Chicago White Sox Cleveland YES - Kansas City Detroit AL WEST - 4 YES - LA Angels Houston YES - Seattle (King Felix Perfect Game) Oakland YES - Texas / Old and New (World series) NL EAST - 3 / 5 YES - NY Mets YES - Atlanta Philadelphia Washington YES - Miami NL CENTRAL - 3 YES - St. Louis YES - Chicago Cubs Milwaukee Cincinatti YES - Pittsburgh NL WEST -4 YES - San Francisco YES - Colorado YES - San Diego Arizona YES - LA Dodgers Rays played in = 18 / Stadiums in total = 21 (Non-Rays = Shea Stadium/Yankee Stadium 2/Turner Field) 13 to go
  15. Back on topic.... Shoulderpads!!!
  16. Gobbi is correct. This is LOD 2000 when Droz "joined" them
  17. But but but...They've got "Untamed spirit!!!"
  18. Not everything needs to be "executed" on every canvas. The design and inspiration are probably gorgeous. But limiting the design to a football uniform that will get squished, torn, stretched, etc are in my mind a bad decision. You then put that design on 50 different bodies that are all shaped differently and to me the execution failed.