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  1. Not everything needs to be "executed" on every canvas. The design and inspiration are probably gorgeous. But limiting the design to a football uniform that will get squished, torn, stretched, etc are in my mind a bad decision. You then put that design on 50 different bodies that are all shaped differently and to me the execution failed.
  2. I understand the intent. But the execution looked terrible (and my attempted joke).
  3. Was Oregon going for the Oregon Trail ms dos look?
  4. Either way it still looks like this
  5. Whenever I see that C.B. logo, I can't help but also see this
  6. I live in Tampa and if the Bucs, Lighting, or Rays ever did this the residents of St. Pete would have a internet riot. Their non-logical inferiority complex they have with Tampa due to Tampa having the Bucs and Bolts is HILARIOUS! St. Pete's (Pinellas County) inferiority complex is what prevented then and what still prevents the Rays from having a stadium in Tampa/Hillsborough. Pinellas has nothing to be inferior about. They have great things about them. They want to be a "Big League" city, but they aren't without Tampa. Tampa Probably isn't without St. Pete either. But the majority of the population live in Tampa. Pinellas has the eye candy with gorgeous beaches and water. So back the topic at hand. TAMPA instead of Tampa Bay would never float.
  7. And some fool will wear purple cleats
  8. That happens often here in Tampa. The Bucs often wear their whites at home during the early parts of the season due to the heat. This makes their opponents wear darker colors causing their players to be hotter. Does this benefit the Bucs? Not sure. But this has always been the strategy due to the Florida heat.
  9. Hope one day we will as Rays fans get to see more of our home whites under the sun. (crosses fingers for a new stadium)
  10. The bottom one immediately reminded me of aquafresh
  11. As a Rays fan (I know...shocking), it is a gigantic improvement. It is still indoors and not a great stadium. But the haziness of the previous lights were terrible. These new lights make colors on TV pop so much better. The Rays also installed blue lights which help enhance coloring/lighting. But MLB has not approved them. So they go with the standard "white" bulbs.
  12. Ditch the black. Take the Navy blue and use a Indigo Blue that they are currently using using in their alt/retro/throwback sets. I think that would be a great look. Anyone got photoshop skills?
  13. It is popular here in Tampa. I think it is also Pitchers choice and Snell (the starter) I think really likes it.
  14. There is a lot of smoke of issues similar to what Richardson had. This seems to be more organizational. Sorry. Trying not to derail the topic of uniforms. Just bringing this up to support my theory as to why I think they will wait to rename the team.
  15. Agree. He will. But will he make more money selling 1. WFT merchandise 2. Leaving the team name vacant for the next owner versus naming it now 3. Not having a name and using that as leverage if he moves into DC or a suburb I think #2 and letting the next owner select their team name will net him the most money. He will make money in the meantime from WFT merch. Not as much from another name. But the gains between WFT and selling the team without a name and a new stadium I feel will be well worth it. My take on this. Keep in mind this is based on the NFL pressuring Snyder to sell. If that is not the case then this is all moot.
  16. I think it will be DC. But he is actively trying to get a new stadium and I believe he will not name the team until after the stadium location has been set and he sells/made to sell the team.
  17. I've said this earlier. 1. I believe the WFT won't be renamed for a while. 2. Snyder will secure a new stadium within DC 3. NFL will then make Snyder sell the team since it will now have its highest possible value due to a new secured stadium and the new owner could name the team whatever they want and start from scratch 4. New owner names the team upon moving into new DC stadium or season prior
  18. You're right. It is an alternate. They played the Rays 10 times this year and I don't think I saw the grays at all.
  19. The Rays are really starting to take ownership of "lime" green
  20. Oh I agree. I think their light blue uniform is using two colors that aren't theirs and is terrible.
  21. Their current colors are two shades of blue and red. The navy blue is one of their colors. I don't like it either.