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  1. I don't follow basketball too much. But I think that an extremely lucky shot that took 4 bounces in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals last season and injuries have done in the process.
  2. They aren't terrible. The blue and marlin red (or whatever they call it) need to be thickened a little and I think it will resolve most of the issues. Would I prefer teal. YES But the shade of blue and red/orange that they selected isn't terrible.
  3. The Brewers tried that in the mid 90s. Not that my opinion counts for any. But the I think the colors and execution were terrible
  4. Maybe something like this Wonder what that would look like replacing the navy blue?
  5. I know that it wont happen until either a new stadium and or a sister-city deal (vomits typing that). But i would love to see some update to the Rays look. I would prefer the old Devil Rays look. But instead of black being used. It is replaced with a lighter shade of navy blue. So this. But the shade of navy blue a little lighter. Something that pulls from the left side of the "D" in Devil in the jersey. Maybe even having a slight hint of purple to the hue.
  6. I feel as though with everything going on with all the behind the scenes controversies of the (Washington Football Team) this might be a great move by Snyder. If we needs to sell the name. Selling it without a name and leaving the naming ability up to the next owners probably adds value to the team. If he renames it now to something that doesn't have traction, the new owners might be inclined to rename the team after purchasing. Maybe Washington Football Team or something generic might be here for a while until Snyder gets a DC stadium contract signed and sells.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Another terrible oversized stadium is the new Yankees stadium. It is just concrete and steel and pure blah. And now that fans aren't there for games it's ugliness really shines.
  8. You are so wrong!!! The "Bone" uniform looks like someone ATE the tide pod and this is the results of looking at a white uniform.
  9. We will never know. The Three Sisters Bridges were built in the 1920s and might have been some kind of inspiration.
  10. It is terrible. The shade of green with that shade of red is like watching a broken 1983 Zenith TV.
  11. That is a disappointment about the hint of tentacle
  12. It could be worse. You could have been the designer of the "bone" Rams uniform.
  13. The bone unis look home made. The look like they have yellow electric tape going down the leg of dirty white pants that havent been washed in ages. And as someone else said the numbers look like fruit roll ups.
  14. Would those letters run down the side? Wrap around the shoulders? I am confused about this look.
  15. With the name change and the inevitable move into DC. Does anyone thing that they will change the city/region name from Washington to DC?
  16. I say we go with a solid classic name. Something established and with precedent. I say DC Kraken
  17. They were a GAP Khaki pants add gone bad. Maybe they might have worked with an additional color to bring a little pop to counter the blandness of the sand and navy. The light blue was not doing it. I am glad they are back to the colors that are so unique and pop.
  18. I can't wait till they go retro and bring back the Blue! </s>
  19. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It was late haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  20. The blue of the jersey bleeding into the negative space of the S and becoming the "testicle" is what makes the blue work so incredibly well for me.