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  1. Growing up in Western NY, it is a travesty the loss of the red helmet. They look so generic with the white helmet. Leave everything the same and bring back the red helmet.
  2. Looks good, but the rays can be smaller
  3. Wait, are there no secondary shoulder logos? The Sabres have so many decent to good ones to use...
  4. Those 25th anni uniforms were fantastic. I hope their new look is based on those. It was a perfect blend of the era's. They can still do mighty ducks throwbacks, or OC jersey's.
  5. Lions stripes are the helmet are backwards on the reverse. They should be opposite the from what they are in the front.
  6. The biggest mistake on the jerseys, both home and away, is the short-jersey look with the hem navy color blending into the pants. I hate the look. I don't think many teams wear the baby-sized jersey style anymore, 'cept for Nashville's home. It would be so much cleaner if they dropped the navy on the hem and sleeves.
  7. I am surprised Warthogs hasn't got more discussion. It ties into military, with the A-10 bomber plane, and the old Hogs nickname for the offensive line. The alliteration works. I like it better than Redwolves or Redtails. And, the imbecile who trademarked all those names, trademarked "War Hogs", not the proper spelling of the name.
  8. Falcons are :censored:en fantastic!@
  9. new york style deli . com is how I survive out in LA
  10. I love this! And am definitely curious about your Red Wings and Amerks work. Now I am going to go through some Zweigles hots on the grill for dinner.
  11. Your stuff is pretty dam awesome, and love the take on the Avs, but that road set feels like it can have the arm and hem blue replicated from the home set, as there just seems to be too much maroon there, not enough contrast. Disclaimer, I hated the old Coyotes when they when full Maroon.
  12. I'm hoping this is all a psy-ops and Sparky is actually the head of creative for the team, and this thread is how they tested out all their ideas. A person can dream that a team could be so clever. I second the motion of disappointment if the logo/scheme is not from this thread.
  13. Gotta comment that the road for the B's feels too much like the Providence Bruins or Kingston Frontenacs. The striping doesn't need to match or be an inverse of the home, but it doesn't look right for the Big Bad Bruins.
  14. Disagree, assuming the pants would be eggplant, the whole set would be lacking any significant jade on the road
  15. I thought the Ducks anniversary jersey was flipping phenomenal. At first it irked me that it was black, but it grew on me quickly and I got it as a hybrid of all their eras. I was hoping when they announced it wasn't going to be the third this season was because they were making a matching road and bumping it up to primary home uniform.
  16. You would be too if you followed the Bears in the 90's
  17. I hate the Bills' white helmet, Red all the way. It makes such a great combo with the royal blue jersey and white pants. Keep everything else about their uni's, just go back to the old helmet
  18. I think they already have their new primary logo, and it's on two of the jersey's already. The Warning Flag C. It's beautiful, simple and perfect for Carolina and 'Canes. The toilet flush never worked for me. It always felt like they had no imagination and just made as literal as possible hurricane on the front of the jersey. I don't like the updated Warning Flag on a Pole. Too awkward of a shape, but the C is great.
  19. And that's pretty much perfect way to go...
  20. I love the color scheme, looks dope. Maybe the away jersey is calling for a solid chest stripe? Always loved the sea lions logo. Probably my favorite of yours. That and the "S" Kraken one, too. Wait, no, I also love the Sockeyes as well. Especially the secondary Sock-o mascot logo
  21. Yeah, exactly that. I wish I knew how to upload photos. But my hope is that they are saving those socks to re-introduce the Neely-era black jersey for their 3rd's next season, complete with era appropriate yellow socks.
  22. Love that last Evergreens' set with the plaid-esque stripes. I think that one is a winner. I'm not the biggest fan of the main Evergreens logo. Feels like it lacks some depth to it, like it feels more corporate than sports related. Not sure.