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  1. Hey guys, this is my first time on the boards for a while, and I’m making a new discussion. After Amari Cooper was traded to the Cowboys, many people have started speculating whether or not he is the missing piece the Cowboys need to revive their season. Personally, I think they may have a chance. Dak really needs a #1 target, and the NFC East is tightly contested enough to the point where they could get a wild card spot at the best. Well, what do you guys think? Share your opinions below!
  2. #1 seems like the most flexible one, so I choose that one.
  3. Wow, @BellaSpurs. I haven’t commented on this yet but this is incredible! Your drawings are excellent and unique and the path you’re taking with this thread is great. Keep up the good work!
  4. Nice work on the Jags, I love the Teal as the primary color over black. Also like the all-black helmet. Good work so far.
  5. I’m a BIG fan of Wagner. The shoulder stripe is very unique. You’ve been doing good work here, keep it up!
  6. Yeah, also not a fan of the triple gradient, but it is unique. Also, make the swoosh on the away jersey gold, and you got a good jersey.
  7. Copy your image, and then when you are making the post, press insert other media, and then press insert image from URL, then paste in the text box that appears. This has worked for me before
  8. The numbers I’ve noticed are pretty bad, but besides that, I just love how the colors flow. I will look for that 30 for 30 because I wasn’t alive back then.
  9. I’m not a huge hockey fan, and I know these didn’t last a long time but I’ve always loved them.
  10. The last name on the Bucks statement uniform is kinda hard to see, maybe make it gold with a green outline? Everything else has been really cool so far.
  11. If you’re going for a more modern look for the team then I completely agree with the number font, other than that I really don’t know what you should change it to. And I like the idea you were going with for the helmet. Everything makes sense now that you’ve explained it, so, thanks!
  12. I’m not a big fan of the number font. It just doesn’t really fit the teams identity in my opinion. I also think the logo gets kinda lost in the black helmet. Other than that, I love how the away jersey looks with blue pants.
  13. A fantastic series, from start to end! My favorite teams (I’m not good with foreign languages yet so I’ll just use the English names) Mexico Aztecs Rio Cariocas Athens Argonauts Dakar Lions Honalulu Hawaiians Mumbai Elephants Cairo Pharoahs Rome Gladiators Portland Storm Again, great job with the whole series. I really can’t choose a favorite because all of them are awesome!
  14. It’s not lower than 4.0 but it’s still pretty bad. Good idea, but poorly executed.