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  1. Come on Vols, you know you want to... #BringBackLaneKiffin
  2. Looks like Josh Gordon will be making his season debut this Sunday against the Chargers, which will be his first on-field action since the 2014 season.
  3. I think the Chargers will leap-frog the Chiefs for the 4th seed and then it will come down to the Raiders, Chiefs, Bengals and Ravens for the sixth seed.
  4. I totally forgot about those! I love that logo. I also forgot about this one:
  5. I'm surprised we haven't seen any type of fauxback/throwback Vikings unis since the 2013 update.
  6. All I know is that I want see some of these beautiful throwback helmets in action again someday...
  7. So far the defending champs look pretty good right out of the gate. The Tar Heels have a lot of depth and this could be a big year for Luke Maye, who was arguably the savior of last season when he hit the game-winner against Kentucky in the Elite 8.
  8. I never thought I'd see the day when Case Keenum would be out-performing Mattew Stafford.
  9. Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Chargers vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Washington Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Buffalo vs. Kansas City Carolina vs. NY Jets Chicago vs. Philadelphia Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Miami vs. New England Seattle vs. San Francisco New Orleans vs. LA Rams Denver vs. Oakland Jacksonville vs. Arizona Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh Houston vs. Baltimore
  10. I just realized that the Jags might host a playoff game this year while wearing their current abomination of a uniform and I threw up in my mouth a little bit...
  11. There's a theory out there that it was the owners who forced McDermott to sit Tyrod for tanking purposes. If true, I would not be the least bit surprised. This franchise is a complete joke from top to bottom. They tried to meddle with the quarterback situation last year too over financial reasons. They wanted Rex Ryan to bench Tyrod for the last few games, but he refused to do it because the team still had a shot at the playoffs. Last Monday, McDermott was adamant that Tyrod was still his starter, and then out of nowhere he changes his mind two days later? I'm not buying it.
  12. Couple of random post-game thoughts after the Bills were crushed today: - To give up 47 points last week, then go back to practice all week, make adjustments and then come out today and give up another 54 points is simply ridiculous. Rivers had all the time in the world to throw from the pocket and the Chargers had no problem moving the ball all game long. It was almost as if nobody was even covering Keenan Allen. - Joey Bosa was directly responsible for at least four of Peterman's five INTs in the first half. The guy is an absolute freak. I think he even strip sacked Tyrod in the second half which led to another defensive TD. - This team is clearly missing Marcell Dareus' presence as a run-stopper. Initially, I was okay with trading him to Jacksonville because he wasn't playing full-time anyway and the fact that his wok ethic has been questionable at times throughout his career. But now I see that this was an absolutely horrible trade by Billy Beane. I mean look at this: - The Bills' front four has been absolutely weak this season. This unit was one of the best in the league just a few years ago, but right now they can't even lay a hand on opposing QBs. Jerry Hughes has been a huge disappointment and Shaq Lawson is looking like a potential bust after being selected 10th overall in 2016. - Sean McDermott CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT start Nathan Peterman on the road in Kansas City next week. He will lose the locker room if he does this. Tyrod may have his shortcomings, but he is by far the best option this team has at QB going forward and it's not even close. Tyrod didn't deserve to be benched after one bad performance. It's not his fault that the defense is now giving up 40+ points per game over the last three weeks. 3 INTs in 9 starts > 5 INTs in 15 attempts - It's becoming an annual tradition for the Bills to lose their top receiving weapons to injury. Kelvin Benjamin was carted off the sideline after a nasty looking hit to his knee, while Jordan Matthews was inactive today with a knee injury. - The rest of the AFC is so bad that even the 3-7 Broncos are still alive in the wild card hunt. Kill me.
  13. 135 points given up by the Bills in their last three games. I didn't think the defense could play any worse after last week's performance, but they did.
  14. 4 INTs for Nathan Peterman so far. Sean McDermott's decision to bench Tyrod could not look any worse right now. It's one thing if the team is 2-7 and out of contention, but the Bills are 5-4 and should be playing competitive football.
  15. I had been waiting for this moment ever since Charlotte officially announced they were bringing back the Hornets brand in 2014. Three years later, we finally got to see these beautiful retro unis in action and they did not disappoint... Sure, they lost... But man did they look good doing it.
  16. I really liked the all-navy look for the Chargers. I think it might even look better with their current white helmets than it did with the navy ones in 2003. I'm probably in the minority here, but I think the Bills in all-white versus the Chargers with navy over navy will be a great looking game this week.
  17. Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh Kansas City vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Houston Detroit vs. Chicago LA Rams vs. Minnesota Washington vs. New Orleans Baltimore vs. Green Bay Jacksonville vs. Cleveland Tampa Bay vs. Miami Buffalo vs. LA Chargers New England vs. Oakland Cincinnati vs. Denver Philadelphia vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. Seattle
  18. I'm definitely shocked that they're benching Tyrod while the team is still right in the mix for a wild card spot. This should be a decision that you make when the team is clearly out of the race. But he has played three terrible games this year, two of which the team could have won (at CAR, at CIN) had he made better throws. It's so frustrating because he has such a great arm, but he just never takes any chances downfield or he'll completely miss an easy throw to a wide open receiver. He targeted Kelvin Benjamin a grand total of one time against the Saints and basically threw checkdowns the entire game. I'm excited to see what Peterman can do, but he's definitely not the long-term answer at QB for the Bills, unless he suddenly becomes the '17 version of Dak Prescott.
  19. If and when the Rams get a game flexed to Sunday night football later this season, I believe that would leave the Bills and Browns as the only remaining teams who have only made one SNF appearance all-time (2006-present).
  20. New England smashed Denver while the rest of the AFC East went 0-3 against the NFC South this week. Yikes.
  21. Going back to the old TNF schedule from 2006-2007 would be a good start. Eight primetime games total, five on Thursday and three on Saturday. I believe they started that schedule on Thanksgiving night. They could go back to exclusively airing the games on NFL Network while awarding the streaming rights to Amazon or Yahoo. This would reduce the amount of Thursday night games down to five, and it would only affect 10 teams per season.
  22. Not to mention that it's now becoming a weekly tradition for players to trash these game by calling them "terrible", "ridiculous", a "poopfest" etc.. That can't be good for business.
  23. Anybody else notice that ESPN is using the Dolphins' throwback logo in this week's MNF commercial? I'll try and take a picture of it, but you can clearly see it at the very end.
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