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  1. If the Bills ever find a QB that can actually connect with wide open receivers and can throw for more than 200 yards a game, this is going to be a good team.
  2. Glad I caught the end of that Florida game. What an arm that Franks kid has.
  3. I remember back in 2002, I was watching NFL Primetime and I saw these unis for the first time... It was shocking. The shoulders, the striping, everything just seemed so random. Like you said, they had such a simple yet classic look and I could never understand why they needed to switch to navy blue. The only time they ever looked almost decent in that era was when they wore blue over white.
  4. Bengals at Texans Browns at Ravens Bills at Panthers Cardinals at Colts Titans at Jaguars Eagles at Chiefs Patriots at Saints Vikings at Steelers Bears at Buccaneers Dolphins at Chargers Jets at Raiders Cowboys at Broncos Redskins at Rams 49ers at Seahawks Packers at Falcons Lions at Giants
  5. One of the ESPN analysts at halftime suggested that the Giants should call up New Orleans and make an offer for AP.
  6. Coincidentally, this will be Marshawn Lynch's first game back in Buffalo since he was traded seven years ago. I just wish the Bills were going with the home 1965 throwbacks like they wore against the Raiders in 2008:
  7. From the article: I don't see why the players/NFLPA would be the ones preventing teams from wearing two different helmets. But I'm happy to hear that other teams want to eliminate the one-helmet rule. Don't give up Lurie!
  8. Kansas City vs. New England Tampa Bay vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland NY Jets vs. Buffalo Atlanta vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Arizona vs. Detroit Jacksonville vs. Houston Oakland vs. Tennessee Philadelphia vs. Washington Indianapolis vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Green Bay Carolina vs. San Francisco NY Giants vs. Dallas New Orleans v. Minnesota LA Chargers vs. Denver
  9. The NFL has announced the Bucs-Dolphins game has been postponed. Might be rescheduled for Week 11 (both teams have share the same BYE week)
  10. A part of me wants to see Adidas outbid Nike for the NFL contract in retaliation for losing the NBA. But I know that's not likely to happen.
  11. How dare they do that to Janikowski. He's been there forever, I think he deserves what they're paying him now and let him ride off into the sunset after 17 years.
  12. I watched most of the first half of the UCLA game and turned it off after A&M went up 44-10... Little did I know I was going to miss one of the biggest comebacks in college football history! Not to mention the game was called by the legendary Gus Johnson! Gosh darnit
  13. Glad to see the Bills aren't going with white at home to open up the season. I hate when they do that.
  14. Forgive me if this question has been answered already, but are teams still wearing pink throughout the month of October again or has it been reduced to just one week?
  15. It's amazing that the old one lasted for 12 years. With all the layout changes they've rolled out over the years, I wonder why they never bothered to update the logo until now?
  16. CBS and FOX both used the scoring "bottomline" scrolls during every NFL regular season game last year. ESPN still uses it for every sport except MNF, NBA games (thank God) and the college football playoffs. I completely agree with you, everyone can access scores and fantasy stats on their smartphones/tablets so it seems unnecessary for the networks to even use these continuous scrolls. The only thing I'm okay with is a tiny box for the scores of other NFL games and that's it, the less clutter the better. Remember when FOX used to have this up until about 2010 or so: Edit: I also miss this FOX scoring bug, used from 2006-2009 I believe:
  17. I miss the days when each network had it's own unique look for their scoring bug. FOX, CBS and NBC all basically look the same now, with ESPN having the best scoring bug/graphics of them all.
  18. Seems really stupid to me considering that 70-80% of their fans are wearing blue/yellow throwback jerseys & hats at every home game.
  19. Lions looked FANTASTIC at home tonight. I'm really loving the Barry Sanders era vibe I'm feeling from these unis. On the other side, the Jets' road unis looked solid with the new and improved shade of green,
  20. They look much better with the blue pants IMO.
  21. I know itt's not going to happen, but I would love to see Seattle switch their helmets back to gray to match with the gray pants. Then they'd be able to bring back these bad boys as a throwback...
  22. Reports are saying it's a hyper-extended knee. Tough break. Angels came back and beat Seattle tonight for their fifth straight win. They now have 35 comeback wins on the season, most in the majors. That AL wild card race is getting tight...
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