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  1. This photo makes the green actually look green for once. I don't think there's any doubt that they fixed the coloring, but I guess we won't know for sure until we see how these look in daylight.
  2. Is it just me, or have the Jets fixed their color matching problem? Looks like they're wearing a darker shade of green.
  3. I wish the Bucs would roll out an orange jersey to wear over white pants. Something similar to what the QBs wear in practice... If they made a more modernized version of the creamsicle throwback unis and paired it with the pewter helmets, I bet it would look pretty good as an alternate look.
  4. Bills now have two first round picks, two second round picks and two third round picks in next year's Draft. Not bad...
  5. Too many teams wearing navy. Utah and Indiana basically look the same from a far enough distance. The Clippers are an upgrade. Denver is a major downgrade. The Hornets have the best unis of the bunch IMHO.
  6. It's official! The Bills are wearing white cleats again for the first time since the 2005 season. Looks SO GOOD.
  7. Good Lord that looks so much better. One of the things I'm most excited about this NFL season is that finally there won't be a single team that has the the toilet bowl collar.
  8. Seems like the minute Z-Bo leaves Grizzles, he reverts back to his old troubles away from the court. Such a shame.
  9. I would say the Suns have unveiled the best new uniform set so far.
  10. Can the Clippers just admit they screwed up and switch back to these?
  11. Yeah Tyrod has worn white cleats on multiple occasions. However, I'm unaware of any instance where he was fined for it. It seems like the rules allow for players to wear white or black.
  12. Did they really have to go with Navy? There was nothing wrong with the powder blue they used to wear.
  13. The Bills are wearing white cleats again?! Please God let this be true!
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