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  1. These would match perfectly with their new yellow facemasks. I actually like these better than the color rush ones.
  2. The red jersey over white pants would be better, but they still look too much like the Pats, IMO... A decade ago, the Bills would occasionally wear their navy practice jerseys with the standing Buffalo helmets during training camp and I thought it was a great look.
  3. If that's navy, then I must be color blind. Both of these jerseys are listed as navy:
  4. It doesn't look like navy to me, it looks like dark grey. If they used navy blue it would look more like this: I actually wouldn't mind seeing a navy blue version of the current jersey. The red alternates need to be retired.
  5. I'm down with this. I wouldn't mind this either. Although I'm not fond of the idea that more 7-9 and 8-8 teams could potentially make the playoffs as a #7 seed,
  6. I can see where you're coming from, but I just think it's asking a lot for coaches to have to manage a rotation for all 22 starters. A coach would want to make as few substitutions as possible. Besides, I'm not sending my starting quarterback out there if I have to sit my starting left tackle or best offensive lineman. At the very least, I'd probably want all my starting lineman out for the same games along with my starting QB so that he doesn't get killed. But at the end of the day, injuries are unpredictable which is why I do agree that it would be dumb to sit out a star receiver prematurely if he winds up missing games later. 16 games in 17 weeks is perfectly fine as is. If the NFL wants to add more revenue, the only change that seems inevitable (aside from an 18 game schedule) is expanding the playoff pool from 12 teams to 16 teams. But nobody wants that either.
  7. That's exactly what teams would do, IMO. Coaches don't voluntarily mix their starters with second stringers in games they want to win, unless injuries force them to. There would be no way for the NFL to enforce teams to play certain starters and not others from week to week. The only logical strategy for teams to deal with such a stupid idea would be to either a) sit your first-stringers for a game or two early on in the season so that they can play the entire rest of the way or b) wait until later in the season but risk the possibility of losing meaningful games down the stretch.
  8. This might be the dumbest idea I've ever heard of and I already expect so little of the NFL. They're literally just proposing to move two preseason games into the regular season. "Hey, you know those awesome exhibition games that you don't watch because only the second and third stringers play? Well guess what... Those games matter now!"
  9. I'm hoping that FOX will revamp their scorebug for the upcoming NFL season since they'll be hosting the Super Bowl, but I know it's wishful thinking. I miss their box scorebugs, especially the one from 2010-2011...
  10. If everyone is healthy come playoff time, you think they could beat a healthy Warriors team with Klay back in the lineup? Kawhi, Paul George and Pat Beverly is a hell of a defensive trio. Plus, Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell coming off the bench? I might have to pick the Clippers.
  11. The Clippers could switch back to their 2000's identity today and it would be 1000x better than what they look like now.
  12. Is it fair to say that the Clippers just leapfrogged the Warriors as the best team in the West this year?
  13. Lakers right now... In all seriousness though, the West is gonna be so competitive this year. The Warriors will actually have some competition in their own division for once.
  14. The World Cup Final matchup is set, USA vs The Netherlands on Sunday. Hopefully Rapinoe will be back at full strength.
  15. I like Bryant Gumbel's "This is awkward" face in this photo.
  16. I could see them doing this eventually. I doubt the current Hornets would have a problem with this since this was a unique identity to New Orleans.
  17. 10 years ago, I remember waking up to the news of Nick Adenhart's tragic death. Today feels like deja vu. I'm utterly shocked. 27 is too young for anyone to pass away. Tyler Skaggs seemed like a really fun, kind and humble dude. I guess we all need to live life to the fullest and cherish every single day that we have on this Earth. Rest in peace, Swaggy
  18. So I guess that Kyrie/KD tunnel conversation they had at last year's All-Star game has some new meaning with today's news.
  19. Getting Terry Rozier would be a decent consolation prize for the Hornets. But anyone who thinks Kemba Walker will be a huge downgrade from Kyrie Irving hasn't been paying attention. The guy's been a top 10 PG for the last 4-5 years.
  20. Zion: https://twitter.com/PelicansNBA/status/1142208174855983104
  21. New Orleans has enough cap room to re-sign Julius Randle in FA. Please come back Julius!
  22. The top reply really says it all...
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