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  1. I feel like we've had this discussion about painting vs decals. I'm pretty sure the final conclusion was that, although you can find individual examples of helmets with decal stripes and that remains an option for whatever reasons, the majority of the current helmets have painted stripes. I think I remember someone posting a linc to a team equipment manager comment explaining the process.

  2. OK, two more.  It's funny, I remember at the time thinking the Arizona Wranglers and the Jacksonville Bulls had nice uniforms, but looking at old pics now, I'm not sure what I was thinking. They're both pretty terrible. I guess I think that Bulls had great colors and the Wranglers had a fun helmet, but both were pretty junky. So I simplified both...





  3. 13 hours ago, the admiral said:

    The enduring nature of major-market baseball iconography makes this kind of a self-recursive exercise: the best way to show Detroit pride is with the Tigers' own logo.


    The old english D is baked into this town's fabric so far that most people no longer even think of it as a baseball logo. If you're a rapper from Detroit, I think you're legally required to have it tattooed on your body.


    If the other Detroit teams tried to do a "city alternative" uniform, their best bet would be to just steal that old english D and put it huge and up front. In fact, if I remember correctly, the Redwings once pretty much did just that.

  4. 2 hours ago, henburg said:




    That said, my "We get it" retort is because saying something like "There's zero chance I could ever identify what team this is" is just silly. The underlying point of brand deterioration is valid and still has tons to stand on without making up something patronizing like that.




    I'm going to respond to this since I'm assuming it's directed at me because that's pretty much a direct quote. Let me be completely honest. When I said you could give me a dozen guesses and I'd have zero chance of guessing "Peachtree" was the Hawks, I wasn't exaggerating, I wasn't being silly, I wasn't trying to be patronizing, and I wasn't trying to be funny. I looked at a picture of a basketball uniform that was black and some unidentifiable pale color, that said a random word that was neither a place or a nickname on the front, and I didn't have a clue what I was looking at.  If it wasn't for the context of the post, I'd think it was some fashion jersey for a streetwear company, or something similar. Honestly. I have been known to exaggerate for effect, but this time I wasn't. I had no clue. Now, I guess, if you offered me enough scooby snacks, I might have eventually followed the breadcrumbs and solved the mystery ("Hmmm... Peachtree has the word Peach in it, Georgia is sometimes called the Peach state, Atlanta is in Georgia, maybe the phrase Peachtree has some local significance, I'll guess it might be a weird alternate of the Atlanta Hawks"), but honestly, those mental gymnastics would probably make me just hate it more.  I get that it isn't made for me, since I'm not from Atlanta and don't give a rat's tookas what they apparently call 75% of their streets , but I'm pretty sure that even if it was a team I loved, and immediately got the connection, it wouldn't be for me.


    (Is this an Atlanta thing?  Insisting that your local things have some worldwide importance that we should all know? I'm thinking of the guy from a year ago who insisting that people all over the world instantly know the significance of the letters ATL.)



  5. 1 hour ago, QCS said:

    "Peachtree" is well-known in Atlanta and there are like 70 or so streets named Peachtree. I'm not defending the jersey, but I do think there are better examples to pull from (like the Hawks' MLK ones).


    Well, I didn't pull that particular jersey, I just saw it in someone else's post and asked myself the obvious question, "who the holy hell is that team?"  I have no doubt you're correct, there probably are quite a few NBA crappy city-whatevers that would be just as unrecognizable. I'm pretty sure that fact makes the whole thing worse, not better. 


    Wait, are you saying there are 70 streets in Atlanta named Peachtree? Seriously? That can't be. What is the suicide rate for local Uber drivers? And they put the name of a street on the jersey? Beyond dumb. I'm patiently awaiting the new Pistons' city-mumbo-jumbo jersey wit a picture of a coney dog on the front.  

  6. 1 hour ago, walkerws said:

    I think alot of the Hawks fans loved it. Peach tree was a giveaway as well. 


    The Hawks? Oh, ok.  How exactly was Peach tree a giveaway?


    Doesn't say Hawks. Doesn't say Atlanta. No red. No yellow. Not even a team logo. That uniform makes me want to punch somebody in the face. (Which, for the record, I would never do.)

  7. 19 hours ago, DNAsports said:



    Saying that a one-off uniform ruins the look of MLB is a huge reach.





    Dude, literally no one is saying that. No one said a "one-off uniform" ruins the MLB. What everyone is saying is that if you believe this is a simple "one-off"  and not the start of a trend, you're being astonishingly gullible.





    6 hours ago, spartacat_12 said:








    You could give me a dozen guesses and I'd have no shot a telling you what team this is. NONE.


    If I was a fan of this boneheaded franchise, I'd be pissed.

  8. What the hell?  Come in here to see if there is any news on the Bengals change, and instead see people taking lazy cheap shots at the Bengals franchise?  Tell you what, list all the teams you follow across various sports, and unless you are some despicable band-wagon front-runner, I bet we can find a few teams you feel connected to that are at least comparable to the Bengals.


     Don't even respond @Sport... Ken Anderson should be in the HOF just based on his choice of facemask.

  9. Recently, I stumbled across some old concepts I made maybe 6 or 7 years ago for updating the USFL. Some were OK, but most just made me think of ways they could've been better. So I decided to redo them.


    For those of you too young to have been around in the 80's, the USFL had some great helmets, and some OK uniforms...