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  1. Is this what you are looking for (scroll to the FONTS NHL section)? Paint Users Paradise - Concept Resource link (on CCSLC)
  2. Maybe other members on the board noted it as lazy (I noted it as cheap, as in design, add-ons for the repurposing). I would rather they use these unused caps for a patriotic holiday sans ASG mark (since it looks like the replaced those on the caps anyways) and have players use their regular caps for the All Star Game.
  3. Those All-Star hats look like they took the team logos from what would have been the Atlanta All-Star hats (navy and red) and added purple mountain stars and the new ASG patch. A very mish-mash (cheap) way to try to salvage those former designs.
  4. Definitely! Probably best of the Reebok era jerseys for the Avs.
  5. Add a hem strip and take away the black 'pit stains' and I would easily add this to my collection of Av's jerseys (FWIW that jersey was nicknames the 'blueberries' by Avs fans).
  6. Columbus is primarily navy. Not counting Reverse Retros, Colorado and Washington use it for their 3rd jerseys.
  7. Or might be a poor Photoshop? (this is a photo from 2018 Spring Training):
  8. Re: Liverpool's 21-22 Home Kit The designers really over did the details, especially the collar. I don't mind the addition of off-white and dark green colors. I just wish they were used for full trim (instead of partially). The light red doesn't work for me at all (not sure why). FWIW, I loved last this seasons home and teal clash kits.
  9. The Av's had a similar sale. My guess is that the teams are switching to a new Adidas jersey template (fixes to the collar, different material/cut).
  10. Does Orlando's kit show lighter during the game (outdoors). Seems like the only low contrast (black and purple) between player and keepers kits.
  11. The Rapids are moving up their kit unveiling event due the the mass shooting, up in Boulder, CO: https://twitter.com/ColoradoRapids/status/1374360320291000325?s=20
  12. It's where the Colorado Eagles (AHL) play. They will not allow many fans in, anyway, so they do not need a huge arena for those games.
  13. @CreamSoda They started wearing red lids in 2003: 2007 Reebok transition: through the 2015 Adidas update:
  14. Don't know about the Bears, but the Red Wings are presented (currently) by Little Caesars (they were presented by Amway, prior).
  15. Oop! Meant to say name on back. Thanks for the catch.
  16. For me, critiques of the Steeler's uniforms include: - Jersey cut for players (outside of quarterbacks and kickers) creates issues with a interesting and historical striping pattern - Yellow numbers outlined in black on the white jersey is difficult to read from distance The one-sided helmet logo and italicized numbers never bothered me or looked out of place. Maybe not garbage, but could be a lot better.
  17. Rapids kit unveiling 3.23.21 (per twitter): https://twitter.com/ColoradoRapids/status/1369327936071950338
  18. The could also use historical numbers from players that played at the time (maybe have a special tag to note the historical significance).
  19. Although the numbers do have drop shadow. Hm.
  20. Agreed. This: Would look better paired with the gold in the Knight's uniforms:
  21. I really like the logo design for this Canuck's warm-up one-off jersey. Plus, it shows how the the 'V' and 'Orca-C' logo would look in red and metallic gold (add a black base and you have sort of throwback color scheme that differentiates itself from Calgary (use of metallic gold and going primarially black base). I like when teams promote local flavor and combine it with their visual identity (the sharks have a similar program and promote local artist): https://twitter.com/SanJoseSharks/status/1359608150501036040?s=20 Finally, many in the Avs fan community are now calling the the blue breezer look, 'jorts' and not in a positive way (sadly not John Cena reference):
  22. I like the whimsy of the silhouette bear logo on the helmet. I like that your concept follows the real life progression of throwback concepts that the Bruins have used. Nice work!
  23. One can hope. From a fan perspective, I want to buy something that identifies with the team not the league. Sadly the team I root for is too cheap to see that.
  24. ...or maybe use the 'JSU' from the baseball team:
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