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  1. Maybe rephrase as "first LCS with all teams from south of the 35th parallel". (assuming it's true... I didn't fact check his original claim.)
  2. This is pretty much it. The last set could have been salvaged if they didn't add every bell and whistle on day one, and phased them in gradually over the years. For example, maybe go with more of a basic jersey but with a new font and maybe the side / pants piping. Then after a while, add the sleeve detail (unless it proved popular enough as is.) Or go nuts with the sleeve detail, but be more conservative everywhere else, and then change up the font and/or add the piping every few years, so it's a gradual build rather than a full cutover. I realize that nobody has 12 years to wait for a vision to take place (considering the 4 or 5 year rule in between changes) but it's better than screwing the entire thing up and having to live with that for 4 years.
  3. Cool. They could also do that but with single-color numbers. Alternatively, they could work a little white into the horn as a keyline, but maybe almost like a shadow (white outline on the bottom of the curves. You want a pants stripe? Sure. Solid blue, or blue and white (but not a triple stripe,) That could have been really good - miles better than what hey have.
  4. That Flyers jersey is horrible. It should have white sleeves and black cuffs... kinda like the jersey it's trying to emulate. They should have done this, which gets you a black jersey, but not one that's just black+white like their dumb 00s ones.
  5. People hate the Chiefs because they have some absolutely reprehensible players and are lead by an enabler who cares more about football than any moral value. Not because they're really good.
  6. There wouldn’t be different shades of gold if they were in the current colors.
  7. In the Rays case, is it 'frustration' if nobody cares?
  8. That's how I feel about Roy Halladay. His biggest moments and highlights were with the Phillies, and that's how many passive fans probably associate him, but he obviously became a star and played more years with Toronto, and that's probably technically his 'right' uniform.
  9. After the first image, I thought your point was that someone made a one-off mistake and put the 1s on backwards. But if that’s the way they are? Someone needs to have their decision-making power stripped. That’s just awful.
  10. Magic should post to our NFL thread since a lot of that is people simply regurgitating ESPN headlines. I laughed at a lot of the mocking he got in the comments, but it's sad that people are actually discussing the game and having real sports-talk with strangers in the comments of such a silly post. EDIT: I don't live in LA so I don't know much about Magic other than his connection with that trash-ass lending company, but why follow him at all?
  11. If these unforms never existed, and they rolled these out now (in the current colors), I think many would consider them in the top tier of the league. Before they messed with the pants, this was one of my favorites. Even the "dull" colors looked great under natural light. I get that we were never going to get a simple recolor, but that's all that was needed.
  12. Define "pining", and other than saying one time that he thought they were cool, how he's been doing that.
  13. Since any potential WS matchup will be between legitimately good teams that would likely have been there even in a full season, does that change anyone's opinion about the legitimately of this season? Even with the funky rules, it's looking like the best teams emerged.
  14. The networks wouldn't want it, and it's harder to keep teams comprised of rosters of 60+ players plus 20 coaches + a bunch of trainers in a bubble than it is basketball teams with 15 players, a few coaches and trainers, where they can rotate in and out on the same courts. Bubbles might work in the playoffs if you have maybe four teams per site, but I don't think you can do any more than that. Even then, you're setting the tournament so that each site's winners play each other, which isn't possible without making major alterations (which they could probably have done.) Then, you're going from one bubble to another, which I guess is what baseball is doing, so maybe that would work too.
  15. Can't find a photo, but the Minnesota North Stars had the ST^RS logo on the ice while still wearing the N* jerseys in the SCF against Pittsburgh.
  16. They literally changed multiple rules, including the floor to make it fair to play against Wilt. I'm not sure a center can be the "best overall" player, but I'm not sure how someone as dominant as him can be far from the top.
  17. I saw the Phillies play there on TV this season. Still looked very dreary. I don't doubt that they've improved the lighting, but there's just no substitute for natural light and shadows.
  18. Are you certain they haven't switched over yet? The material looks awfully flat now.
  19. Kinda looks like he's doing an Edge/Christian 5-second pose (for the benefits of those with flash photography.)
  20. The full eagles wordmark + logo is by far the worst of their marks. It's the only one I'd call "dated". 1. It's the only time you see the Eagle head facing right. Even though that's how many logos face, I think it works better facing left. 2. The eagle head is also at a weird angle - like it's tilted up a bit so that it matches the arc of the wordmark. 3. When shows with the midnight green bakground, it washes out the bird head a little bit because of its own green stroke. I think the Eagles stand-alone head is one of the standard bearers for the new-age aggressive logos done right (I'm also not a fan of cartoonishly-aggressive logos, but I think they managed to make one that's both aggressive and mature at the same time.)
  21. I thought it was shown that Nike's front and back numbers are actually regulation size, and if anything, their TV numbers are smaller (at least in CAR's case.)
  22. That hat does not belong on a major-league field. The shame about the Rays is that nothing they come up with will look as good as it could because it'll be worn 81+ times in their dreary dome. I think navy + lime has potential, but nothing will look great under that lighting. I bet their current home look might be better received if it was seen in bright sunshine. Under natural sun 'rays'.
  23. Probably to do with the translation on to Nike's stupid flat fabric. This photo is from 2016, when I guess they were still using their pre-Nike pants. Though there are images of it in the RBK days also looking a little too light:
  24. If we're talking legendary 16s, journeyman senator's son Jeff Kemp comes to mind. What the hell is he doing here?
  25. I don't feel too bad for a guy that got paid >$30M to play 4.5 games, but I do think that all star players should learn from this and hold out if on the last year of their deal. I get that the franchise tag was something that was collectively bargained and agreed to by the PA, but no player should have to risk >$100M on a one-year deal. Get well soon Dak. The Eagles could use an experienced backup behind Jalen Hurts in '22.