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  1. your posts are typed very similarly to a very famous person's tweets... can't think of who it is though...
  2. If we're now defining Ponzi schemes as MLS stadiums built in stupid locations, then the Phila Union are running the biggest Ponzi scheme of them all. Inaccessible from the city, in a location that's in a scary AF city where you need to park and take a shuttle to the game. Absolutely disgraceful how the whole deal got done... and a shame that "Philadelphia's team" plays where it does.
  3. Is the problem the leagues that want to make the money, or the people that will continue to pay them money no matter what they do or who they employ?
  4. Youre missing that they don’t want players playing more than 16 games. That’s a pretty big thing to miss, since that’s the whole reason we’re discussing this. Your post stated clearly that your issue was with the league asking players to play more games, which is not the case.
  5. I’ll go a step further - would you attend a sport-free sporting event? Honestly the baseball game is just a distraction from the hot dog cannons, bongo-cam, mascot dance, drinking, fires, and the wave.
  6. Oh you didn’t know? Yo ass better call somebody.
  7. Those should never appear on a sports uniform. Those, “The Land”, and any others are embarrassing and unprofessional.
  8. Also half the sock has to be white. The white part is barely visible. Not saying it’s a great rule, but it is a rule.
  9. Not sure how an opinion on a subjective matter can be a ‘bad take’. I stand by it... and if possible, would double down on it.
  10. I also like the color flip, even though I think just solid navy is fine. Nothing wrong with their current roads, I’d just prefer something based on navy.
  11. Red Phila Jersey? Because Philly is a nick name. You wouldn’t put Cincy on a Reds uniform. Phila is an “official” abbreviation, and one that is used all the time when giving addresses “Phila, PA 19###”. Plus there’s historical context. I love it on their unis.
  12. 1. The red Sixers jerseys are terrible and if they're gone then good riddance. 2. Is the new one navy... or royal? Looks kinda dark. 3. I'd much rather it say Phila than Philadelphia. Just too long, and the Phila scrips from a couple of seasons ago were just go well done. 4. The Sixers have IMO the best overall set of uniforms in the league... but that's kind of a problem. The primary block PHILA uniforms are almost perfect. That should be their main/primary look - it's just that good. HOwever, their stars jerseys are really well done too - both the gray and the white ones. The Phila/Philadelphia ones look really great too. They have 3 great looks... which means they don't have one.
  13. The only 'distraction' that I'll agree needs to die is the wave. It's one think if it's a 10-0 game and your team blows, it's another when people actually are trying to watch the game and it becomes about people looking for the wave to come around. It was kinda not terrible in the donut stadiums, but in the neo-retro parks it's freaking dumb.
  14. Imma download it and watch on my ipad next time I'm at a game.
  15. I'm guessing you didn't actually read anything that's been posted.
  16. The thing is, they're not even 'distractions. What are you supposed to do when there's a pitching change? Sit there debating the merits of bringing in a lefty or watching his warmup pitches to see if you can pick up on how his stuff looks that day? Someone said "that's what the ticket is for". Bull crap. The ticket is for whatever I bought it for. If it's to gain entrance into the beer garden, or to catch up with friends and BS with each other about life, or to watch the game, or just to eat 32 $1 dogs, then so be it.
  17. This is mostly true. They'd also probably sit their starters right before a bye week unless it was a "must win" game. You might also see some "wink wink" deals between teams - like maybe they agree to play mostly 2nd string against each other if it's an interconference game that doesn't count for much (each game would count less in this situation, with interconference games being the least important.) You would definitely not see a franchise QB playing behind a 2nd team line, or even a line that is mix-and-match between starters and bench guys. It's a ridiculous idea and whoever came up with it deserves to have their balls ripped straight off of their body so that they don't produce any ridiculously-stupid children.
  18. Perhaps if you put more words in all caps it'd help me see your point. Remember, it's he who types loudest that wins.
  19. Good example. The road uniform here was an embarrassment. Literally every thing about it sucks - the black cap with a goofy/cartoony snakeD that represents the nickname rather than location, the road pinstripes (99% of time awful), the overly outlined, overly shadowed wordmark that doesn't match anything else in thier set, just... awful. They'd look better on the road if they just went out there covered in feces. That being said, I'm in the minority that thought the A-chest home uniform was a classic that they could have kept using for decades.
  20. Seasons are way too long, and so many games don't really matter or are between teams that have nobody worth watching, and cost too much to go to just because you "love the sport". If you "love the sport" go watch a high school game. If you take all that other stuff away (maybe not kiss cam... that's dumb af) then attendance would plummet, because kids love some of it, casual fans get into it , and honestly.... at least with baseball... you need distractions because it's a dinosaur of a game that moves... so.... slow. You get to a playoff game or a late-season game in a tight pennant race and people are glued to their phones and distracted by everything else, then yeah - that sucks because there's plenty of people that would probably have appreciated the experience more since those tickets (in some places) are really difficult to get. Other than that? Screw you if you think I should be sitting there keeping score or doing nothing but commenting to someone "well, Joe West is sure giving him that outside corner today". Again... go watch an amateur game.
  21. Yep that's what it was.
  22. Sure it can be... even if in this case it's not.
  23. I caught the end of it on ESPN - that was a really cool moment with all the jerseys on the plate. Really well done by the team - eeryone wearing 45 was a nice touch. Now, emotions aside, are combined no-hitters really a big deal? I always found it odd that the guy that clinches it is a pitcher that threw one... maybe two innings, and they all celebrate around him. The Phillies had one a few years ago, and I was like "meh". It's not like after a traditional no hitter where the pitcher really did something great and they celebrate with him when it's over... it's kinda like just another win but with a 0 in the opponent's hit column.
  24. Remember when Pittsburgh tried to get the OK to wear yellow at home for early season games but the league said no? I forget if it was because they wanted it to be considered 'dark' and the league said they couldn't wear it opposite their opponent's white, or simply because they weren't allowed an alt, but I bet now with the Nike deal they could pull that off. The only thing is that it'd look dumb if not worn with black pants, and that would defeat their whole (original) purpose of wanting them. Panthers gray looks good... as long as with black pants and not either white or their "silver". Would look even better if they switched to a black helmet. I've long thought that the Eagles could pull off the silver/gray jersey paired with their green (NOT THE GODDAM DUMB BLACK ONES) pants.